Feeling Stressed? Cool Down with Amethyst

Minimizing the stressful aspect of this season is just as crucial as enjoying the fun and enjoyable times that come along with it. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of crystals. 

Remember, crystals come from the Earth. Some of them are more than well-equipped to deal with other aspects of the Earth’s energy, such as the weather, and one of the best crystals to do this is the amethyst crystal.

Read on to see how amethyst can help you!

How Can Amethyst Help You?

1. Manage Emotions

The Full Moon has a powerful way of affecting that which lies deep within us, albeit they use different methods to do so.

Hence, some form of natural mood stabilizer may be needed. Amethyst has a magnificent way of easing intensity and erratic moods.

It has the ability to balance emotions which may be thrown out of control due to stress. It also has the phenomenal power to help us let go of negative emotions, such as fear, anger or grief, all of which are contributors to stress, as well as improve our moods so that we can feel happiness and joy in abundance, washing away the negative feelings that threaten to bring us down.

2. Assist the Mind

Feelings and thoughts are intertwined with stress. Amethyst has a unique ability to improve clarity and help us defeat any negative thoughts we have about ourselves and others.

When our minds are racked with thoughts that focus on the negative as opposed to the positive, our stress levels shoot up. The amethyst stone can help dissolve such thoughts, encouraging us to have patience with ourselves and others, while promoting love in every form.

On a physical level, amethyst is able to assist with headaches and migraines, both of which can be amplified by the blazing Sun. The stone works to gently ease these pains and it is beneficial to place a small piece of amethyst directly onto your forehead when you are suffering from headaches.

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3. Transmutation

One of the most brilliant gifts the amethyst possesses is the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy and love.

Amethyst can indeed get rid of negative emotions and thoughts, but when harnessed correctly, it also has the power to actually turn the negative into positive. This can be especially helpful when you are struggling with a hectic schedule and an array of negativity comes shooting at you. Transform it with amethyst.

4. Reduce Insomnia

Stress can bring a lot of sleepless nights for some people, particularly if the heat becomes a little overwhelming. Once again, stress is a major factor when it comes to insomnia and can also lead to a rise in cortisol levels which promotes unhealthy fat around the mid-section.

Amethyst can help to settle a mind that is too active. Sleeping with one under or next to your pillow is the best way to get the full benefits when tackling an unruly mind.

5. Help with Electromagnetic Stress

We don’t see it, we don’t smell it, we don’t hear it, but electromagnetic stress is all around us whenever we are surrounded by electronics and power lines. It can make us cranky, irritable, tired, and, above all, stressed out.

Combat this invisible foe by placing amethyst crystals around your own electronic devices or anywhere close by when you use your computers, phones, or tablets.

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6. Cleanse Your Aura

This is an important one as the weaker our auras, the easier it is for stress to dominate us. The amethyst crystal is particularly potent in cleansing our auras so we don’t have any ‘holes’ through which stressful, negative energies can penetrate us.

An amethyst wand is particularly good for cleansing yourself, where you slowly move the wand up and down your body, envisioning negative energies to remove themselves from you and for your aura to cleanse.

How to Use the Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is best worn in the form of a bracelet or pendant as then it can sit on your body, working its magic on you to keep stressful vibes away. Alternatively, it is good to have an amethyst stone in your pocket or purse, or next to your bed/desk.

Meditating with the crystal is highly recommended; areas where the crystal should be placed on your body include the head and heart, to manage stress when it tries to penetrate emotions and thoughts.

You can even place little pieces of amethyst with you in the bath while you cool off and help soak the stress away!

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