Mastering Reiki: The Difference Between Reiki Levels

Whether or not you’re brand new to Reiki and energy healing, many people are unfamiliar with the different levels in Reiki mastery.

If you’re thinking about getting a Reiki healing treatment or perhaps you’d like to start learning to provide Reiki for others, you will need to know the 3 levels of Reiki mastery. While Reiki is something that anyone can learn regardless of health, intellect, background, or age, there are 3 stages of learning that a Reiki student must go through in order to understand the practice, adjust to the powerful Reiki energy, and learn how to use it to help others.

Many Reiki masters go through each level slowly, taking months or even years on each level so that they really feel ready to make a serious commitment to Reiki and feel confident in their own ability to help others.

When you become attuned to Reiki, many things start to change in your life. You become more sensitive to energy, more intuitive, and even more aware of the suffering of others. The reason being that your upper chakras (Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras) are opened and activated with the attunement, and these chakras enable those faculties.

Reiki Level 1

In level 1 of Reiki training, a person learns the basics of energy healing and how to use Reiki healing on themselves.

In level 1, the student’s palm chakras are activated as well as their Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. They learn to move energy down from their Crown chakra and out of the palms. They can influence the energy of others at this point, but they are not yet given training for more specific types of healing. Level 1 Reiki students are encouraged to practice Reiki on themselves typically for 30 minutes each day for the first month after the attunement.

They are able to offer hands-on and hands-off Reiki but are not trained in distance Reiki.

Because there are different lineages of Usui Reiki, some of the training will be different. Some teachers group level 1 and level 2 Reiki students together or offer a symbol to level 1 students.

The main components in a level one attunement which takes a few hours to complete is hands-on practice, a discussion of the lineage of Reiki and explanation of how to do Reiki. Many people like to know the line of succession of their master from the original person who found they had Reiki and decided to share it. Most practitioners recommend waiting at least 1-3 months before moving on to get certified in level 2.

A person who becomes attuned to Reiki will start to process their own dense emotions in the first 30 days. They will be able to heal on a deep level and get to know how the Reiki energy works to harmonize one’s own energy with universal healing energy. They will likely feel tingling or heat in their hands, and the more they practice, the more energy they can conduct or pass to others. They can be attuned more than once and this can strengthen their energy.

Reiki Level 2

A level 2 Reiki attunement allows the student to work with and channel stronger energy, and makes the student better able to assist with health concerns like healing wounds or pain. Level 2 Reiki students can remove blocks, protect someone from negative energies, and start to help them heal energetic blocks from past experiences.

At this level, a practitioner can send Reiki at a distance. There are four main symbols for this level of Reiki and one reserved for the master level.

A level 2 practitioner starts to move beyond time and space. They can send energy to the future as well as the past. They can help someone learn the lessons from the past or be calm in the future. They can charge up a chakra or remove an energetic block within the chakra system. They can help with addiction, chronic illness and boosting the immune system. They will likely have a more refined intuition and sense energy in a more knowledgeable way. They will have a more developed understanding of each chakra and how the energy system is influenced by emotional and physical health issues linked together.

Reiki Level 3/Reiki Master

Level 3 is usually referred to as the Master level of Reiki, but typically only Reiki Masters can train new Reiki students. Level 3 practitioners receive the Master symbol and get to practice hands-on healing. Keep in mind that the fees for level 3 Reiki training will be higher than the previous two levels to ensure students are serious about the practice; the energy in Reiki healing, although unseen, is very serious and is a huge responsibility and undertaking.

Once one is attuned with Reiki, they are attuned for life. They cannot lose their grasp on Reiki energy. And, the more attunements and practice they get, the stronger their energy becomes.

Reiki Master training is usually pursued by those who want to teach Reiki to others. One is considered a Reiki master when they can give all the attunements, know all the symbols, and have taught others. The path of a Reiki master is said to be one that brings peace with your past and faith in your future. It is said that someone on this path is in constant self-development and growth in order to understand healing and be able to offer it for others. They are deeply committed and feel called to uplift the energy on the planet by helping others.


Reiki mastery is a life-long journey for most people who set out upon this path, so do your research and ensure you know what you’re getting into.

If you are receiving a Reiki treatment, you can benefit from anyone who is attuned. However, a Reiki Master will have more knowledge of how energy moves and more experience with ‘running energy’ so they are likely going to be able to help you heal on a deeper level. A level 1 practitioner cannot cause any energetic disturbances in their client but a level 2 or master level practitioner are doing more in-depth work and must be very careful.

Before a person is attuned to Reiki, it is recommended that they refrain from consuming toxins, meat, caffeine, and alcohol. The body will be better equipped and more sensitive to energy if it’s cleansed and prepared beforehand. It is recommended that one spends time mentally preparing for their Reiki attunement so that they take it seriously and start to notice the subtle changes taking place in their own energy.

It is a life-changing experience when one becomes attuned to Reiki energy as you are connecting to the Universal consciousness, able to channel the healing energy of the Universe at a distance or without touching the patient.

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