The Luckiest Crystals for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

​Are you a Rabbit who enjoys the finer things in life and detests conflict in all forms? Are you a Snake who enjoys a good philosophical debate and is typically slow to anger? Are you a Tiger who is brave and tough on the outside, but warm and fuzzy on the inside?

Your Chinese Zodiac sign can reveal all kinds of things about you, from what type of tea is best for you to what era you belong in based on your sign. You would be surprised at the stunning accuracy of Chinese Astrology, which is why learning about your Chinese Zodiac sign can be so helpful.

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Those of you who have an interest in crystals may also be intrigued to know that each sign has a specific crystal that is most beneficial for them. Of course, many crystals have various properties that can help us in a variety of ways, but knowing your Chinese Zodiac Crystal can be very helpful indeed. Keeping a piece permanently in your home or wearing it on your body can ensure the power of your Chinese Zodiac animal is always with you! Read on to discover yours!

Rat: Green Aventurine

The Rat is one smart cookie and very much driven by success. Green aventurine is the perfect crystal for you to carry or wear; it is a stone for prosperity and success, encouraging you to reach your highest potential. Green aventurine can enhance the Rat’s natural disposition for determination and self-belief.

Ox: Angelite

The Ox is one of the most dependable and down-to-earth characters of the Chinese Zodiacs. They are solid, trustworthy and very much grounded. But sometimes they can be a little too grounded. The Ox may stubbornly keep themselves in the physical realm and shut their minds to other realms. Carry an angelite crystal with you to open your mind even more and harness your intuition.

Tiger: Rose Quartz

The Tiger is a fiery individual, ready to take on the challenges of the world. Because of this, it is not uncommon for them to burn themselves out and struggle with their health and vitality. Wearing a rose quartz or keeping one in your work and home area can help remind you of vital self-care; rose quartz is the stone of love and Tigers need to remember that love for themselves is just as important as love for others or a cause.

Rabbit: Tiger’s Eye

In the Chinese Zodiac, Rabbits and Tigers typically make good friends. They are opposites, but in this case, opposites attract. The Rabbit, while being a gentle, kind and refined soul, can learn from the Tiger by not fleeing from conflict whenever it pops up. Tiger’s eye is a stone of courage. Carry a tiger’s eye with you to give you strength and courage when you feel the moment arises.

Dragon: Clear Quartz

The Dragon is a sign of power and honour. They can lead and inspire in equal measure. But on the negative side, this means Dragons sometimes struggle to see things from others’ points of view, thinking their way is the only way. If you are a Dragon, clear quartz is the perfect crystal for you as it clears negative thoughts or stubbornness and opens you to receive messages from others.

Snake: Blue Agate

A philosophical, wise and intelligent individual, the Snake is someone who enjoys having an intellectual discussion and promoting their own values through civilized discussions. However, if a Snake feels wronged by someone, then there is no other sign in the zodiac who can be as vengeful or set on getting their own back; if need be, a Snake will wait years before striking out on those that wronged them. As a Snake, your best crystal is blue agate, which promotes forgiveness and reconciling differences.

Horse: Sodalite

The free-spirit of the Zodiac, Horses are fun frolickers who don’t take life or themselves too seriously. Here one minute and gone the next, the Horse doesn’t let anyone tie them down; they go where the wind takes them. Sometimes, they need a little grounding and stability! This is why sodalite is the perfect crystal for you if you are a Horse as it promotes objectivity and rational thought, giving you the opportunity to see things from every angle before rushing into a decision.

Goat: Smoky Quartz

The poet and daydreamer of the Chinese Zodiac, Goats known for their gentle ways and their romantic disposition. People adore them for their wonderful company. However, they can have their heads in the clouds sometimes and come across as a little over-sensitive! Smoky quartz is the best crystal for you if you are a Goat as it is a strong grounding crystal and protects your energies due to sensitivity.

Monkey: Kunzite

Is there a greater innovator and charmer than the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac? This highly intelligent sign is brimming with wit and vivacity; they have ingenious ideas and are very charming and lever. However, the Monkey can be selfish and self-centred at times. The kunzite crystal promotes a willingness to serve humanity while connecting the heart and mind at one; if you are a Monkey, carry one with you or place a permanent crystal in your living space.

Rooster: Amethyst

Roosters are flamboyant and outgoing; they speak their minds and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in! Others admire their ability to stand by their convictions. However, Roosters can be a little too puffed up in their own feathers at times, so the amethyst crystal is perfect for helping them with humility. If you are a Rooster, wear an amethyst crystal to also help enhance your intuition and ground you.

Dog: Apache Tears

A true justice warrior of the world, the Dog believes in sticking up for the underdog and fighting for a cause to make the world a better place. Dogs are loyal and stout-hearted; they will defend a friend to the end. However, they are prone to suffering from anxiety and worry and can retain trauma for a long time; apache tears are perfect for you if you are a Dog as it promotes a gentle, calm and peaceful energy, helping to heal trauma and helps with anxiety.

Pig: Agate

The kind Pig is a simple soul who enjoys a pleasant and happy life. They are always willing to lend a hand and spending time with a Pig usually leads to comfort and joy. However, when a Pig has been wronged, they can become bitter and negative as the trauma tends to set in deep. Agate is a great crystal for you if you are a Pig, as it helps to overcome any emotional trauma and keep your heart free from bitterness or resentment.


Understanding what crystals can help us based on our Chinese Zodiac sign can further help us understand ourselves better. Understanding what element you are in the Chinese Zodiac can be even more revealing if you want to know more about yourself. Try the Chinese lucky stone that connects to your own personal sign and see how it can help you!

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