How to Use the Law of Attraction to Reap Abundance

If you’ve been paying attention in the last few years, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the power of positive thinking. Also known as the Law of Attraction, there’s an idea that’s been circulating in many communities – including astrological circles – that suggests that we bring into existence the thoughts we spend the majority of our time on.

And while that concept may seem simple enough, it can be difficult to understand the Law of Attraction fully, appreciate it, and enact it in your own life.

After all, everyone undoubtedly wants the power to think about financial abundance and find their bank account overflowing the next day. And if that’s possible, why aren’t we all living our dreams?

Because the Law of Attraction – manifestation, vision boards, positive thinking – while real, is perhaps a bit more complicated than you might think. And it doesn’t work exactly as you’d expect.

That’s why we’re here today to discuss the Law of Attraction, how it works, and how you can make it work to bring abundance into your life.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in the concept of manifestation or even created your own vision board only to give up shortly after, or maybe you have felt too intimidated by the idea of infinitely powerful thoughts.

Even if you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to understand it and allow this law to bring miracles, abundance, and joy into your life!

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Abundance & the Law of Attraction

If you want a simplified way to think of the Law of Attraction, think about it in terms of vibrations: You get the vibes that you, yourself, give.

To put it another way, the energy that you put out there in the Universe is exactly the energy that the Universe gives back to you.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be influenced by your thoughts, words, and actions. And on top of that, energy vibrates at a certain frequency, and that frequency creates a relationship with the other energies surrounding you.

If you’re putting good, positive energy in the world, you’ll get the same vibes gently floating into your sphere.

This concept is exactly what ties the Law of Attraction and the idea of abundance together. When you feel abundant, when you feel wealthy, this abundance becomes your reality. This can be not easy when our bank accounts aren’t quite as full as we would prefer.

That’s why it’s so important to practice the Law of Attraction in your daily life.

When you feel like you’re “broke,” your mentality can become broken as well. If you focus your thoughts and energy on what you don’t have, how much debt you’re facing, or how empty your wallet feels, you’re sending that energy out into the Universe. And while the Universe is powerful, it assumes that what you’re constantly thinking about must be what you want more of.

As the Law of Attraction states: What you focus on grows.

Therefore, if you’re focusing on abundance, wealth, and financial security, those are exactly the things that the Universe is going to send your way.

However, you mustn’t panic – the Law of Attraction takes time to work. The same delayed response that often causes people to give up on the law of attraction is exactly what saves you from accidentally bringing something into existence that you don’t really want. So, even if you had a negative thought or two today, your world isn’t going to change drastically or immediately.

redheaded woman surronded by balloons smiling

And there are also things you can do to amplify the power of your thoughts and energy, like utilizing the potency of words.

Empowered language is one way to guarantee that the Universe hears your desires clearly. Empowered language is simply taking the time to truly think about what you say, only to use words and phrases that align with what you want in life.

For instance, if you want to attract more financial security into your life, you wouldn’t want to say something like, “I want to go there, but I can’t afford it.” Using empowered language, you’d want to rephrase your intention to something like, “I can’t wait to go there, and I’m looking forward to being able to afford it.”

The last thing to remember about the Law of Attraction is that, while positive thinking is wonderful, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some hard work to make your dreams come true. Fortunately, an optimistic attitude makes it easier for you to work on chores or projects without becoming jaded or wanting to give up. If you’re willing to put time, effort, and positive energy into your fantasies and desires, you can bet that the Universe will help it dance into your own personal solar system.

Now that we’ve gone over the connection between the Law of Attraction and abundance, it’s time to look at a few tips and tricks you can use to harness the power of positive thinking and use that power to bring more abundance into your life than you ever thought possible.

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The Law of Attraction Guide to Finding Abundance

You may be wondering what you can do to ensure the Law of Attraction is working to bring abundance into your life. The following is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know to encourage the Universe to shower you with blessings!

Know What You Want

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many of us know we want something, but we aren’t quite sure what that is. The Universe can’t begin to bring things to fruition in your life if you yourself are unclear about your desires. In fact, the more specific you can be when manifesting or practicing the law of attraction, the better.

Abundance is achieved one step at a time, and the first step is determining what you want out of life, what you want to petition the Universe for.

Let’s say you want a new car: What kind of car do you want? What make and model? What year is it? How much would you like to pay? If you can get as specific as possible – down to the interior color – it will be much easier for you to attract that very thing.

Be Realistic About Your Goals

Being optimistic about your goals is one thing, but you mustn’t cross the line into delusional. It’s unlikely that you’ll become a millionaire overnight or meet the love of your life tomorrow just because you manifested them today.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that either goal is unreasonable – just that they may take longer to achieve than you might like. Keep those desires in your mind’s eye, work hard in the meantime, and eventually, they’ll make their way to you.

