A Cup of Tea for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

We all love a good cup of tea (and if you don’t, you clearly haven’t found the right tea yet). Tea drinking has been a staple in the human diet for a very long time; even wars have been started over tea! A fresh brew in the morning is one of the best ways to start the day – but which tea is the one for you?

We all have our personal preferences, of course. Perhaps you’re a fan of the good old English cup of tea, made famous by Her Majesty the Queen and Kensington Palace? Perhaps you prefer green sencha tea, a famous delight in Japan? Maybe you’re more into the herbal brews for their range of health benefits? Perhaps you’re just looking to try something new? In any case, today we’re going to help you discover…

Which Tea is Best for You, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign? 

Read on to find out – then go make yourself a cuppa!

Rat: Silver Needle White Tea

The Rat perfectly suits Silver Needle, a white tea. White tea is one of the healthiest of all teas due to the fact it represents the tea bud when it is at its youngest and is completely loaded with antioxidants. The Rat native is a shrewd, intelligent character who values his mind; with its brain-boosting properties, Silver Needle is the one for the Rat!

Ox: Dandelion Root Tea

Like the Ox, a strongly earthy character who believes in dependability and reliability, Dandelion Root tea does its duty to the best of its abilities. A diuretic tea which is particularly beneficial to the liver, it flushes toxins from the body and keeps the organs in good working order. For the slow and steady Ox, this tea is the most reliable of all teas and does not fail to please.

Tiger: Catnip Tea

An adventurous tea for an adventurous sign. The name is a bit of a giveaway, but Catnip tea does far more than just share feline attributes with the Tiger. It’s an excellent stress reliever and this is one sign that allows their passions to run away with them. Catnip can help relieve anxiety and stress, making it the perfect brew for the large cat.

Rabbit: Rose Tea

Ah – a delicate tea for a refined and delicate sign! Rose tea tastes as sweet as it looks with its pretty pink colours. The Rabbit is the most graceful and gracious of all the signs and it is only befitting that they should have a tea worthy of their charm and conduct.

Dragon: Yellow Tea

Known in Chinese history as the drink of emperors, Yellow tea is among the rarest teas in the world. As a powerful and kingly sign, the Dragon requires a tea that matches them in strength, skill and power. Yellow tea actually tastes powerful – a cup of this and you would be ready to take on the world!

Snake: Matcha Tea

Now here is a tea fit for a serpent! Matcha tea is particularly popular in Japan and, like the Snake, it is exquisite to behold. Much pomp and ceremony often goes into preparing Matcha, which fits perfectly with the Snake’s elegance and love of ritual. Matcha is a tea to savour and is also extraordinarily nutritious.

Horse: Oolong Tea

The Horse is fast and flighty – Oolong is their best brew! A tea known for its fantastic weight loss properties and ability to speed up the metabolism is perfect for the horse, who is known for their quick and speedy ways. There is no slowing down when it comes to this individual – they need something that can match them both in speed and quality. Oolong it is!

Goat: Rooibos Tea

A creative drink for a creative sign. Roobois is as unique and flamboyant as the Goat/Sheep. It is fantastic in keeping healthy skin and hair and improves blood pressure and circulation. Like the Goat, it is wonderful to behold. There is nothing boring about this tea with its unique flavour and marvellous health benefits.

Monkey: Peppermint Tea

Something with zest for this cheeky, fun-loving sign! Monkeys are nimble and clever and Peppermint tea gives them the boost they need to dispense their energy in all the right places. Monkeys can be prone to flatulence at times and Peppermint tea is an excellent home remedy for this.

Rooster: White Peony Tea

The second White Tea on the list, Roosters do not object to the finer things in life – and White Peony is one of them! One of the most delicious teas of all, it is loaded with antioxidants and plenty of nutrients and cancer-preventing properties. Roosters have the best of both worlds, with taste and nutrients in one.

Dog: English Black Tea

A simple yet effective tea for this loyal character. A cup of English tea readies the Dog for another day of determination and drive. A dash of milk makes it all the better – Dogs prefer variety and the option for one teaspoon of sugar or two always brings them a small dose of delight!

Pig: Flowering Tea

A sweet tea for a sweet sign, the simple, kind-hearted Pig adores the beauty and benefits of Flowering tea, watching with delight as it opens up inside the teapot or cup. Flowering tea has magnificent metabolism and weight loss benefits; the Pig enjoys their food and a cup of this per day can help to keep weight in check.

So there you have it! The best tea for your Chinese Zodiac sign – enjoy a hug in a mug while you check out your free daily Chinese zodiac horoscope!

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