Holiday Wish List and Gift Giving Guide by the Zodiac Sign

It’s that time again! And I’m not talking about a Moon phase, this time. This time I am talking about holiday shopping! And it’s something that we are all just a doing a little bit more right now, no matter what we believe in. There’s always somebody that needs a little something for whatever purpose of awesomeness they have been put into your life. Maybe it’s your post man or your child’s teacher. Maybe this year you want to do something extra spectacular for your lover or partner just to show them how much they mean to you. Or maybe there is just someone special that you just want to do something special for, but you aren’t really sure how to do that. Anybody can pay for a box of chocolates or a spa set that’s just going to get added to the pile. But that doesn’t have to be you. We all want to give the “wow” factor when it comes to holiday gifts and there is actually a very easy way to do just that. By giving a gift that is just meant for that very person, and that very person alone. That’s how you make someone feel special and like a cherished part of your life this holiday season. And it’s easier than you think! All you need to know is their zodiac sign, and this handy gift giving guide. When you tailor your gifts to the mysterious secrets within each zodiac sign, then you are not just sharing holiday presents. Then, you are actually making wishes come true. And that’s really what we are striving for when it comes to this awesome season of giving, and wish fulfillment. You want to be the one to make wishes come true for the people you love. And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t do just that. So stop fretting and grab a pencil and start making those lists, by the zodiac sign like we’ve done right here. You want holiday shopping to be easier this year? Your wish is our command. Here’s the only gift giving guide you need this holiday season.


Anything that is the color red is a great color for this Mars ruled planet. Aries is driven and likes to succeed, so things that will help them to do that are great gifts that tells an Aries you admire their drive. Maybe it’s a car gadget for the busy office commuter, or a best selling book by someone successful that your Aries admires is also a great gift. A gift that nurtures a talent of your Aries shows your Aries you think they are gifted. For the Aries lover, something saucy you both can enjoy behind closed doors will certainly make some wishes come true too.


Remembering that Taurus is ruled by Venus is almost all you need to know to buy Taurus presents. As the Fixed Earth sign, Taurus is also the zodiacs gardener. So gifts that cater to this side of them will always be well received. Taurus loves their pretty things and designer labels always go over well with Taurus. But they also love the gift of shopping and this is one zodiac sign that loves receiving gift cards. Don’t just stuff them in an envelope though. Be creative with the sparkly paper and ribbon when you are wrapping it up as this is half the fun for Taurus.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is the Mutable Air Sign. This means gadgets and all things related make great gifts for Gemini. A newfangled tool that just came out makes a great gift for dad. Phone accessories or computer accessories that make work fun or easier are also all appreciated by Gemini. And, if you are on a low budget then use your words to touch Gemini’s heart. A heartfelt love letter wrapped in a few of their favorite things will make you Gemini feel like they are on top of the world.


Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign that is also considered the zodiac mother. And so Cancet is happy when all of their peeps is happy. They often don’t even want you to get them a gift and will say, “spend it on the kids.” Many Cancers like to putter in the kitchen making kitchen gadgets and accessories a great gift for any Cancer. And if your Cancer doesn’t, then gift certificates to a fancy restaurant will make your Cancer feel special too! Give the gift of a night in the town, a day at the spa, or an experience that takes care of Cancer for a change.


Leo is the Fixed Fire Sign and always has a very special spark to them. Leo is also ruled by the Sun, so if they always seem happy, that’s why. Takes a lot to get a Leo down. But they are human and so they just don’t show it too often. Leo is another sign that loves the lap of luxury and expensive pretty things. If you can afford it, a big ticket item like jewelery or designer threads makes a Leo feel special. But at the heart of every Leo is a love of loyalty and generosity. A homemade gift like a letter or short story making your Leo the star will make this holiday one to remember for your favorite Leo.


