Chinese Zodiac 2016: How to Get Lucky in the Year of the Monkey

We are now about to enter another very fascinating period for astrologers. It is the period of the Chinese New Year. What are the predictions for the Chinese zodiac 2016? In the Chinese zodiac 2016, we are entering the Year of the Monkey this spring. The monkey is a lucky animal, if he plays his cards right. So if you have been feeling the Winter blahs, and are very much counting days until the Spring, follow the Chinese calendar in Chinese astrology and your Spring is literally just a few days away.

A lot of people wonder why the Chinese New Year doesn’t start at the same time as the International calendar year. And the reason for that is the seasons. If you think about it, ours is a little strange. Our calendar year starts smack dab in the middle of Winter, which is considered the last season to many. In Spring, everything grows. And then life goes through a passage of transitions through the Seasons until life becomes dormant for a season. What has not made it, is grieved through the season of Winter. That’s the real reason we all groan about Winter. It is a constant reminder of death. So no wonder you are counting the days until Spring! This is a new cycle of life for everyone on this planet. And that’s precisely why the Chinese New Year does not happen until their Spring begins, which is, always later in our calendar year.

Got the Winter blahs? According to Chinese astrology, Spring is just days away. You're welcome.

Got the Winter blahs? According to Chinese astrology, Spring is just days away. You’re welcome.

This year the Chinese calendar begins on February 8, 2016. It always coincides with Chinese astrology dates and occurs exactly after the second New Moon that came after the Winter Solstice. So the first New Moon we experienced about 3 weeks ago. Our next New Moon is the New Moon in Aquarius on February 8. And that too, is the date of the Chinese New Year, because it falls on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice which occurred in the calendar month of December 2015, as it always does. See how everything is connected?

Chinese astrology has a very distinct link with Western astrology, and even international dates. Which is why it is always good to know your Chinese zodiac. We will be exploring that a lot next month, through Chinese astrology compatibility, love compatibility, and Chinese horoscopes 2016. Today we are going to touch on a tip of that iceberg. In the Chinese zodiac 2016, we are entering the Year of the Monkey this spring. And that means there is a lot of luck to go around. So if you want to know how to get lucky in the year of the monkey, be sure you have us bookmarked and stay tuned as we are going to cover your luck a LOT next month. Here’s what you need to know about the Chinese zodiac 2016, and how to get lucky in the year of the monkey.

Chinese Zodiac 2016: What IS the Year of the Monkey?

In the Chinese zodiac, each year is symbolized by an animal. And each animal is a particular zodiac sign. Like Western astrology, there are 12 Chinese zodiac signs. So each person has their own Chinese zodiac animal, just like we have zodiac signs, like Scorpio. In Chinese astrology, you are either an ox or a goat or a horse or a rat, but you could also be a Scorpio. Not only do individuals have their own zodiac sign, but the calendar year date is also a Chinese zodiac symbol. Each of the Chinese astrology years is one of those Chinese zodiac signs. We are just ending the year of the goat/sheep in Chinese astrology. This year, is the Chinese astrology monkey year. And like zodiac signs take on the qualities of the sign, so too do the years for the animals.

In other words, according to Chinese astrology, 2016 the year of the monkey is going to be a year that takes on the qualities of an actual monkey. Monkeys are wiley creatures, shrewd, competitive, and even lucky as they are the species that evolved into humans many scientists say. They have an intelligent streak to them, their wit gets them very far, they know how to solve problems, and they are very social creatures who love the idea of love.

Model the qualities of the monkey in the year of the monkey. Sometimes just observing gives you everything you need to succeed.

Model the qualities of the monkey in the year of the monkey. Sometimes just observing gives you everything you need to succeed.

And sometimes they just sit and observe what is going on around them, and use that to create their own success. Monkeys by nature are climbers as well, so climbing to the top of your game is a way to harness luck in the year of the monkey. You can also find yourself social climbing like monkeys this year, and that could prove to be very successful for you. So this is what we mean when we say, your Chinese horoscopes 2016 will take on the undertones of the year of the monkey.

In Chinese astrology, legend has it that Buddha sent 12 animals out on a race. He decided that the Chinese zodiac and the Chinese astrology years would be ordered and named according to the rate at which they came back. The monkey was one of those animals. And the monkey returned to Buddha in ninth place. So the year of the monkey then is the 9th year of the Chinese astrology cycle. Now isn’t that interesting! Because in numerology, the year of the 9 we have already discussed. So there’s another clue for you to get lucky in the year of the monkey. The number 9 is going to be very powerful and very lucky this year to many! Use it wisely! How else can you get lucky in the year of the monkey?

Wish omens: The number 9 bears many wish opportunities in the year of the monkey.

Wish omens: The number 9 bears many wish opportunities in the year of the monkey.

