Similar: Conjunct, Sextile, Trine, Opposition, Yod

A square is a challenging astrological aspect.

A square is formed when one planet makes a 90-degree angle to another. This can happen between two planets in transit, between two planets in your natal chart, or when one transiting planet makes an aspect to a natal planet. A square is more influential when a transiting outer planet makes the aspect to a natal inner planet.

When you “square off” with someone in life, chances are, the conversation or experience didn’t go very well. This is the same thing when two planets are square to each other.

A square in your chart or forecast illustrates a point of contention or tension. We all need some tension in our life as these experiences are the tests we must undergo to fulfill our higher purpose, but going through these tests isn’t any fun. However, if we can look ahead of time at our daily forecast, or our birth chart, to see where these squares will appear in our lives, it can make preparing for them a little bit easier.

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