An illustration of planet Venus shows its orange and yellow surface covered in various textures

Venus Astrology Facts

Glyph: Venus Glyph
Traits: Love & Beauty
Named for: The Roman Goddess of Love & Beauty/Greek Goddess Aphrodite
Sign of Dignity: Libra & Taurus
Sign of Detriment: Aries
Sign of Exaltation: Pisces
Sign of Fall: Virgo
Physical Body: Neck, kidneys, thymus gland, lips, chin, cheeks, palate, eustachian tubes
Changes Sign: Every 4-5 weeks

Venus Meaning in Astrology

Although she’s second closest to the Sun, Venus plays second to none; her thick, cloudy atmosphere traps the Sun’s heat and makes her the hottest planet in the solar system.

Venus has had a pull on humans for as long as we’ve been stargazing. It’s no surprise that she’s known today as the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, named for the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty by the same name.

Depending on Venus’s placement at any given time, we on Earth will feel her influence in:

  • Our relationships
  • Our attraction to others
  • Our own feelings of desirability
  • How we express our affections
  • Our responses to the arts and all that is beautiful in the world

What is my Venus Sign?

Your Venus sign is determined by which zodiac sign Venus was in when you were born. This can be determined by looking at your birth chart.

In the birth chart, Venus determines:

  • How an individual feels and expresses love
  • The types of people with whom we have a natural harmony
  • The health of an individual’s self-esteem

“Venus is sensuality, the capacity to enjoy the gratification of the senses and to indulge the body,” Judy Hall explains. This is why Venus governs the things we spend our money on in pursuit of that sensory gratification. In other words, if you have expensive taste or problems with impulse control, you can probably look to your Venus placement in your birth chart for an explanation.

Depending on which astrological house Venus is placed in, she may be expressed differently. Venus is famous in mythology for “stealing the wits of the wise,” allowing pleasure to take precedence over self-discipline. 

Venus in the elements:

  • Fire signs express love flirtatiously, impulsively, erotically, independently, and promiscuously.
  • Earth signs express love affectionately, faithfully, analytically, and with control.
  • Air signs express love romantically, intellectually, inconsistently, and cautiously.
  • Water signs express love sensuously, romantically, possessively, and erratically.

Venus Retrograde

You may already know that during a planet’s retrograde, it appears to be moving backward, and during that period, many things can be brought to light. During Venus retrograde, old flames often come back into our lives so we can find closure.

This can be a good time to reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with, but you might also run into people you don’t necessarily want to reconnect with, too.

Breakups are also very common during Venus retrograde, but this isn’t always permanent. On a less serious level, arguments may occur, but take them with a grain of salt. If you’re single, you may feel like you’re in a bit of a romantic dry spell, but this is a good time to work on healing old wounds.

Finally, since Venus is the ruler of money, its retrograde may impact your financial affairs. Try to refrain from making important financial decisions during this time.


Venus’s glyph or symbol is made up of a circle with a cross below it and is actually designated as the female symbol. It’s also thought to represent the Goddess Venus’s hand mirror.

You will notice this glyph on your birth chart, representing where in the sky Venus was at the time of your birth.

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