Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Retrograde is a transit in which the planet Mercury slows to the point that it appears to move backward.

All planets in the Universe are in motion all of the time — some moving forward at a normal speed and some moving slowly, giving them the impression of backward (or retrograde) movement. When planets go retrograde, they aren’t actually moving in a backward motion. It is actually only an illusion that humans can see from Earth.

When a planet moves forward, they are considered “direct.” That’s why when you hear a celebration over Mercury going direct. It’s because people are excited to leave the bad energy of this aspect behind. When a planet is retrograde, all of the life themes that it rules slow down as well.

Mercury rules the themes of communication, transportation, messages, short journeys, higher-level thinking, and all gadgets and devices that run these parts of our lives. So if you ever wondered why your computer crashed, your cell signal went down, or your car wouldn’t start, now you know that Mercury is having some fun with you.

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