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When two planets are in the same area of the zodiac in an astrology chart, they are said to be conjunct. This alignment is called a conjunction. It is usually a positive influence in a birth chart or a transit report unless one planet is trying to dominate the energy of another.

It’s a powerful aspect, and the energy of the individual planets must be considered, as well as the house placement and the sign in which the conjunction occurs, for the conjunction to be accurately interpreted.

If you have ever heard of conjoined twins, you can better understand what a planetary conjunction is. This occurs in astrology when two or more planets form a point or conjunction together where less than 10 degrees are separating them.

Like conjoined twins, these planets now move in synergy with each other, almost as if they are united. Their energies and qualities kind of mirror each other and create super intense energy that can overpower all other aspects.

Whether a conjunct aspect is good or troublesome depends on the traits of the planets that are close to each other: the more challenging traits, the more challenging the aspect.

Suppose you hear the Sun and Mercury are experiencing a conjunction on a particular day or in your chart. In that case, the Sun and Mercury are united in their energies, and those qualities are manifested in your chart, in your life, or in your daily forecast if this is where you see the report.

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