What Era Do You Belong In, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

It’s the Year of the Pig right now, and on January 25th, 2020, we will be moving into the Year of the Rat. Each year brings new adventures, new challenges and new lessons, and this is something inescapable in the future as we move through the great school of life.

Checking out your Chinese Horoscope can also give you a little extra peek into the present. But what about the past?

Mankind has come a long way since the days of lighting fires in caves and hunting with sticks, and if you are a believer in reincarnation then you will know there are a lot of lives and lessons we’ve already been through. Still, some eras are better suited to us than others!

Have you ever wondered what era you belong in, based on your Chinese Zodiac sign? Read on to find out!

Rat: Industrial Revolution (1750 1900)

No era is better suited to the Rat than the Industrial Revolution, a time of massive social and economical development. This era was all about building and expansion, something the Rat is famous for. Intelligent, shrewd and quick-witted, the Rat epitomizes the very heart of the Revolution, which was about persistence, hard work and powers of analysis. Just as Rats are excellent at running their own businesses or managerial positions, the work ethic of this era would have suited them perfectly.

Ox: Iron Age (1200 230 BC)

The slow, steady and diligent characteristics of the Ox make them a perfect fit for the Iron Age. This was a time when people discovered how useful metals could be, turning them into powerful weapons. It was a time when people first began to write. Ox people are dependable and willing to take an innovative idea and craft it, for years on end if necessary. Their reliable and dedicated characters would have worked very well in the Iron Age.

Tiger: Medieval Era (476 – 1435 AD)

Look out – this was the era of wars such as the Crusades and Hundred Years War, famine and plagues! If any sign belongs in the Medieval Era, it is the Tiger who, with their adventurous and bold spirits, would have thrived during this chaotic period, which was filled with battles, knights and damsels in distress. Like the Tiger, it had its fair share of ups and downs and could be downright unbearable at times, but when it was good, it was striking!

Rabbit: The Renaissance (1350 1650)

Ah – refinery. Here is the ideal era for the Rabbit, a dignified, refined individual who would have enjoyed the pleasant learning, culture, science and arts that this period brought. Whether sipping tea with Leonardo Da Vinci or discussing the solar system with Galileo, the Rabbit would have been in their element among such civilized company.

Dragon: Ancient Rome (8th Century BC – 476 CE)

The might and power of Ancient Rome has great attraction for the Dragon. The Roman Empire was filled with wars, love, tragedy and dynamism, every bit as dramatic as the Dragon individual! It laid the foundation for western civilization and went through many political upheavals. With their powerful personalities and eccentricity, Dragons and Ancient Rome go hand in hand.

Snake: The Enlightenment (1650 1780)

The Age of Enlightenment brought intellect and much philosophical discussion and theories to the world. As a sign of wisdom, philosophy and grace, the Snake would have excelled in this era, appreciating the fine arts and lengthy discussions that led to greater civilization and understanding between all people. This was a time of questioning and analysis, something the Snake is famed for.

Horse: Roaring Twenties (1919 – 1929)

Like the free-spirited horse, the Roaring Twenties was a time of ‘out with the old and in with the new!’ It was time to say hello to new music and goodbye to strict behaviours and rules that had previously dominated. The Horse is someone who believes in individualism and being free above all else – they would have thrived in the Roaring Twenties!

Goat: Romantic Era (1790 1850)

What better era for the romantic Goat than the Romantic Era! This was a time when the most romantic poets, writers and artists of all time dominated the scene, spreading love and passion through their words. It was a spiritual era that explored the more spiritual aspects of mankind. The Goat, being a romantic, gentle and spiritual soul, would undoubtedly have been in their element.

Monkey: Age of Discovery (1400 CE – 1700 CE)

Tally-ho! Shiver-me-timbers! What better era for the curious and explorative Monkey than the Age of Discovery? This was a time when foreign travel became possible and new lands were on the horizon. Their innovation and insatiable curiosity would have rendered the Monkey in the perfect era, for there was so much to do and explore!

Rooster: Progressive Era (1890 – 1920)

The confident and enigmatic Rooster would have thrived in the Progressive Era. This was a time of political activism, including civil rights and votes for women. The Rooster is someone who will stand up for what they believe in and ensure their voice is heard; their vibrant and energetic personalities would have been well-suited to this important time of political upheaval.

Dog: Civil Rights Movement (1950 – 1960)

The loyal Dog will fight for a cause that is just and for the greater good of humanity. As such, they would have been perfect during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, which saw leading figures such as Martin Luther King help end segregation and bring greater equality between all people. The Dog is primarily motivated by truth and justice, which were the dominating themes during this crucial point in history.

Pig: Stone Age (50,000 – 3,000 BCE)

As one of the sweetest souls in the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig enjoys the simple things in life. This would have made them suited to the Stone Age, where mankind was just discovering the environment around them, how to build tools, how to light fires and how to survive. The Pig is someone who likes to focus on their immediate domestic surroundings and they would have excelled in the Stone Age era.


Thousands of years of history have helped shape who we are today and pave the way for our present-day world. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet discovered how to travel back in time, but this article should give you a little more insight as to which era in history you would have suited based on your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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