How the Year of the Pig Brings Luck to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

All hail the Pig year of 2019! This is the final year to complete the latest cycle of 12 years in the Chinese Zodiac before it begins once again in 2020 with the Year of the Rat.

The Pig in the Chinese Zodiac has one of the kindest souls and are often blessed with good fortune in life. The Pig is a friend to everyone with their open hearts and sense of empathy for their fellow man. Hence, Pig years tend to bestow similar Pig characteristics to the world when they arrive.

Of course, no year is perfect and every year has its ups and downs; but Pig years tend to have that extra special something that makes someone say, “Wow, I’ve been blessed!” This 2019 Year of the Pig is also an Earth year, which means that things of the ‘Earth’ usually bring good fortune. This could include fortune for those working in areas of the ‘Earth’ such as building work, clay or geology; it can also mean it’s time to stock up on foods of the ‘Earth’ such as root vegetables, nuts and seeds!

Another strong element this year is Water; but because Earth and Water clash, and Earth dominates Water this year, we may see a negative impact in regard to an increase of flooding or bursting pipes. This year may also prove particularly beneficial for the Pig itself and for closest friends of the Pig, the Rabbit, and the Goat. Meanwhile, the Pig’s archnemesis, the Snake, may experience a few disputes along the way.

Every year is different for each sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Let’s see how the Year of the Pig affects your Chinese Zodiac sign!


The Year of the Earth Pig bodes well for the Rat, especially in the realm of finances (always welcome news for the Rat!) There could be a promotion or expansion of some sort, but whatever it is, it is sure to keep the Rat busy. This is also a good year for the Rat to focus on some form of self-improvement. A new hobby or interest would be worthwhile taking up, particularly in relation to health and fitness.


This may be an interesting year for travel for the Ox as there is a lot of shift and movement for this sign in the Year of the Pig. This could be for travel or work reasons; there are also excellent opportunities to make money. One thing the hardworking Ox must remember to do, however, is to pay close attention to their health. When wrapped up in their work, Oxen can sometimes forget about health entirely, but this year they are urged to eat well and exercise whenever they can.


This will be an interesting year for the Tiger because it will mostly focus on their character and internal world. Career and finances look set to improve for the Tiger and they may have a tendency to splash out a bit. But this year will also herald some soul-searching and learning how to cooperate better with others.


This should be a great year for the Rabbit with some nice surprises around the corner. There may be some new friendships and connections forged (even romance, for those who have not yet paired off!) For the Rabbit, this year is about enjoying relationships with friends and family – keep an eye out for weddings, births and large family gatherings!


The Dragon may have had a challenging time in 2018’s Year of the Dog. In the Circle of Conflict, the Dragon and Dog stand on opposite sides of one another representing their extreme differences. The Year of the Pig should bring soothing to the Dragon, focusing mostly on recovery and re-assessment. This is also a good year of rest for the Dragon.


The Snake may experience a challenging time this year. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig has his most serious personality clash with the Snake. The Snake may have to use their powers of persuasion to see them through this year. There may also be change foisted upon them which they may resolutely resent. But Snakes should remember that, for good or ill, change often means growth of some kind and a deeper understanding of one’s self and the world around them.


This should be a relatively balanced year for the wild and carefree Horse. Horses are advised not to put all their eggs in one basket, but to keep their options open. There should be an unusual amount of stability for this sign, which in itself brings ample opportunity for them in the areas of career, finances and relationships.


Another sign that should experience great fortune this year! Being a close friend of the Pig, the Goat should reap all the benefits that the Rabbit will too. There may be some change and readjustment, but the Goat should find themselves basking in their own innate creativity and seeing multiple options available to them in this realm.


Being a close friend of the Snake, Monkeys may also experience a few challenges this year. There may be some misunderstandings in relationships or at work and some rollercoaster ups and downs. Monkeys are encouraged to exercise patience and understanding as much as possible, and to also recognize this year as an opportunity for growth and learning.


Roosters should pay particular attention to their health this year and work out a diet and exercise regime that works for them. There may be plenty of movement and energy abound, so Roosters need to take good care of themselves! Yoga and Meditation would be hugely beneficial to this sign as there may be so much happening – Roosters will need to slow themselves down so they don’t burn out!


The Dog may have experienced great fortune or a multitude of challenges last year, or most likely both, but this year brings a chance to recover and recuperate. The loyal Pig is a friend to the protective Dog and will do his best to ease and soothe him. Lots of positivity look set to come the Dog’s way later on in the year, but Dogs are encouraged to take things slowly for now.


This is the Pig’s year and Pigs should reap the benefits of their own energies. There may be challenges along the way, but such challenges will be very different from the challenges of other signs because ultimately they will lead to something very special for the Pig. The Pig has the chance to create great things for themselves this year and they are encouraged to seize the moment!

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