Chiron & Emotional Health: What Wounds Is Your Zodiac Sign Really Dealing With?

There’s one little planet or astrological body that doesn’t get enough attention. That would be Chiron, our Wounded Healer and Synchronicity King that makes himself known in your daily life, whether you know it’s happening or not. So today we are going to look at Chiron, and see how this Wounded Healer is impacting your everyday life. Have a look at your natal chart and see where Chiron is, what zodiac sign and what house, and then use this guide to really understand your Self and your emotional needs better.

What is Chiron?

In Greek mythology, Chiron suffered a wound that could not be healed. In a nutshell. Chiron placements in our charts tell us what wounds we have that we have not properly worked through in this lifetime. We can go ahead and pretend they don’t exist. But they do. Wounds are wounds. And you may see some Chiron mention come up in your Health Horoscopes, as tending to any kind of wound is mission critical to your overall mental, emotional, and physical health.

If you are having the same relationship problem in your life, for example, there’s probably some Chiron stuff in your chart that you haven’t worked through. That’s the bad news. The good news is that knowing what Chiron is doing in your life is your secret weapon.

Do you believe in signs? Ever started thinking about someone and then hear “that song” or see “that movie” that reminded you of them? That’s the Synchronicity King part of Chiron sending you a message to follow that up. Chiron is that inner wisdom that we get through these signs that tells us we are on the right path.

So let’s have a look at what Chiron does in each of the zodiac signs. Right now Chiron is in Pisces and the twelfth house, allowing us to close up a cycle in one set of wounds. But Chiron does move on, and as such, will help you to do the same when closing up chapters. Check out where Chiron is in on your natal chart and see how these two factors combine.

Chiron in Aries – The 1st House

The first house is our house of self-expression, our personalities, and our house of new beginnings. If you have Chiron in Aries or in the first house, then you have troubles with your Self-worth. You may also have problems with participation, and need to be number one in all groups to compensate for this lack of Self-worth. You don’t give your Self any credit. For anything. Shining is difficult for you. But you will do that with others very easily. You are the most uplifting person they know. They just don’t know you don’t do that for your Self. You don’t pursue big goals because you don’t think you are worth it.

Conversely, you also have the wounded healing gift of helping others to embrace their unique Selves. Look for signs from Chiron that are related to your individuality, and find ways to express your Self without fear. It will lead to some outstanding new beginnings.

Chiron in Taurus – The 2nd House

Taurus as a Fixed sign is known for their resistance to change of any kind. As such, when Chiron is in this house, we may see some wounds related to stubborn behaviour. But as a Fixed sign myself, I am not a fan of the word “stubborn.” I prefer to use the term “loyal to my opinions.” Being fixed to a belief system is important, and being flexible on values isn’t always great either. When Chiron is in this house, we may have problems with our value system. This is also our money house and so we may see money problems here as well.

Your wounds may be related to change. If an abrupt change happened in your childhood, you may resist it even more than a Sun in Taurus person would today. At the same time, you may struggle with making or saving money. Keeping your environment soothing and beautiful with Earthy tones that Taurus loves will help keep the river of serenity and healing flowing under this Chiron influence.

Chiron in Gemini – The 3rd House

As the Mutable sign of the Air signs, Gemini is a chatty one, a little all over the map sometimes, and sometimes nervous. The shadow side of Gemini is amplified if you have Chiron in Gemini, because these wounds are magnified. You may even be a little duplicitous or seek approval at a higher level than usual. You may be judgy because you fear being judged. The third house rules communication and sibling issues, so you may struggle here in your life as well.

Find an outlet for your creative energies when it comes to these wounds, and engage more in group activities. When you do, you learn how to adapt and be accepted in group scenarios. Finding healthy ways to deal with your sarcasm will also help you to heal these wounds.

Chiron in Cancer – The 4th House

The fourth house is your house of roots and foundations, which is all about the family, the people that make you feel secure, your roots, and also your actual home. If Chiron is here, you’re going to struggle with home issues. You may find yourself moving a lot during your life for example. You may find yourself in a job like the military where you are always all over the place. You may also have issues with your mother.

It’s important for you to find ways to be empowered in your life. If you don’t have any roots, and it happens, make your own. Plant yourself somewhere and stick to it! Bloom where you are planted. Women’s groups or helping women will also help you heal these Chiron wounds tremendously.

Chiron in Leo – The 5th House

The fifth house is a house of luxury, comedy, and fun and good times. But it’s also your house of true love and soul mate romance, even if that romance is short-lived. It’s the kind of romantic feeling you get when you are in the “chase.” That feeling doesn’t last forever, and you may have a lot of love troubles if Chiron is in this house. In your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes, I call this your fifth house of pleasures. You may have problems veering into the pleasure zone too much if you have wounds in this house. Addiction or gambling problems are common.

