What to Expect During Chiron Retrogade

This may have felt like a very emotionally challenging year for most of us – and while there is a lot going on in the world, one of the reasons you may be feeling more tender than usual is because there are many planets in retrograde all at once. And on July 11th, Chiron is going retrograde as well – where it will remain until December 15th of 2020.

This planetary influence may cause you to re-evaluate your self-worth, and take a deeper look at how you’ve been treating – or mistreating – yourself this year.

Chiron is connected to confidence, and while it is considered a minor planet, this retrograde period can still have a profound effect on you. Chiron is actually considered neither a planet, nor a comet, due to its eccentric orbit. It is not attached to any specific astrological sign, but astrologers the world over are beginning to realize that even these smaller celestial objects can have a deep effect on us.

When Chiron goes retrograde, you may experience the reopening of old wounds, encouraging you to look more deeply into their overall effect on your well-being and happiness. Let’s explore more about how this transit might affect you personally.

What to Expect from Chiron Retrograde

In astrology, Chiron is named after the most powerful centaur in mythology. It represents learning, courage, strength, and wisdom. Chiron is also known as the Wounded Healer in astrology, representing the pain that we experience in our lifetime that helps shape us into who we are.

When Chiron moves retrograde, we may experience the pain from old wounds resurfacing. You may experience feelings of isolation, powerlessness, or deeper emotional frustration than usual. If you didn’t receive guidance regarding your emotions and how to direct and release them growing up, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed during this transit.

Emotions can create love and positivity, or fear and sadness. While Chiron is retrograde, it will be the perfect time to explore these feelings through activities like journaling, creative self-expression, and self-care. This is not the time to be hard on yourself, but the time to be the champion that you’ve always needed in your corner.

This is also a time to evaluate how you respond to and react within interpersonal relationships.

If your attachment style borders on anxious, this transit will help you get to the bottom of it and learn how to move beyond clingy behaviors. And if you ever felt as a child that you weren’t receiving the love and attention you needed, these feelings may be highlighted during this time.

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How to Avoid Projecting Onto Others During this Transit

As a human, there’s a good chance that you project your feelings onto other people from time to time, especially if you’ve experienced emotional pain or trauma in your life – which most everyone has.

One thing to avoid is falling into the trap of accusing others for creating your own feelings.

We sometimes say things like, “you made me feel mad,” or, “you made me feel abandoned,” when we experience behaviors from others that cause an emotional stir within us.

The truth of the matter is that you are the only one in charge of your feelings. Whether this stings to hear or not, no one has the ability to force certain emotions or feelings into your heart – it’s up to you to decide how to deal with frustrating experiences or conflicts.

It’s often easier to blame our feelings on others, especially if we’ve experienced an inordinate amount of pain and heartache in our lives. And while Chiron retrograde might stir up these older feelings, it creates the perfect atmosphere to address these emotions and try to be there for yourself in a way that others cannot.

Try to pay attention to the memories that seem to resurface during this transit. If there are old wounds popping into your mind, there’s a good chance that these are things that you still need to deal with.

Take note of these memories or the pain associated with them. These are the issues that Chiron wants to help you address during this time.

Releasing Emotions & Clearing the Mind with Chiron Retrograde

While this transit can feel emotional or overwhelming, there are many things you can do to make it easier on yourself – and one of the most beneficial practices right now is the exercise of positive affirmations.

Make a list of the things that you love about yourself and repeat these positive, loving phrases to yourself throughout the day. Remind yourself that you are lovable, that you deserve to be adored, and that you are perfect just the way you are.

Balancing and opening the Heart chakra is another way to promote unconditional love for both yourself and others. Working with stones like rose quartz and malachite – which both connect to and heal the Heart chakra – will assist you in creating a sense of peace and understanding within your body and mind.

Another tip? Try to think about the things that make you grateful.

No relationship is ever going to be completely perfect. But, focusing on the ways in which a certain relationship or friendship benefits you will help you feel more understanding towards others – even in times of stress or conflict.

This is a time to build your bravery, to bolster your boldness, to craft the courageousness that exists inside your heart.

Try your best not to take things personally during this retrograde period. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and try to forgive any mistakes that aren’t deliberate. We’re all just people after all, flaws, warts, and mistakes.

Perhaps Chiron will turn your ability to forgive into the capability to find love and happiness, even in moments that aren’t perfect.

Making the Most of This Transit

If you find yourself dwelling on past pains or emotional upsets during the Chiron retrograde period, try to focus on these feelings and give them the respect they deserve. This is a time for healing, for taking care of your inner child, for giving yourself the love you may have missed out on in other moments of your life. Forgiveness is key – for yourself and others.

While there may be moments of frustration, this transit occurs to help you move past these emotional wounds that may still be taking up space in your heart and mind. Take yourself to tea, write yourself a poem, remind yourself that you deserve all of the love in the world.

Try to vibrate along with the healing energy of Chiron retrograde!

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