4 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Tarot Deck

There’s something magical about peeling the plastic wrapping off of your new Tarot deck and opening the box to see your cards for the first time. It’s as if you’re meeting a new world that is being created between you and this special tool of intuition. Each deck has its own energy based on what the artist and writer of the deck were resonating with when they created it. You’re usually drawn to the deck because it is going to help you unlock many perspectives that will serve your soul on its journey.

When it comes to bonding with your Tarot cards, you probably already have an affinity for the artwork (which is sometimes what makes us choose a deck). There are so many interpretations of the 78 Tarot cards today that you may not know what each card means when you pick it up even if you’re already familiar with Tarot cards. Some people change the symbols from pentacles to something that represents the same things to them (money, physical things, work, and resources). With each new deck, you will need to get to know the specific style of the artist so that the cards speak to you.

Bonding with your Tarot deck doesn’t happen in a day, it happens over a month, years, or a lifetime. Sometimes it’s instantaneous and sometimes it takes time for your deck to start speaking to you, but if you have the right intention, that bond will grow strong and the energy between you and your deck will start to feel like having a best friend. You’ll want to hang out with your Tarot deck just like you love to hang out with your bestie.

Why “Bond” With Your Tarot Deck?

Your Tarot deck will start to develop a particular energetic vibration the more you use it. Each time you use your deck with the intention of opening to spiritual wisdom through your soul and guides, you will strengthen the frequency of your deck. Any object we use for spiritual connection becomes a sacred power object that helps us bridge a strong connection to the spiritual realms. The reason people take such good care of their decks by keeping them wrapped in a special cloth, for example, is because they are able to experience such deep transformation.

In a very real way, your Tarot deck can help you more than a high-priced wellness retreat or a reading from a famous psychic. Your Tarot deck will empower you to unlock your own intuition so that you can access your inner teacher, become enlightened to your sixth sense, and truly overcome the patterns of thought that make you feel like you’re not co-creating with the Universe. Get excited because you are embarking upon a journey that will change your life for the better in monumental ways.

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4 Ways to Bond With Your Deck:

So let’s do this.

Bonding with your deck will help you to see synchronicities and open your intuition right away. It will help you start to see beyond the veil which is what mystical seekers know as the illusion of reality that keeps people from seeing the true energetic nature of reality. It’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be easy.

1. Do A Daily Spread

Because you’re essentially learning the meaning of 78 Tarot cards, it will be much easier if you spread out the bonding over a month with a daily Tarot card reading. Each morning, when your mind is fresh, you can start your day by doing a spread or pulling one card. Then you can read the Tarot card meanings and develop a relationship with the cards by checking in with how the card resonates with you. Have an intention when you pull your daily cards so that the cards can help unlock more clarity for you.

Check out our article about daily Tarot readings to find one that you like.

2. Go On a Walk with Your Deck

Hold your deck in your hands or in a bag you can carry and just simply go for a walk. This can allow you to start to bond with the energy of the deck intuitively. Ask yourself how you would like to use the deck as you go on this walk. Will it be just for you for now or do you want to open it up to some friends and offer readings? See what the deck has to say as you go on this walk and see if any part of your life comes to mind that the deck can help you with. Perhaps you will now realize that this deck arrived to help you make a major transformation. The deck will help you create a deeper spiritual life so taking this walk can be a significant opening ceremony to a new chapter of enlightenment and personal power in your life just as profound as the beginning of the Olympic games.

3. Cleanse & Charge Your Deck

Die-hard Tarot lovers often have rituals that help them keep the energy of their cards clear. You can find what you like and don’t ever feel like you have to do what someone else does with your cards.

One simple way to clear your cards is to knock three times on the top of the deck with the intention to clear the energy and start with a blank slate. This helps you clear your own mind from previous questions or thoughts you still may have lingering from someone else’s reading. It also helps you become present to the cards and keep an open mind about what truth will arise from the next spread.

When you get a new deck or want to bond more with one, you can create a charging altar to leave them on during the day using crystals and images of spiritual figures. You can also cleanse the deck with sage or incense smoke anytime you want. Some people may feel like doing this daily to help create a strong bond with their deck. Hold the intention to clear the energy of the deck, and to use them to connect to your soul and highest truth when you cleanse them. Some people cleanse the deck and charge it by leaving it under a Full Moon. Just be sure there is no inclement weather or leave it by the window where the Moonlight will hit it. After cleansing it, find a special place like a drawer, wooden box, silk bag, or table which will be where you keep the cards. Don’t just shove them in your backpack with everything else carelessly because it shows no respect for the bond and energy you’re cultivating.

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4. Practice Shuffling Your Deck

One of the best ways to bond with your Tarot deck is to practice shuffling it. This will get the stiffness out of the cards and it will allow you to get used to the size of the cards. You’ll feel more comfortable doing a Tarot reading with the deck when you can shuffle them without thinking about it. You can lay all the cards out and then put them in order to get to know the images. This will help you connect to the images of this specific deck and help you get to know the meaning of the Minor and Major Arcana as well as the suits of swords, wands, cups, and pentacles. Arrange each suite in the order of Ace to King, and arrange the 22 Major Arcana cards from the Fool to the World card.

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Closing Thoughts…

Still looking for a Tarot card deck that will speak to your soul? If you resonate with our articles on Astrology Answers, chances are you will also resonate with our Master Tarot Deck. If you already have a deck and it didn’t come with a book, you can use our free Tarot card definitions to know your deck. You can also use those definitions supplementary if you’re wanting to expand on what your deck’s book says. Sometimes someone’s interpretation of a card doesn’t open your intuition to all the possible meanings, and it’s a good idea to read a few interpretations to find the perspective that resonates the most with you.

Some people like having a collection of decks so that they can intuitively see which deck is calling to them on any given day. There’s no rule about only using one and you may find having a combination of oracle cards and Tarot cards allows you to open different streams of creative healing and transformation.

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