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Start Where You Are

We often want things to look or feel a certain way before we get started on a project or make a move that will bring us closer to our goals. For instance, many people want to fall in love if only they could lose five pounds first. But the person who’s meant for you is going to love you for who you are.

And that means it’s time to start loving yourself, right now, in this moment, enough to go for what you want.

Loving and accepting yourself in this moment is the best encouragement there is. So, don’t be afraid to start today, right where you are – no matter what it is you want.

Establish Positive Habits

When it feels like things aren’t going our way, we often turn to poor habits that make us feel good in the moment, like greasy food or cocktails. But these things only slow us down in the long run and lead to a decline in confidence, making it harder to put ourselves out there.

Try to establish positive habits now, like yoga, meditation, Tarot reading, studying astrology. These activities not only allow you to switch up your routine, but they also bring you closer to the giving, abundant energies of the Universe.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you want to live an abundant, high-vibration life using the Law of Attraction, you need to surround yourself with high-vibration people. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, meaning that a group of enlightened individuals practicing the law of attraction is even more powerful than manifesting on your own.

Furthermore, these kinds of friends won’t hold you back, which will celebrate your successes right alongside you. Don’t cling to old friendships or relationships that aren’t pushing you to grow and evolve.

Don’t Compromise Your Integrity

We get it – you want what you want, and you want it now. But taking shortcuts to get where you’re trying to go is almost always a recipe for disaster. Your integrity is more important than success, more important than abundance. And ironically, your integrity is exactly what’s going to bring success and abundance into your life.

Don’t compromise who you are right now. Don’t give up when the road ahead seems long. Stay the course and trust yourself to do what’s right.

Alter the Path to Reach the Destination

Many, many people give up on the road to success the first time the car breaks down. Instead of calling a metaphorical tow truck, they hitch a ride and abandon the plan. And while you may have to take an unexpected road or two along the way, you must keep your eyes fixed on the goal and trust that the Universe will always create a new path, will always offer a tow truck when you’re in need.

So, when you hit a roadblock that you can’t see your way around, look again. Find a new way forward, and keep going. It’s only a detour.

Get Rid of Excess Baggage

It’s time to let go of the things that haven’t been working in the past, the ideas holding you back, and the relationships that are dragging you down. What you need is a deep cleanse, one that will leave you feeling refreshed, reborn, and ready to tackle the world.

Take note of any clutter that brings stress in your life and get rid of it. Let go of habits that are making you feel slow or sluggish. Release those relationships that don’t add value to your life.

While it may feel difficult at first, even contradictory, to let things go while attempting to attract more, you must make room in your life for all the new blessings headed your way.

Don’t Be Trapped by Negativity

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

You’re going to encounter a few bumps in the road along the road to success, but you mustn’t let these pitfalls turn into a downward spiral of negativity. You can’t attract positive things into your life if you’re focused on the negative.

Each successful person you’ve ever met or heard of has seen their fair share of failure, but they didn’t let it bring them down. They stayed positive, they kept working hard, and eventually, they made it happen.

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5 Simple Law of Attraction Manifesting Techniques

The Law of Attraction has been around for a very long time, but it’s often been referred to as different concepts or names. However, we can still benefit from the many time tested techniques that have been passed down through generations and cultures since the dawn of man.

One of the amazing things about positive thinking and manifesting is that introducing more optimism into your life is enough to create momentum and get things moving in a forward motion.

Yet, you may be looking for more tangible techniques, such as the following!

1. Create a Vision Board

First, grab a piece of poster board from the nearest craft or dollar store. Grab a few old magazines, scissors, and glue, and start creating your dream life on your vision board. Cut out images and words representing certain goals or aspects of life that excite you and make you feel alive.

You can include pictures of your dream home, wedding, car, city, apartment, job, family, or anything you feel inclined to include.

The possibilities are endless, just as they are in life! Creating a tangible, visible representation of what you want out of life makes it easier for you to focus on bringing these things to life.

2. Thank the Universe

man with hands outstretched to the sky

An attitude of gratitude is one of the most important aspects of manifestation work. Think about how much happier and more willing you are to do favors for someone who genuinely appreciates it, and thanks to you for your consideration. The Universe is similar in that the more thankful you are for your blessings, the more likely it is to shower you with more.

Try beginning and ending your day by writing a thank you note to the Universe. You can either practice gratitude for one thing that brought you joy that day, or you can make a list of everything you feel grateful for.

