Which Herb You Should Work With, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We live on a planet full of mystical treasures that assist us each day; herbs are one of the most useful of those treasures, and their enchanting properties may surprise you.

Beyond the emotionally and physically healing properties of herbs, herbs are also associated with astrology. Each zodiac sign has its own unique herbs that are even more powerful when used in conjunction with the energy of that sign.

Keep reading if you want to find out…

Your Most Powerful Herb, Based on Your Zodiac Sign:


It may come as no surprise that one of the most potent herbs for this Fire sign is spicy: the chili pepper.

The chili pepper works in healing and improving sexuality, dispelling negative energy, breaking curses, and increasing the power of manifestation. Combined with the powerful energy of the Aries, this herb becomes even more dynamic.

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Taurus is an Earth sign with refined taste. Your connection to Mother Earth is always present, and Myrrh will bring the feeling of divine nature to your home.

Myrrh protects your aura from negative energies that others may try to direct your way. It also purifies the space around it, making it the perfect herb to keep within your favorite sacred space.


Geminis are thoughtful and airy, with a buoyant spirit that resembles the juicy fragrance of bergamot. Bergamot is known for attracting wealth and abundance, as well as luck in general.

Perhaps the best benefit for Gemini is bergamot’s ability to lift the spirit, helping you get out of those deep wells of thought that you often enter. This herb balances the mood and restores confidence.


A sensitive Water sign, Cancers could use some protection when it comes to their feelings. You’re strong but gentle, like the subtle aroma of Jasmine.

Jasmine increases the powers of attraction, helping you draw compassionate energies and people into your life. Jasmine also has sensual properties, reviving the spark in an existing romance or working to attract new romantic partners.


Fiery Leos are known for their passion, but that passion can turn to jealousy or anger if not contained.

Calendula is an excellent soothing herb that also provides protection and enhances dreams. Associated with the Sun, this herb is perfect when combined with your energy, Leo. Calendula represents love and can be used as an incense to purify a space.


Virgos are a responsible, independent Earth sign. Like delicate but powerful mint, Virgos are intuitive—and mint works to increase your intuition.

It helps you connect to your internal wisdom and hear the answers to your questions that you’ve subconsciously known all along. Mint strengthens psychic abilities in addition to improving communication between people.

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The social, balanced Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty, making the rose their ideal herb.

Roses not only look beautiful they smell fantastic, and they attract platonic and romantic love. While roses may have a long-standing association with romance, they can also provide healing within friendships. Roses also provide protection in addition to providing your space with beauty.


Mysterious Scorpios are ruled by Water and concerned with the deeper aspects of life. Your most powerful herb is sage—wise, shamanic, and immortal.

Sage is associated with longevity and it can also alleviate the grief encountered with the loss of a loved one. The deep, mystical nature of sage brings out your desire to connect with the mysteries of Earth.


Sagittarians are an optimistic Fire sign with long-reaching goals.

Dandelions are happy, bright herbs that represent wishes—perfect for the Sag with the lofty goals. Dandelions are associated with Jupiter, the expansive, benevolent planet that rules Sagittarius. Use dandelions to increase your powers of manifestation and unexpected opportunities.


Earthy Capricorns have the ability to keep their focus on their responsibilities and goals. Comfrey is an herb associated with Saturn, the very same focused planet that rules over Capricorn.

Comfrey is thought to be a powerful guardian of travelers, especially useful for the Capricorn who has to get around to accomplish their goals. Comfrey also brings good luck and protects against evil.


Aquarians are an inventive, social Air sign that’s always exploring learning new things. Rosemary is a great herb to use for fostering new ideas and helping you focus on the work that needs to get done.

It is particularly useful for students or those who are learning a new skill. Carrying a sprig of rosemary can help you concentrate during stressful situations, like an exam.


Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. Ruled by water, Pisces can get carried away by emotion, making lavender the perfect herb for their toolkit.

Lavender soothes emotions and reduces anxiety, depression and stress. It is also a gentle sleep aid, promoting peaceful dreams. Lavender can remove negative energy from your aura, as well as your home.

The Whole Spice Rack

Just because certain herbs may be more powerful when used in conjunction with your sign is certainly no reason to ignore the rest of the herbs. All herbs are useful and should be explored. If you haven’t worked with herbs previously, start by collecting the best herb for your sign and getting to know it. Once you’re comfortable using it for teas, incense, and other rituals, you’ll probably start itching for more herbal goodness.

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