Where is Leo in Your Birth Chart?

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With the Sun touring Leo and Leo Season in full swing on July 22nd, we’re about to feel a little more creative, romantic, and fun-loving.

You don’t have to be a Leo to have this energy in your life, though—we all have Leo somewhere in our natal charts, and that gets the Leo energy that we’re going through now.

All About the Leo Zodiac Sign

As the sign of love, Leo connects to the heart and rules joy. This sign wants to have fun and not focus on the serious at all. Fun only!

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and comes after emotional Cancer, which makes Leo want to lighten up, but before hard-working Virgo, so Leo is the break before we get to work.

Leo is a Fire sign, giving it energy and enthusiasm, and a Fixed sign, which helps it to focus that energy. This is what helps make Leo the sign of creativity.

Leo’s natural ruling planet is the Sun, which makes it a sign that wants to shine bright and show its true self. It can also be more comfortable with attention and craves praise.

Further, Leo is represented by the Lion, proud and powerful and strong, meaning Leo themselves can be proud, powerful, and strong folk. Sometimes that can be a downfall, though, and pride can get in the way if it’s not controlled.

What is the Impact of Leo Season?

As the Sun tours Leo, we experience Leo season, which lasts for about a month at a time and is experienced every year from mid-July to mid-August.

During Leo season, we’re focused on joy and love. This is a time to reconnect to our hearts and our loved ones and to rejoice in the great aspects of being alive.

We want time away from work, study, and duty to enjoy ourselves. We can hunker down and be practical in the next season, but for now, it’s time to play.

When the Sun is moving through Leo, this touches every Leo part of your birth chart. The Sun will line up with them at some point while in Leo, and this can set the energy off and bring out your inner Lion.

Leo in the Birth Chart: Planets

If you have any planets in your natal chart in Leo, this is the first place you’ll usually find Leo energy is expressed for you.

Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign in Leo

Having your Sun or Moon in Leo is usually the strongest energy for Leo. With the Sun being the natural ruler for Leo, you have the Sun in a strong position in Leo, and you can have a strong personality and be highly creative. You may get a lot of attention from others for your personality or for what you create.

Having your Moon in Leo can show you’re someone who expresses yourself emotionally like a Lion, so you’re likely very positive, fun-loving, and need a certain amount of play to be emotionally secure. When you do get emotional, you may become theatrical about it and need to control that.

Is your Ascendant sign in Leo? Well, then, your outward personality feels even more LEO.

You are most likely confident yet on the dramatic side, but your leadership skills shine here as well. The standards you set for yourself are extremely high, yet you take pride in your self-confidence, and it shows!

Mercury in Leo

Having Mercury in Leo means you’re a Lion in your communications and overall expression. You can have a way with words, enjoy stories, and may be easy to get along with.

You may struggle with focusing on serious matters, though, and you may worry at times about what people think about your ideas and opinions too much, so you have to work on developing more confidence.

Venus in Leo

Having Venus in Leo means you’re a Lion in your relationships and dealings with others. You may need attention from those you care about and can go big in romance.

You can be extra affectionate in love and surprisingly loyal, but also sometimes needy, so a solid sense of self is needed to avoid that.

Mars in Leo

Having Mars in Leo means you’re a Lion with your energy and drive. You can be strong and powerful when you’re taking initiative and being active, and you can really make big strides when you devote yourself.

You may put too much stock in what other people want you to do, though, so you have to work on relying on what you want for yourself.

Jupiter in Leo

Having Jupiter in Leo means you’re a Lion when it comes to expanding your life and having new experiences. You can pursue opportunities with a positive approach and enthusiasm and may seem refreshing to others.

You can be super creative and have a zest for life, and this can be infectious. Just watch out for letting your ego get a little too big.

Saturn in Leo

Having Saturn in Leo means you may struggle with accessing your inner Lion. Saturn shows areas where we have lessons to learn before we can use the energy, so you may have important lessons to learn about creativity, praise, confidence, attention, or being yourself.

Once you move through your Saturn lessons, you can be strong, confident, secure in who you are, and comfortable with the attention you get from others. You can have a strong belief in yourself.

Uranus in Leo

Having Uranus in Leo means you’re a Lion when it comes to change. You can take a positive approach to the changes you make in life and may get attention for what you do, especially when it has a wider impact.

Your true self may be highly unconventional, and you can embrace your quirks.

Neptune in Leo

The last time Neptune was in Leo was 1915-1928, so if you’re still kicking, congrats on making it this far! You’re a Lion spiritually, so you’re intuitively creative and inspired, charismatic, and quietly get attention for what you do.

Neptune won’t come to Leo again until 2078, so we’ve got over 50 years before those kids are born (our great-grandkids?).