This appreciative energy creates the perfect vibrational frequency for abundance to enter your life.

3. Write Your Manifesto

Write a manifesto that covers your life exactly as you want it to look. Write about the career, the romance, the location, the finances, and the details of your ideal life. When you’re finished, place your manifesto by your bedside table and look at it as many times as you can throughout the day.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your future self. Try to feel the gratitude and joy as though this life is already yours. While the results may take time, this is a trusted technique for building the life you want.

4. Prepare for Your Goal to Manifest

hands holding a mug that says like a boss

Just as you did when reading your manifesto, again put yourself in your future shoes. Do the things and create the habits that you would if this life were already yours, your goals already achieved.

For instance, if you want more abundance, start planning the trips you’ll take with that money or the things you’ll buy. Plan the charities you’ll give to and how much you’ll keep in savings.

Placing yourself in this mindset convinces the Universe that this life you’ve envisioned is already yours, making it easier for the Universe to make these goals manifest.

5. Keep Your Vibes High

Keeping your vibrations high is crucial while manifesting. Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain a positive state. One excellent technique is practicing affirmations like, “I am abundant. I am grateful for the blessings sent to me by the Universe. I love myself, and I love my life.” You can even make your own book of affirmations to glance at throughout the day, reminding you to think positive.

Crystal healing is another beneficial way to lift your spirits and keep them raised. Citrine is particularly powerful because it is an incredibly uplifting stone that also attracts abundance!

On top of these techniques, make sure that you’re eating right and taking care of your body. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and make sure to get plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet.

When your energy is clear and uplifted, it’s that much easier for you to focus on the positive and bring even more magic into your sphere than ever before. You’re creating an energy field that invites financial security, love, confidence, and spiritual connection.

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4 Common Law of Attraction Pitfalls & How to Beat Them

Your biggest threat on the road to manifestation is your own mind. Humans are creatures especially gifted in the art of self-sabotage, whether we do so consciously or not. The key to manifesting your dreams is to make sure that you don’t get in your own way.

Following these techniques will also provide a powerful way for you to help you shift your subconscious into a more positive, forward motion.

To make sure you’re on the right track, take a look at the following pitfalls that tend to crop up when practicing the Law of Attraction. When you know what to look out for, it will be much easier to avoid falling into the traps.

1. Not Taking Action

You can visualize from dusk until dawn, but it won’t do you much good if you aren’t putting yourself out there and trying to make things happen.

If you don’t attempt to step outside of your comfort zone, you’re not giving the Universe the chance to meet you halfway. While visualizing is a crucial component to manifestation, taking action might be even more powerful.

Network, reach out, make an effort, take a chance. Share that million-dollar idea with your boss, ask your crush out, do something that scares you. Remember, fortune favors the bold.

2. Fear-Based Thinking

While we all have our own insecurities and fears, one of the most important parts of the Law of Attraction is the refusal to give in to these insecurities and fears. Letting fear control you is the quickest way to shut down any hard manifestation work you’ve been doing.

The difference between a coward and a hero isn’t fear – they’re both afraid. The difference is that the hero continues despite fear. The hero faces their fear and moves forward anyway.

3. Lack of Consistency

There’s a running joke about New Year’s resolutions and the fact that most of us have given them up by February. This is the exact lack of consistency that can tear down manifestation work.

If you feel passionate about your goals one minute only to abandon them the next, it’s going to be pretty hard to make your dreams come true.

Use the tools you have at your disposal, like visualization, journaling, and planning, to help yourself stay on track. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” It takes time, effort, and consistency.

4. Lack of Clarity

Many people simply are not spending enough time getting clear about what they really want. Just as it is important to be specific about what you want, you need to project clarity towards the Universe when it comes to your goals and dreams.

For instance, don’t ask for a high paying job in television if what you really want is to host your own cooking show.

Be as clear as you possibly can about your desires – shape, size, texture, consistency, location, fragrance. Name it all, say it aloud, and say it clearly.

How Will You Use the Law of Attraction?


You’ve just taken a monumental step towards making the law of attraction work for you, a step towards making your dreams come true once and for all. You now understand that your thoughts possess immense power, that you yourself are a powerful creature in this world.

The Law of Attraction gives you the upper hand in life. You are now privy to the secret of life: You can make anything happen if you believe hard enough if you pay enough attention and focus your energy. And now it’s time for you to decide how to use this power for good.

Any intention you set that is good for all is more likely to come to fruition. The less selfish your intention, the higher your vibration, the more likely it is that your goal will manifest quickly.

Make your dreams come true. Embrace your power. And use your power for the good of all.

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