Many people that know Virgo think Virgo is hard to buy for. But not really. Virgo is another sign that is ruled by Mercury so gadgets and gaming accessories are great gifts for Virgo. Virgo is also an intellectual, so a book of their favorite author or a T-shirt and memorabilia is as well. My brother is a Virgo and I gave him a Mockingjay pin last year that barely cost a thing, it is a gift that he still brags about to this day. Every Virgo has that little spark of genius they love to have honoured. What makes your Virgo grin like a child? A little token is all they need, Virgo just wants to know they are appreciated, and that you “get” them.


Libra is another zodiac sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and money. And so Libra really likes their pretty things too. The more bling the better for Libra! But Libra is also an intellectual as the Cardinal Air Sign, and so gadget related items or gaming devices or games are big winners for Libra. And don’t be afraid to ask Libra for a list. They don’t mind not being surprised on the holidays, and are thrilled if you get the gift just right. Literature is a great gift for Libra as is anything that comes on paper, like tickets to their favorite ballet or concert. Libra likes unique experiences over the holidays that don’t necessarily come in a box. Creativity is a big winner with Libra!


Scorpio is the Fixed Water Sign and thus ruled by the heart. Scorpio usually doesn’t want anything specific for the holidays and feels greedy asking. All Scorpio wants is to feel the love. Finding ways to tap into the heart of the Scorpio will be the way to make their heart sing this holiday. Something small that tells Scorpio how you feel about them or makes them feel loved goes a long way. And Scorpio is one zodiac sign that loves home made or hand made gifts from people they love. They are the ones with the nightstand sand mantels filled with Christmas crafts from the kids for decades. Make something unique and just for your favorite Scorpio and they will be bragging about how awesome you are for holidays to come. Gifts that send Scorpio to the shores or on the water are also great gifts for Scorpio.


As the Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius is one of the adventurers of the zodiac. And they are ruled by Jupiter and this are always actively curious about the world. Travel gift cards are a great gift for a Sag, as are any items they can use on their next road trip, like a designer carry on or travel accessory. Sag is a fun one but don’t let their fun side fool you into thinking they aren’t thinkers. Books on the mysteries of life or a DVD on their favorite passions will also go far with Sagittarius.


Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth Sign and the sign that launches Winter. Capricorn is the leader of the pack in many ways, and will appreciate gifts that appreciate this. As an Earth Sign Capricorn is a hard worker and sometimes even married to their job. Gifts that make this easier for them or lighten their load are always appreciated by Capricorn. A maid service for a week or a weekend road trip away from the grind is a gift that will wow Capricorn. And, because Capricorn works so hard they do like their pretty things. Cashmere is a favorite of Capricorn, and cinnamon and Earthy tones warm them right up!


Aquarius is the Fixed Air Sign ruled by the out of the box planet Uranus. So gifts that explore the quirky and unconventional side of Aquarius will surely grant some wishes. Aquarius is usually an intellect, and the written word goes very far with them. A book lovers package will be adored by the Aquarius who will be so flattered that you realize how smart they are. Your Aquarius has a unique side to them that not many see. A gift that celebrates their inner quirks or nerdy genius is what makes an Aquarius wishes come true. Turquoise or blue and anything that relates to the blue throat chakra for communication are also great gifts for Aquarius.


Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign and one of the most emotional zodiac signs of them all. But Pisces doesn’t show it the same way other Water Signs do. Pisces unloads their emotions creatively which is why so many of them are writers, dancers, artists, or musicians. Your Pisces has this side too even if they have a different kind of day job. A gift that gives Pisces another opportunity to use creativity as an outlet will go a long way. A new journal or new paint palette will certainly make some Pisces wishes come true. Pisces loves the arts, and so tickets to the ballet, a musical, or a rock concert are also big wishes coming true for Pisces.

And there you have it! Your wish list and holiday gift giving guide for all zodiac signs. You don’t have to break the bank to make wishes come true this holiday season. All you need to know to make your giftee exclaim “Wow!” over the holidays is right here. Did we miss any? Do you need more ideas of gift giving for your favorite zodiac sign? Let us know a little bit more about them in the comments and we will see how we can help you make their Christmas wishes come true! What is your sign and what is on your wish list this year?

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