Pluto in Leo

The last time Pluto was in Leo was 1937-1958 (it’ll be another 160 years before it is again), so those of you with Pluto in Leo can be powerful Lions. You can have incredible strength and courage, and your personality can be formidable.

Chiron in Leo

Having Chiron in Leo means you’re a Lion when it comes to healing your wounds. There may be old wounds and issues around getting attention or praise, you may worry a lot about other people’s opinions, and you may struggle with showing your true self.

Healing for you may involve developing more confidence in who you are, knowing who you really are, and finding creative ways of expressing yourself.

Leo in the Birth Chart: Houses

Even if you have no planets falling in Leo, you still have Leo somewhere in your natal houses. There are 12 houses in astrology, and each connects with different parts of your life and personality, and this is where you’ll find Leo.

Some of you may find you have two houses that fall in Leo; some of you may find that none do (in that case, Leo is in the house that falls in Cancer, but the energy may be more subconscious).

Leo in the 1st House

If your 1st house is in Leo, that means you’re a Leo Rising, and this is how you come across. You can seem like a Lion, and you’re very upbeat, friendly, and funny, and people can enjoy being around you and have a good time.

You may be quite fond of hair, and yours may be distinctive or known in some way (that Lion’s mane!).

Leo in the 2nd House

If your 2nd house is in Leo, you can be quite generous with your money and resources. You may love giving gifts and may splurge quite a bit, so you may need to work on having better control.

Money may be tied to your confidence, though, so you may need to work on unlinking them.

Leo in the 3rd House

If your 3rd house is in Leo, you can be theatrical in your communications and the way you express yourself. You may be kind of loud at times (and have an impressive roar!).

You can be incredibly creative with your ideas and plans and might be a writer or speaker. You may also be a skilled teacher, especially for young children.

Leo in the 4th House

If your 4th house is in Leo, you can be a Lion at home and with family and might be the ma/patriarch. You can lead your family or those you think of as family and might be the head of the household (whether you are financially or not).

You can be super protective of those you view as family and of your home and will defend them staunchly and passionately.

Leo in the 5th House

If your 5th house is in Leo, you can be the Lion in love, and you can greatly enjoy dating, romance, and big grand displays of love and affection. You may be a predator in love and can pounce when you find someone you’re really interested in.

You can also be a powerful defender of those you love, especially your children (if/when you have any).

Leo in the 6th House

If your 6th house is in Leo, you can be the Lion with your work, and you may need a job where you can get attention for what you do, where you’re praised a lot, or where you can be super creative. Without those, you may not care much for work.

You may be powerful in your daily life and can feel strong when you’re organized, detailed, and have the little things under control.

Leo in the 7th House

If your 7th house is in Leo, the Lion comes out in relationships, and you can be very loving, affectionate, loyal, and protective. You also attract Leo-like people to you, so you may be drawn to people who get a lot of attention (even fame), who are highly creative, or who have really big personalities.

You can shine in your relationships, and you may feel like you’re truly expressing yourself fully when you have a partner.

Leo in the 8th House

If your 8th house is in Leo, you may undergo a major transformation or many small ones throughout your life with your personality or the way you showcase yourself. You may be someone who encounters a lot of adversity, but you have a strength that can’t be stopped.

You can be super generous with whatever you have and may leave a legacy to your children.

Leo in the 9th House

If your 9th house is in Leo, you may be quite theatrical when you’re speaking about something you’re passionate about and believe in, and you can come up with big ideas for progress.

You may shine when you’re traveling, having new experiences, and taking in new knowledge.

Leo in the 10th House

If your 10th house is in Leo, you can get attention for your successes, and you may focus on creative goals that get you some recognition. Your public persona may be friendly, funny, and light.

This is probably the most common position for celebrities, so whatever you do, you may get a lot of eyeballs!

Leo in the 11th House

If your 11th house is in Leo, you can befriend many Leo-like people. You may enjoy the company of friends who make you laugh, have big personalities, and get a lot of attention.

You can also be a big dreamer, and your dreams for the future may involve creative pursuits. You may showcase your true self in an unconventional way as well, and there may be something about you that is just different and sticks out.

Leo in the 12th House

If your 12th house is in Leo, you can be most comfortable showcasing your inner Lion behind the scenes, in the background, without getting any attention for it. You may not be very comfortable showing who you really are publicly and only do so when you get to know someone really well.

You can be incredibly loyal and a strong defender, so you can be the powerful person behind the powerful person (you’re the King Maker).

Embrace your Leo, Wherever it Is!

Leo is fun energy that we should enjoy, so wherever you find Leo energy in your birth chart, embrace it. Let yourself shine, and show your true self.

If you’re a Leo, make sure to read your horoscope, and for all, you can use the free astrology calendar to know when Leo Season starts and ends.

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