This MAJOR Transit is About to Bring You Clarity

If you’ve been feeling like your mind is foggy and confused, get ready for a mental breakthrough because there’s an upcoming transit that will bring more clarity of thought than you might have imagined.

Mercury – the planet of communication, information, and intellect – is moving into Virgo, a sign over which this planet rules on July 28th, 2023. That means that Mercury, as Virgo’s planetary ruler, is extra comfy and cozy in this sign, and it feels more at home than it does in most other constellations.

Virgo is the most analytical of all the zodiac signs, meaning that this sign takes more time to comb through the details than any other. Mercury is also a natural thinker, but when in the sign of Virgo, Mercury takes on a hard-working, focused quality that makes it easier than ever to get things done in the right way.

During this transit, you’ll feel more willing to have hard conversations, look deeply into any subject that needs more clarification, and solve problems that may have previously seemed insurmountable.

You can expect quite a few things from Mercury in Virgo, including a focus on your finances, a willingness to work harder than ever for what you want, and an ability to see all those little details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

So, if this sounds like the transit you’ve been waiting for, keep reading to find out exactly what Mercury in Virgo means for you.

What is the Meaning of Mercury in Virgo?

Mercury is the planet in our galaxy that rules over how we converse with others, think, and extract information from certain situations. Mercury is the name of the Roman messenger god tasked with taking information from one location to another very quickly – meaning that this planet is concerned with the quick and efficient sharing of information.

This is a planet that also rules over two signs – both Gemini and Virgo – two signs known for their communication skills and abilities to pay attention to detail. And Mercury is exalted when it travels through either of these signs.

Virgo is both an Earth sign and a Mutable sign. Earth signs are grounded, practical, and rooted in the metaphorical soil of astrology. Yet, Mutable signs are flexible and adaptable to change.

That makes Virgo a sign that is both pragmatic and shifting, practical and open to changing environments.

Communication during Mercury in Virgo requires both understanding and commitment. But this is a transit that may help you learn how best to communicate your ideas and goals with others!

How Will Mercury in Virgo Affect You?

Organization, attention to detail, and a focus on self-care are on the menu, with Mercury in the sign of Virgo.

It’s not a time to judge and be hard on yourself, but rather a time to focus on your physical and emotional needs and figure out how to get those needs met.

One thing that might become more important to you than ever is a sense of organization–when your sacred space feels organized and cleansed, it’s much easier to focus on your needs that exist outside of basic housekeeping. For instance, if your kitchen is clean, you’ll have more time to dissect your thoughts and feelings.

You may feel the need to try to maintain a sense of perfection, but you’ll need to let that go as soon as you can.

While Virgo is a perfectionistic sign, what’s even more important now is learning to live with and accept those moments of imperfection – both from yourself and those around you.

  • Relaxation is Essential

You may be filled with a desire to work hard and make everything feel as organized as possible – seeking that feeling of gratitude and appreciation when a job is performed just right. But one thing that might not come naturally right now is relaxation. You may much prefer a sense of hard work to a feeling of calm and comfort.

But relaxation is absolutely essential right now. If you don’t allow your body the time it needs to recuperate from hard work, you might find yourself running out of energy more and more frequently.

Take time and make the space for relaxation right now – your mind and your body will thank you.

  • You’ll Feel More Critical

While Virgo is a sign with plenty of positive traits, it also possesses a few more negative traits, such as criticism. When Mercury is in Virgo, you may feel more critical of both yourself and others, making it more difficult to appreciate things.

Try to remind yourself to infuse your thoughts and words with kindness and compassion, whether they are directed toward yourself or others.

If you can learn to be easy on yourself and those around you, this transit will pass by with much more smooth and pleasant energy.

While you may seem to notice your own flaws or the flaws of others more easily, try to find a way to keep those thoughts to yourself until this transit has passed.

How to Use Mercury in Virgo Energy

While you might think of this extra sense of criticism as a bad thing, practical, logical thinking can take you far during this transit. Your communication might be on fire right now, especially given that this transit applies to and affects everyone on the planet – even more so for those born with Mercury in Virgo.

The fact is, we’ll all be a bit better at efficient communication during this time, making it easier to share our thoughts and ideas and watch as they are received with understanding and enthusiasm.

1. Make Big Plans

You might find yourself at the receiving end of many big, exciting ideas right now, and your only job is to make sure that you pay attention to them. If you receive a flash of brilliant insight, don’t ignore it or assume your idea won’t take hold, but rather embrace it and make big plans to ensure that your big ideas have a chance to take shape.

Even if you’re not sure how to execute a certain idea, make plans to make that stroke of brilliance happen in the real world—plan on watching the Universe unfold and turn your dreams into a reality.

Make plans for what you’ll do as soon as that dream comes true – and believe, with all your heart, that it will.

2. Be Direct

Communication is turned all the way up during this transit, and it’s important that you take advantage of this willingness to be open, honest, and direct. If you hide your thoughts and feelings inside right now, you might find yourself feeling frustrated or lost later.

Yet, one thing to remember is that Virgo is not a naturally vulnerable sign. You might feel like sharing your thoughts and ideas while also feeling like you’re being held back. Don’t allow that sense of suppression to force your mouth closed.

Remember compassion and kindness, but be sure to share those things that are on your mind right now.

3. Avoid Codes

During other Mercury transits, we may feel like shrouding our sentiments in sugar and mystery – but this tactic can be disappointing while Mercury is in Virgo. In fact, it’s important that you try to maintain a sense of honesty at all times, or you may find yourself both restricted and overwhelmed in conversations.

Don’t try to sugarcoat things now or avoid what you might consider stern language. Instead, try to be as open and as compassionate as you can be in any situation. It’s much better to be more honest than sweet right now.

4. Avoid Overanalyzing

When Mercury is in Virgo, you might feel like you need to think about something for hours, days, even weeks before making a decision – but all that analysis can actually make your decisions feel even harder or impossible to make. Yes, thinking things through before taking action can be a great thing, but right now, you need to focus on following your instincts.

That’s right, your intuition is just as strong as ever during this transit, so don’t ignore it! If you feel something deeply and suddenly to be true, try to follow that feeling and see where it leads you.

Overanalyzing right now might mean never making the decision.

What will truly help you shine right now is allowing your head and heart to focus on love. Forget about what “makes sense.” Stop worrying about whether you’re doing “what is right” and start thinking about what feels right to you.

Your intuition is your best friend in most situations, so don’t let it get smothered by Mercurial, Virgoan analysis – let your heart guide the way!

5. Appreciate the Small Things

While we may think of Virgo as a sign that overanalyzes the small things, it’s important to recognize that Virgo helps us appreciate those small things so much more than we might usually appreciate them.

And when Mercury is in Virgo, this goes double for our communication and interactions.

You might start noticing that certain friends or family seem to go out of their way to speak to you in a manner that you enjoy, or you might see how hard someone else is trying to understand your point of view.

Embrace this willingness to try from others and express your gratitude!

Get Excited for Mercury’s Movements!

This might not be known as the most exciting or romantic of the transits, but the clarity of communication that Mercury in Virgo brings can actually spark passion and understanding in relationships, as the increased focus helps us narrow our own.

Take this as an opportunity to deepen your bonds through open and effective communication. Take advantage of your ability to focus on the details and see things from a practical point of view.

It’s time to do a little happy dance and get excited for Mercury in Virgo! This is a transit that can bring you closer to both your loved ones and your goals, especially if you know how to work with its energy.

What would deeper clarity and more effective communication bring to your life?

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