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Love energy shifts as Venus moves into Virgo on October 8th, 2023! This sign rules the details, so Venus in Virgo can be a time to pay closer attention to your loved ones and your relationships, noticing the little things and seeing their true value.

With Venus in Virgo, it’s time to get to work in love.

This allows you to notice the details you might otherwise overlook and have gratitude for the small ways the people you love have a positive impact on your life.

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What Does Venus in Virgo Mean?

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, craving connection, and is highly sensual.

Virgo is an Earth sign, and the Earth signs are practical, disciplined, hard-working, and focused. The Earth signs focus on reality and have little patience for anything that isn’t tangible.

The natural ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, the planet of the mind. Add the Earth energy to the mental energy of Mercury, and this shows Virgo’s affinity for details. It’s able to hold its attention long enough to see them and know just what to do with them.

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Venus in Virgo in the Natal Chart

If Venus was in Virgo when you were born, you have Venus in Virgo in your birth chart. As a Venus in Virgo native, you’re someone who naturally pays attention to all of the little details with the people in your life.

For you, this can be the way you show affection for your loved ones, and you can cherish someone who is this way with you. You want someone who knows you well enough to know all of the little idiosyncrasies you have.

The Venus In Virgo Man

The Venus in Virgo man can be a bit shy at first and takes some time to warm up. Once he does, he can be surprisingly warm and passionate. They can do little things to show they care and would like the same in return.

Stress can really throw them off, so try to give them adequate time to work that out and take care of the things that they don’t like to ease their stress.

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The Venus In Virgo Woman

The Venus in Virgo woman wants to take her time in love and relationships. She wants someone who is interesting enough to stimulate her mind but also respects her enough to not push too much or too fast.

Pickiness can be a bit of a problem at times, and they can have a list they want others to meet, as well as themselves. Someone who can help them accept the imperfect can be just what they need.

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Venus in Virgo Compatibility

Fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are the best when it comes to compatibility for Venus in Virgo.

This trio can understand the need for practicality in relationships, and Taurus can help ground some of the frenetic Virgo energy while Capricorn helps pick up responsibilities to take some of the stress off of Virgo’s shoulders.

Scorpio can also be good with Virgo since this sign is more serious and can bring out some of the emotions in Virgo. Scorpio can be interesting with its passionate ventures and research, and this can get Virgo’s attention.

A surprisingly good match can also be Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, just like Virgo, so even though their base energy can be pretty different, there is a mental affinity between them.

Venus in Virgo Love Astrology Horoscopes

Now that you’re informed let’s get to the Venus in Virgo love astrology horoscopes! Read the lovescopes for the zodiac signs below.


The little things in your relationships can become more obvious to you with Venus in Virgo, Aries. The purpose of this is to help you determine how you can make your connections better, so you need to be clear about that.

The downside is it can contribute to you being a relationship perfectionist, demanding too much of yourself or someone in your life, and you need to take it easy. Don’t stress out about flaws so much.

Twin Flame connections may focus on the little details, and unions may happen in small ways that are almost unnoticeable.


You may want more love and affection while Venus is in Virgo, Taurus. You may crave more attention and praise from those you love, and this can help you grow closer, but can also create clinginess.

If you’re feeling insecure in love, try looking inward to figure out why. Creative projects and time spent on hobbies can help as outlets.

Twin Flame connections may focus on romance and affection, and union may happen dramatically.


Emotional connections can be more important with Venus in Virgo, Gemini. You may be extra emotional, though, so try to have healthy outlets for that. Otherwise, you may lash out at others.

If you’re feeling emotional about something, you may want to dissect why that is. It may have nothing to do with what it seems like it does on the surface.

Twin Flame connections may focus on emotional understanding, and union may happen when you’re comfortable or need comfort.


Communications get extra attention while Venus is in Virgo, Cancer. You may have a lot you want to get off of your chest with others, but you may also not think things through before you say them and get your foot stuck in your mouth.

This can lead to miscommunications, misunderstandings, and outright fights, so avoid that by thinking first. Have some patience.

Twin Flame connections may focus on open communication, and union may happen when nearby (or you may have a few misses first).


You may need to work on improving stability and security in your relationships with Venus in Virgo, Leo. Some connections may feel bored and stuck and need a big push to achieve security, while others may feel erratic and chaotic and need a concerted effort to achieve stability.

Try to avoid letting frustrations take over and lashing out. Ground yourself and enjoy the physical connection.

Twin Flame connections may focus on reliability, and union may happen when you’re grounded.


Venus is in your sign, Virgo, and this is traditionally a time when you enjoy getting and giving more love and attention and spending more time with people you care about. That can still be true, but you may find you’re also dealing with extra problems that are frustrating.

You may want to lean on those you trust for help instead of forcing yourself to go it alone. It’s okay to ask for help.

Twin Flame connections may focus on having a solid sense of the relationship itself, and union may happen when you’re secure in putting yourself out there.


You may shy away from spending too much time with others while Venus is in Virgo, Libra. Other people may drain you, and you may have difficulty saying no to helping them, even when you really should.

A lack of boundaries can become apparent during this transit, and you may need to work on prioritizing yourself more. If there’s something that’s eating away at you, it’s okay to address it.

Twin Flame connections may focus on what you can do more for each other, and union may happen quietly and secretly.


You may crave change in your relationships with Venus in Virgo, Scorpio. It may be frustrating if you can’t make the changes that you want or if you experience changes, but they’re not the way you want them to be.

You likely need to avoid any drastic changes for now and work on small, minor changes. This can keep love from being chaotic.

Twin Flame connections may focus on ways you can push each other to be true to yourselves, and union may happen when you’re pushing for your dreams.


You may feel the weight of responsibilities in your relationships and partnerships with Venus in Virgo, Sagittarius. You’re not normally one who enjoys being tied down or weighed down, so this may cause you to be extra frustrated and may want to run.

Try to keep yourself calm and focused, and work within the limitations you have. There may be something that needs to be addressed in a connection with someone, and that can help lessen some of the burdens on you.

Twin Flame connections may focus on furthering commitment, and union may happen when you’re on your way up.


You may feel that space is the antidote to the issues in your relationships while Venus is in Virgo, Capricorn. This can make you feel better temporarily, but the problem persists no matter how far you get from it.

You likely need to face it head-on and instead find space in small ways and quiet moments. You may want to prioritize having more fun with loved ones for quick improvements.

Twin Flame connections may focus on having new experiences together, and union may happen when you’re open to adventure.


You may crave closeness with loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Aquarius. This can be a good time to strengthen emotional bonds and intimacy, but you may also be prone to being uncharacteristically clingy or needy.

If you find you’re doing that, try to dig underneath to figure out why. You may need to address an old issue that you’ve hidden way down deep and has been impacting your relationships for a long time, but you just didn’t realize it.

Twin Flame connections may focus on intimacy and loyalty, and union may happen through transformation.


The people in your life can get extra attention while Venus is in Virgo, Pisces. They may need more help, and you can be willing to give it to them.

The problem comes if you ignore yourself completely and then start to become out of balance. This can throw you off, so make sure you’re also taking care of yourself, and try not to get sucked into dramatic situations with chaotic people.

Twin Flame connections may focus on respect and interdependence, and union may happen when balanced.

Pay Attention With Venus in Virgo

Venus is in Virgo for less than four weeks, moving out of this sign on September 29th. It may be challenging at times, thanks to Mercury, but it can expose some important issues and bring to light what we’ve been missing.

Use the eye for detail to pay attention and come up with solutions. Work with others and try to be understanding.

Appreciate the little things, and let that add up to big improvements!

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