Venus Enters Sagittarius 4-Card Spread

It’s that exciting time of the week where somewhere in the far-flung corners of the Universe one of our beloved planets has decided to provide some new and wonderful energies for us.

On November 1st, we have Venus entering Sagittarius!

So, what does this mean? As the planet of love and beauty, Venus makes herself known throughout the signs and impacts our relationships with others and self-image and love for oneself. Having just moved out of the intense Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius allows a little more buoyancy. In Venus in Scorpio, relationships are often very fixed and dedicated entirely to one person or thing; with Venus in Sagittarius, we have more of a ‘universal’ love.

This can manifest in pondering our relationships with the wider world and wondering what our own role in it is. This can also lead to greater compassion and empathy with others, the planet, and the animals. While Venus in Scorpio often presents complexities in the area of love, Venus in Sagittarius brings a more straightforward approach. We see what needs doing and we go out and do it; and with the fire energy of Sagittarius, we find ourselves more productive and with greater energy than usual.

Now comes the time to see how we can use a Tarot card reading to benefit us during this time. How can the energies of Venus in Sagittarius benefit us? We might know that this pairing creates opportunities for universal love, but how can we apply this to our practical and daily lives? Online Tarot can certainly provide us with insight, but looking at specific Tarot card meanings to see how they can shape our future can really provide us with some fabulous insight during Venus’ stint in this fire sign. So, without further ado, below is a 4-card Tarot reading designed to help you gain greater inspiration from this Venus in Sagittarius!

This reading helps you to understand what drives your heart and how you can expand this passion.

4-Card Tarot Spread for Venus in Sagittarius

The question for this tarot spread is: How Can Venus in Sagittarius Help Me?

  1. Card 1: My passion at this time
  2. Card 2: How can I nurture this passion?
  3. Card 3: What obstacles stand in my way?
  4. Card 4: What are my strengths?

Below is an example Tarot card spread of this reading so you can gain a better idea of how it will work for you.

How can Venus in Sagittarius help me?

Shuffle cards while asking ‘How can Venus in Sagittarius help me?’

Lay out the 4-card spread, letting one card fall into each position.

Card 1: 2 of Cups

A relationship or friendship with another is my overall passion at this time. As we’re asking about Venus in Sagittarius and expansion, this card may be indicating that it’s time to move beyond the 2 of Cups – which usually indicates the beginning or early stages of a relationship – and move onto the 3 of Cups, which signifies a deeper connection.

Card 2: The High Priestess

This is an interesting card to get in the position of how I can nurture this passion. It indicates that it’s time to go ‘deeper’ with this relationship; that it may be time for some deep conversations or spending time together in a way that is helpful to us getting to know one another on a deeper level. It can also show us that exploring a range of passions we may allow us to share with the world at large and therefore, work together to take action on them.

Card 3: Queen of Swords

In this position, I would take the Queen of Swords to be either myself or the other person. Someone doesn’t want to let their guard down and get closer to the other. They may have been hurt in the past and are unwilling to open up too deeply for fear of being hurt again; The Queen of Swords is someone who uses her mind to deal with situations. She can come across as cold sometimes, even if she doesn’t mean to. This tells me that this can present an obstacle to nurturing this passion.

Card 4: The Moon

In the position representing my strengths, I take the Moon to mean that I have a strong imagination and I can find a way to work around these obstacles. The Moon is a card of enchantment, imagination, and fascination with the shadow side. A desire to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter can help me forge a closer bond with the object of my desire and overcome the obstacle of the Queen of Swords.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

This is an example of how a Venus in Sagittarius reading can work for you. The example reading above focused on a relationship with another, but remember that this particular reading centers around expansion and growth, regardless of whether the passion is for a person, for your surroundings or for the world as a whole. Think of how Venus in Sagittarius can help you this month and let the Tarot be your guide!

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