Flora & Astrology: How Flowers Work With the Stars

“Stop and smell the flowers!”

Has anyone ever said this to you? And what does this phrase even mean?

Urging someone to take time to appreciate the splendid aroma of these gorgeous creatures is often meant to suggest that they slow down and appreciate the moment. Flowers are so special a gift from the universe that their glory is hardly rivalled. An elegant feature of nature, flora blesses our lives with beauty, color, and sensuous bouquets of fragrance.

So, what do flowers have to do with astrology? Well, each sign in the zodiac is actually connected to a certain flower. The flora associated with your birth sign brings out the positive, strong energies of your sign, meaning surrounding yourself with your astrological flowers will increase your energy and balance your emotions.

Flowers for the Zodiac Signs:


Aries is associated with beautiful honeysuckles, who share Aries’ determination and aesthetic appeal. Similar to the magnetic presence and aroma of the honeysuckle, your energy is charismatic and hard to ignore. The honeysuckle is a determined little flower and, like Aries, it won’t be discouraged by minor setbacks.

Surround yourself with the scent and sights of honeysuckle to allow your Aries characteristic to bloom like wildflowers.


Taureans have a refined taste and enjoy great food, good company, and artful adventure. This sign correlates with the happy and grounded poppy flower. Like the refined Taurus, the poppy is an elegant flower that sprinkles the world around it with beauty; but this flower is also a powerhouse of emotional strength and urges this in Taureans. This flower will lift you up and show you how strong you are in the face of adversity.

The poppy will continually bring out the courage within you, Taurus, so plant a poppy seed in your garden and watch it grow, soaking in the helpful aura of your birth flower.


Geminis are thoughtful, almost always in their heads, and this can sometimes lead to worry or trouble making decisions. You need the energy of your birth flower, soothing lavender. Lavender is a pastel purple flower with a gorgeous aroma that encourages calm and peaceful sensations. The energy of the lavender bud sinks deep within the body, calming muscles and nerves and allowing the body and the mind to relax. This flower will give you the confidence to quickly and courageously make decisions and stick with them.

Try dabbing your wrists and temples with a drop of lavender oil when you need a mental boost and let lavender alleviate your concerns.


Your deep, intuitive energy is reflected by your birth flower, the acanthus. This gorgeous piece of nature is slightly sensitive but hides it behind its tall, strong appearance. Does this sound familiar? It’s OK to be vulnerable sometimes, Cancer, which acanthus will teach you. This flower needs the nurturing nature of the Cancer to flourish.

Try spreading the seed of the acanthus in your garden and allow its energy to plant itself within you.


Fun and bubbly, Leos are connected to the energy of the bright and happy sunflower. Just because Leos are typically the life of the party doesn’t mean that they don’t get blue sometimes. Everyone needs a little pick-me-up from time to time and the energy of the sunflower will heighten your senses and enliven your positivity. You don’t always have to be the life of the party, but this flower will help you release that energy when you want.

Try locating a field of sunflowers near you that you can frolic through, embracing their warm and happy energy.


Virgos are the workaholics of the zodiac, grounded, responsible and always on-the-move. You have to relax every once in a while Virgo, or you are bound to get burned out from time to time. To avoid burnout, surround yourself with your birth flower, the morning glory. Doesn’t that just sound relaxing? This flower provides clarity for the Virgo mind and encourages you to have a little fun.

Morning glories can be found in the wild, like the nature of the Virgo. They might be all around you, so open your eyes the next time you find yourself surrounded by nature, and you just might spot a field of these relaxing buds.


Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and this can certainly be observed in their personality. Your birth flower represents your affinity for all-things-aesthetically-pleasing- the rose. Roses are a romantic, gorgeous flower with an aroma that is divine. It is hard to ignore the magnetic presence of this ancient flower.

The rose will encourage you to see even more beauty in the world, softening your heart to the love around you. Grab yourself a dozen roses the next time you’re at the grocery store and place them around your home to soak in the beautiful energies of the rose.


Scorpios are deeply mysterious and represented by the chrysanthemum. This flower, like the Scorpio, can take a long time to reveal its beauty- one must possess patience in order to revel in its visual presence. This flower, with many layers, will encourage you to open up yourself, realizing that one of life’s biggest gifts is the ability to share yourself with others.

Try placing this flower in your home and watching it bloom to feel the blooming energies rise up in your own being.


Friendly and optimistic, Sagittarians are represented by the narcissus. Narcissus was a hunter in mythology who was known for his good looks, even by himself. You can sometimes use a boost of confidence, Sag, and this flower will remind you of why you deserve to display such confidence. It’s OK to recognize your own beauty, something you sometimes need to be reminded of, Sag.

Place narcissus next to your bedside and focus on its beauty, as well as your own, throughout the day.


Capricorns are grounded, earthy and stable. Your birth flower is the similarly grounded carnation, whose classic form is reminiscent of yours- a beauty that is formed from elegant simplicity. This flower represents your determination and strength, Capricorn, and will encourage you to keep on the path even when the roads get bumpy.

Fill your home with carnations and try to appreciate their simple yet fierce beauty.


As a creative, social being, your spirit is best represented by the eccentric orchid. This flower correlates with your intense uniqueness – no one else is quite like you, and no other flower is quite like the beautiful orchid. This flower will encourage you to let your freak flag fly, forgetting about any social norms that have been forced upon our culture. This flower lets you fully be yourself.

This is an excellent flower to introduce into your daily life by any means, whether it be through fashion, art or even the olfactory system – try an orchid perfume to enhance your individuality.


Watery Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, and your dreamy personality is associated with the equally ethereal water lily. This flower goes with the flow, resting lightly on the surface of its waters. Like Pisceans, the water lily is gentle yet incredibly strong- sometimes unaware of its own strength. Does this sound familiar? You are stronger than you know, Pisces, and the water lily will remind you of this.

Bring this flower into your creative expressions by painting its leaves or writing about its inherent beauty.


Flowers are so much more than just something pretty to look at or a nice fragrance. Flowers can help us tap into our hidden, astrological energies and bring out the best in us. They provide us with beauty, grace, aroma and bring out our genuine nature through their palpable, gentle energy. Do not overlook the simple yet mesmerizing qualities of one of nature’s greatest gifts. Do not forget to stop and smell the flowers!

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