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When a planet slows down considerably in its orbital path, it appears to be moving backward or retrograde. In reality, the planet itself is not switching direction. It just seems to be from our video on earth. 

Most commonly, we hear about Mercury being in retrograde, but all planets besides our Sun and Moon go through retrograde periods. Some planets even go into retrograde more than once a year, providing some strange times in our day-to-day lives.

Most of the time, planets move direct (forward) at their own pace and exert their energies as usual. A planet in retrograde motion exerts its energy on more personal areas of our lives, and its energy is much slower.

Planets in retrograde influence the same areas of our lives as they would while direct, but in a backward, mixed-up manner. The sign that the retrograde planet is in depends on which energies are thrown off, meaning some retrogrades can hit us harder than others. 

Discover more about (minor and major) planets in retrograde:

  • Venus Retrograde: Love and relationships are tricky.

  • Mars Retrograde: Low energy and rising tempers.

  • Jupiter Retrograde: Unlucky times and financial worries.

  • Mercury Retrograde: Communication and technology fail, frustrating roadblocks, and travel/health problems.

  • Saturn Retrograde: Struggles in work and productivity

  • Neptune Retrograde: Issues with perception and emotional/spiritual needs.

  • Pluto Retrograde: Bad habits, revealing secrets, and mindsets are questioned.

  • Uranus Retrograde: Change, lack of creativity, restlessness

  • Chiron Retrograde: Re-evaluating self-worth, sharp realizations, healing begins.

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