9 Lucky Tips to Get Lucky in the Year of the Monkey

• Be curious. Ever hear of Curious George? The monkey? He got into so much trouble because he was always messing around. But he found great success in the process. Be curious this year, never stop asking questions and never stop looking beyond what is already in front of you. That will harness great luck.

• Be creative. The monkey is found to be seated on what the Chinese astrology calls the ninth of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches. Here’s your lucky number 9 again. This branch symbolizes both curiosity and creativity. Express your creativity as much as possible this year, and it will take you up that tree.

Think ahead and be creative in the year of the monkey. Collaborate with others that can help you succeed.

Think ahead and model leaders in the year of the monkey. Sometimes collaborating with others is a must to get to the top.

• Think ahead. It is undisputable through hundreds of years of research that the monkey is one of the smartest animals on the planet. They are almost human. So smarts come into play big time this year. Use your wit, make sure it is en pointe at all times, be guarded, and always be thinking about the next 5 steps instead of the one in front of you. Monkeys are wondering how to get to the top of the tree, not to the next branch. So climb, baby climb, and look ahead, always.

• Be wary of deception. That’s right, the monkey is a sneaky one. And all Earthlings will be feeling this energy this year. So there is going to be trickery and deception abounding everywhere. Be wary. And do not use these methods to get to the top of your tree. Don’t trust every monkey that comes your way. But if you are thinking ahead, you won’t need to worry about it. Just keep your eye at the top of that tree no matter how cute the monkeys around you are being. It could all be a ruse to steal your spot.

• Model leaders. Monkeys are secret copycats. That’s why they are so deceptive, and successful. They model the better monkeys around them. So surround yourself with quotes, pictures, and inspirations from the greats that were born in the year of the monkey. Here’s a list of celebrities born in the year of the monkey you can emulate like the cute little monkey that you are – First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson (President), Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger, multi-billionaire Nelson Rockefeller, best selling author Charles Dickens, Pope John Paul II, and one of the greatest artists of all time in the history of the world, Leonardo da Vinci. So when we say monkey years breed success, we are talking about the kind of success that becomes the greatest successes of all time, like Eleanor Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Charles Dickens, and more. Model them. Surround yourself with their success and others like them and breathe it like osmosis into your life. Like a monkey would!

Being inventive in the year of the monkey breeds success. Hey, ya gotta eat!

Being inventive in the year of the monkey breeds success. Hey, ya gotta eat!

• Be inventive! Monkeys can’t always get to the top of the tree through traditional routes. So sometimes they hop from tree to tree or invent their own way of getting there. The year of the monkey is predicted to have many great inventions in store for the world. Do you want to be a part of that? This is an awesome year for inventions. So invent something, or spend your days inventing new solutions to old problems.

• Take risks.Yep, you can’t sit in that safe little box this year if you want to get to the top of a tree in your life. Take a risk. Is someone sitting on the tree that you want? They aren’t going to just give it to you. Take some risks and earn your spot. In Chinese astrology that is the best way to get lucky this year.

• Use your lucky charms. Odds for Chinese horoscopes 2016 are greatly favoured when you have a few lucky charms along the way. And the monkey does not disappoint. Lucky numbers in the year of the monkey are 4 and 9. Combinations of that like 49 and 94 are also lucky. The best days of any month are the 14th and 28th. Colors that are considered lucky in Chinese astrology years of the monkey are gold, blue, and white. And chrysanthemums are the flowers to get this year if looking for your pot of gold.

Position yourself to hear no evil, say no evil, and see no evil. Karma gets you everywhere in the year of the monkey.

Position yourself to hear no evil, say no evil, and see no evil. Karma gets you everywhere in the year of the monkey.

• Hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil. Karma is big with the monkey and big in the year of the monkey. We’ve talked about keeping your karma credit in check for a reason. It’s really easy to do by just following these simple monkey principles. Just, be a good person. If fate puts you in a place where you have no choice but to watch evil, do so, but don’t say a word. Then, be the monkey that you are and use your brain to compete against it, and win. Overall however, you are best positioned when you position yourself in the company of those that avoid drama and stay away from evil like the plague. When you hear no evil, see no evil, and say no evil, karma points rack up and you win, in very lucky ways, every time.

So there are the only 9 tips you need to get lucky in your Chinese horoscopes 2016. And remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We will begin exploring your Chinese zodiac 2016 next month, and look at Chinese astrology compatibility and love compatibility, and how to make sure that all of your hits are lucky home runs this year, in all areas of your life. Meet your twin flame, climb to the top of the ladder at work….what do you want in the Chinese astrology year of the monkey? Do you have any questions about Chinese astrology or Chinese zodiac 2016 the year of the monkey? Where do you want to get lucky this year?

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