What’s Your Feng Shui Style, Based on Your Chinese Horoscope?

You can learn an awful lot about yourself from your Chinese Zodiac sign. For example, you can discover which crystals work best for you based on your Chinese Zodiac or, even better, which era you belong in depending on which animal you are in Chinese astrology. (If you’ve ever felt out of place in this modern, bustling, technologically advanced era, then the Chinese Zodiac may have the key to your befuddlement!)

But Chinese Astrology can tell us even more fascinating things than those fascinating things. You may be familiar with Feng Shui, the Taoist art that dates back thousands of years. It is the belief that every single thing on this planet – including objects and land – is alive and filled with a life-force. If, like me, you have a tendency to pat your television on the head or give your kettle a stroke in the morning, thanking it for that delicious cup of tea or coffee, you will see what I mean. Feng Shui is the movement and placement of certain objects in order to create positive energy in your environment.

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The notion that everything is filled with life is one that inevitably enriches life in general. By some mysterious force, we were given life; why, then, can the same not happen for objects, creations of ours?

Each Chinese Zodiac sign has its own special style of Feng Shui attached to it. Remember, Chinese Astrology is as ancient as Feng Shui itself. It represents a time when humans, animals, nature, land, objects, the sky, the Sun and the Universe all beat as one, rather than the divisions we struggle with now. By tapping into the mysterious power of Feng Shui using your Chinese Zodiac sign knowledge, you can create the Feng Shui that is best for your home in order to supercharge your energy!

Read on to find out which Feng Shui style is best for you.

Rat: Life Aspirations Style

The Rat is a methodical, logical and practical sort of person who likes things to be done in a structured and ordered way. Because of this, the Life Aspirations Style of Feng Shui is best for them. This type of style follows a methodical approach to Feng Shui, believing that each of life’s aspirations has a colour and element associated with it. So, for the life aspiration of Wealth, the colour green may be associated with it. For the Wealth side of your Feng Shui environment, you may then put lots of green things in that area – such as plants, bank notes or green pillows.

Ox: Life Aspirations Style

Like the Rat, the Ox suits the Life Aspirations Style of Feng Shui. This is because the Ox is also a very diligent and focused individual and this method works best for them. Other styles may be too outlandish or lack structure. An example of using the Life Aspirations Style for the Ox is associating the colour pink with the Marriage/Relationships section of the Feng Shui Home. Here, pink things such as pink flowers, pink pillows or pink crystals like rose quartz could be placed.

Tiger: Black Hat Sect Style

The Black Hat Sect Style Feng Shui is the Tiger’s style. The Tiger is a sign that is very much a mixed bag, much like the Black Hat Sect Style. In this type of Feng Shui is a mixture of many different types of practices and beliefs such as Yin and Yang, colour theory, common sense, intuition and the belief in God or Spirit as the creator. The Tiger is someone who likes to put their fingers in many pies and they can never be restricted to one box. This makes the Black Hat Sec Style of Feng Shui perfect for them.

Rabbit: Compass School Ba Zhai Style

Also known as the Eight Mansions, Ba Zhai Style Feng Shui is perfect for the Rabbit who needs a little direction and guidance here and there. Brilliant at following instructions, the Eight Mansions style is one that uses directions to enhance Chi energy, providing the Rabbit with lots of great information to determine if they and their home and workplace are compatible.

Dragon: Compass School Xuan Kong Style

Also known as Flying Star Charts, Xuan Kong is an ancient and mysterious form of Feng Shui and perfect for the Dragon. It uses Feng Shui based on the nine stars of the constellation, Great Bear, to determine the best way to make positive energy flow in your environment. For the dynamic and resilient Dragon, this is a method that combines ancient wisdom with constellation knowledge and this time of magic and mastery bodes well for the winged native.

Snake: Pyramid School Style

Refined, wise and curious about the world in general, the Snake individual suitably fits the Pyramid School Style of Feng Shui. Here, both Western and Eastern Feng Shui is merged and traditions are honoured. For the ritualistic Snake, this is ideal. The Snake would benefit the most from associating Feng Shui with colours and smells – for example, in one part of the room associated with Luck, the smell of lavender could be sprayed or lavender flowers could sit there permanently; or in the Happiness section, things that are the colour orange would help happiness flow freely through the home or workplace.

Horse: Black Hat Sect Style

Like the Tiger, the free-spirited Horse sits nicely with the Black Hat Sect Style of Feng Shui. Here, different beliefs and practices are merged together and the Horse’s individualistic nature can benefit from exploring the many avenues this type of Feng Shui offers, such as I Ching, Psychology, Interior Design and the Five Elements. So, if the Horse is interested in the area of Psychology, they would dedicate a place in their environment to a specific mood and ‘Feng Shui’ it accordingly, I.e. Joy would be associated with the colour red, the element fire, the direction north, and so forth.

Goat: Intuitive School Style

The dreamy and intuitive Goat who possesses powerful creative energy and formidable instincts works perfectly with the Intuitive School Style of Feng Shui. There are no hard and fast rules here. Feng Shui is based purely on a person’s instincts, so whatever feels right to the individual is how they should Feng Shui their home.

Monkey: Form School – San He School Style

The Monkey is a clever and inquisitive character and the ancient method of Form School Feng Shui is perfect for the Monkey person. San He School is a form of Feng Shui based around landscapes of the countryside and the natural symbolisms of shapes that form there. The smart and analytical Monkey is wonderful when combined with the art of Form School because they can use their analytical minds to figure out the maps of the landscapes and the ways in which various shapes can help positive energy flow.

Rooster: Black Hat Sect Style

As with the Tiger and Horse, the Rooster benefits most from the Black Hat Sect Style which combines many different types of beliefs and traditions to find the best Feng Shui. The Rooster is a flamboyant and enigmatic character; they do not like to be bracketed and instead prefer to explore many different options. Black Hat Sect Style provides them with the opportunity to explore many different methods of Feng Shui and find the one that works best for them.

Dog: Pyramid Style

Like the Snake, the Dog best fits the Pyramid Style of Feng Shui. The Dog is a noble, loyal and just individual; in Western Astrology, their astrological counterpart is Libra, the symbol of Justice. Pyramid Style Feng Shui honours all different types of Feng Shui traditions while merging Eastern and Western Feng Shui as one, so as to keep a fair balance between the two in order to reach harmony.

Pig: Intuitive School Style

Like the Goat, the Pig works best with the Intuitive School Style of Feng Shui. The Pig is a happy-go-lucky character who enjoys the simple life and likes to go with the flow. Endless instructions can befuddle them; the Intuitive School Style provides them with the opportunity to tap into their powerful intuition and find the Feng Shui that works best for them.


Whatever type of Feng Shui your Chinese Zodiac sign is best suited to, all styles of Feng Shui possess the same underlying foundation: learning to live in harmony with nature and finding a way for positive energy to flow freely in and out of your life.

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