It’s okay to be a little hedonistic or after the chase in love so long as you are healthy and true with all parties. That will attract more soul mate love into your life. So if this is a struggle, just being purer in love is the way to begin healing this wound. At the same time, finding creative ways to express your pleasure zones is another healthy way. Paint naked! Dance naked! Just play in a way to feel positive, and not wounded. Just. Play.

Chiron in Virgo – The 6th House

The sixth house is our house of details and routine, our house of structures. Where our tenth house is our ideal job, the sixth house is what we do to pay the bills every day. But by being a house of details, it is also a house where perfectionism lives, especially if Chiron is here. Having high standards is good. Having standards that nobody can meet makes everybody unhappy, especially you.

Find more flexible structures in your daily life that will enable some flexibility on those standards. You don’t need to cut them loose. You just want them a little more flexible.

Chiron in Libra – The 7th House

Where the fifth house is your soul mate house and your love house where you experience the thrill of the chase, the seventh house is all about that moment of settling down. This is your forever person. If Chiron is here, you’re going to have commitment problems in love. If your parents weren’t the best role models there, that will make things worse, but is also a good example of Chiron wounds in this house.

You may need help in establishing good relationships, but more importantly, keeping them. Maybe falling in love is not the problem. Maybe staying in love is. If you found The One, talk to them about this. People that love you unconditionally want to help you in these weakest moments of yours. If they know you struggle with this, it’s a problem you can and should work on together. Counselling will also be very helpful in any and all relationships, even friendships! Master the art of give and take, make it your daily mission.

Chiron in Scorpio – The 8th House

The eighth house covers a lot, it can be anything from secrets and shared resources to all things taboo. People with wounds in this house may have some sexual problems, or be the shadow sides of Scorpio – like jealousy, obsessiveness, etc. Someone with Chiron in Scorpio is the kind of person that’s hiding in your bushes 10 years after you broke up with them for example.

Find a way to regenerate the shadow sides of you if you have these wounds. There’s nothing wrong with exploring intense sexual attraction. But learn when it’s time to regenerate into a beautiful butterfly. Don’t stay in a cocoon that isn’t working. Learn how to let go, and do so beautifully. Helping others do this will also help you heal through this.

Chiron in Sagittarius – The 9th House

The ninth house is our house of all things philosophical, as the ninth house helps us to explore the big wide world. It’s also our house of learning and mind expansion. For those with wounds in this house, they get stuck on the chase as well. You may get lost a lot and be direction challenged because you’re too busy thinking about one thing instead of the road in front of you. At the same time, you may have problems staying true to you.

Work on being true to who you are, and revealing those truths to people in your life. Use your sense of humour in a healthy way. Don’t be afraid to learn more about the people in your life, as opposed to judging them. Jupiter rules this house, so if you can master these wounds, you increase your luck potential in life as well.

Chiron in Capricorn – The 10th House

The tenth house is where your big career goals or big life goals reside. If you have Chiron in this house, you may be stuck in the work hamster wheel. You may run to work when a personal problem crops up. You may ignore people in your life because you are obsessed with work. You may be more worried about your public image than you are about your personal one.

Find ways to use your leadership skills in healthy ways. Put scheduling limits at work if this is a real problem. If you are working at the office at 11 PM at night, and hear the song played at your wedding crop up, that’s Chiron the Synchronicity King’s way of saying, it’s time to go home. So pay attention to those signs when they appear.

Chiron in Aquarius – The 11th House

The eleventh house is all about our picture of society and how we fit in with a global vision. In other words, it’s all about how we connect with humanity. Scientists, for example, may have a strong eleventh house energy in their charts because they are working to change the world. If you aren’t really a thinker when it comes to changing the world, it could come off as callous. But because this is such a humanity driven house, big dreams are realized here. You could be selling yourself short of those dreams if you have some Chiron activity here.

Work more on putting your Self in the role of the Other when it comes to your human connections. Volunteer more. Helping others helps you! Bring your ideas to life by not just thinking about them and dreaming about them, but doing something about them!

Chiron in Pisces – The 12th House

The twelfth house is the end of the road, and activity in this sign indicates that you are closing up some chapters. This can also be a house of death as such, and so look for twelfth house activity in your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes to examine what in your life is changing or ending. And, know that when twelfth house activity is present, we also have a twelfth house angel protecting us. We have Chiron in this house now, so when it comes to big changes or endings in our life, we all have a guardian angel by us now.

With Chiron in this house in your chart, you struggle with these endings. You struggle with escapism to an extent that you could be alone more than anything. Some alone time is good. Chronic alone time can lead to depression though so these are wounds you need to work through.

Along with these wounds you have the gifts of helping people with their gifts connected to the underworld. You are your own guardian angel of sorts. and an angel to many! Tap into this gift of helping to help heal these Chiron wounds.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to your Chiron wounds, it’s important to remember that just as you have these wounds, you also have corresponding gifts. Embrace the nature of these wounds, and don’t be afraid to embrace your gifts as well. When you do, you also help heal those Chiron wounds. And you instantly make the world a better place! Who doesn’t want that? What Chiron wounds do you struggle with, and how can we help?

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