Similar:  InconjunctYodSquare, Conjunct 

Trine is an astrological aspect. It refers to two planets in transit that are 120 degrees apart. It can signify harmony, creativity, and artistic talent.

A trine is when three planets form a triangle to each other, forming 120 degrees. Trines are always loving and beautiful things to experience because they are, by nature, accepting. 

When we see a trine in our forecast, chart, or reading, we are sent a message of comfort and acceptance. Our mission is to embrace this acceptance, especially if we are in a place in our lives where being accepted feels difficult or uncomfortable. The beauty about trines is that we don’t have to do the work overtly. The qualities trines bring into our lives exert entirely natural energy, almost like breathing!

For example, a trine that involves Uranus, the planet of genius and innovation, may lead to someone inventing the next best thing.

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