The 12 Houses of Astrology: Understanding the Divine Wheel

The 12 houses of astrology have long been a subject of fascination for many people. The tradition of the wheel of life or fortune is present across all cultures, and almost all forms of astrology have their take on this.

But what are the 12 houses of astrology, and what can they offer you? It’s time to find out!

Simply put, the astrological houses are the 12 equal sections in a wheel that signifies an area of existence.

Each house covers a particular area of life while influenced by their assigned zodiac signs. While all of them have specific coverages, the planets determine how much influence they exert.

Thus, it is necessary to fully comprehend the 12 houses before going deeper into astrological planets.

In this article, you’ll be learning more about:

  • The order of the 12 houses
  • The zodiac sign that rules the houses
  • The best healing crystals for each of these houses!

The 12 Houses of Astrology, Their Zodiac Signs, & Healing Crystals

1st House

Ruler: Aries

Located at the lower left side of the astrological wheel, this house concerns itself about the value of giving good “firsts.” This includes first impressions, work experiences, relationships, and beginnings in general.

Valiantly, the god of war’s influence emphasizes how being decisive and confident can make your first steps go a long way.

Healing Crystal Companion: Carnelian

This healing crystal excels at balancing one’s inner drive and creative energy. Instead of carelessly leaping forward, carnelian can help you to take a step back without vanquishing your inner drive to move forward.

2nd House

Ruler: Taurus

The 2nd house rules over the sensualities and pleasures of life. It presides over everything that can cause stimulus or sensation. Often, these are worldly or physical experiences.

However, this house isn’t just all about things that make life pretty. It is also about wealth and finance, precisely the very things that keep our lives in this modern world bearable yet challenging.

Healing Crystal Companion: Rose quartz

Being the healing crystal for love and romance, rose quartz will certainly help you distinguish true love from lust. Furthermore, it can help decide the value you give to your financial life.

3rd House

Ruler: Gemini

Ruled by the sign of communication, this house governs all human interactions. How you convey your emotions and express yourself is under the jurisdiction of the third house.

Additionally, it also governs your early childhood interactions within your family and community. Your family, teachers, and even travels are part of this all, and this house defines the extent of their influence over you.

Healing Crystal Companion: Turquoise

As a healing crystal, turquoise aids in proper communication. It helps you withhold the wrong words in favor of the right ones. Thus, miscommunication is less likely to happen with this crystal around.

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4th House

Ruler: Cancer

Located at the southern part of the astrological wheel, the 4th house presides over the things that act as our identity’s foundations. Of course, this is none other than your family life, the first thing that you witnessed as a child.

Along with this is the concern, compassion, and security that you’ve experienced with your family. Eventually, how these molded, you will define your methods of expression to the world.

Healing Crystal Companion: Moonstone

Resonating with your inner energies, Moonstone can help channel Cancer’s true power. Stitching the gaps between childhood and adulthood, this mystical crystal is a certain fit for the 4th house!

5th House

Ruler: Leo

As expected of the house ruled by the flashiest zodiac, the 5th house shapes how you present yourself to the world daily. Being dramatic, an attention-grabber, yet also creative is definitely under its jurisdiction!

How you live out your love life is also a 5th house thing. Are you fun and flirty, or do you want to take things slowly and do romance the traditional way? It will be up to this astrological house!

Healing Crystal Companion: Citrine

Powered by the sun, this healing crystal can help bring out Leo’s pure energy. With it, your personality will become more radiant and vibrant as you charm your way through!

6th House

Ruler: Virgo

Health concerns are something that the 6th house is all about. Wellness in all its forms will be this house’s primary concern. Thus, you better hope that it will turn out to be in your favor.

Another thing that the 6th house is all about is how one can be of service to others. Being selfless and kind is something that can help boost your wellbeing, as well as others!

Healing Crystal Companion: Amazonite

As a healing crystal, amazonite helps with balance and self-expression. Since health and social service both require these qualities, this healing crystal can truly bring out the Virgo in you!

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7th House

Ruler: Libra

Like the scales that represent its ruler, the 7th house aims to maintain the balance between relationships. Maintaining harmony is crucial regardless of how these relationships are formed.

Making fair contracts is also this house’s primary concern. It believes that no one must take advantage of another and that dealings should be considered with everybody’s interests.

Healing Crystal Companion: Pink tourmaline

Since most of us carry some sort of inner insecurities and anxieties, pink tourmaline can help channel those negativities. With its power to bring clarity and protection, this crystal can help create better dealings and relationships.

8th House

Ruler: Scorpio

Being mysterious and open about taboos is a trait that this house cultivates. After all, change and transformation are what keeps this earth going, so we might as well live for it!

Another area that the 8th house is concerned about involves properties, especially those that are inherited. The intrigue behind all these definitely keeps this astrological house on its toes!

Healing Crystal Companion: Ruby

Scorpio is a sign that’s powered by emotions. And often, these areas of life are motivated by one’s emotional drive. As such, ruby can be of use as it provides proper motivation and inner empowerment.

9th House

Ruler: Sagittarius

Being ruled by a zodiac sign that is chaotic in all aspects makes this house all the more exciting. On the one hand, the 9th house is highly intellectual and interested in gaining knowledge and life experiences.

However, this house will also define how you see luck and your overall risk appetite. To make things even more exciting, it can even dictate your moral compass!

Healing Crystal Companion: Crystal quartz

Known to bring clarity, this healing crystal can lead to better decision-making skills and knowledge acquisition. As such, it helps bolster your 9th house together with Sagittarius’ philosophical prowess.

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10th House

Ruler: Capricorn

Located at the astrological chart’s highest point, the 10th house will influence how you will consolidate power. Being famous, along with achieving the things that you’ve always wanted, will be its primary concern.

Additionally, the cusp of the 10th house’s border (also known as the midheaven) speaks about your career in the future. Think of this house as your north star towards achieving greatness!

Healing Crystal Companion: Jade

Jade is known to bring balance and stability. With the help of this healing crystal, dealing with your career and quest for power will remain within the bounds of morality.

11th House

Ruler: Aquarius

All things that are hip and funky make this house feel alive. From technology to just causes, how you interact with all of these and how they define you in the long-run concerns the 11th house.

Being impulsive and original is also something that the house will be too eager to imbue people. The never-ending progress is sure to keep this house busy!

Healing Crystal Companion: Gem Silica

This healing crystal is known to bring peace and prosperity, both of which are within the goal of Aquarius. Thus, your long-term actions will be guided to help the greater good!

12th House

Ruler: Pisces

As the house that closes the wheel, the 12th house is all about ending things with a good note. From something as emotional and challenging as a death to a simple goodbye, all these are the house’s concerns.

It will also define how you become a productive member of society and how society will also treat you back. This house will also get your creative side to run wild!

Healing Crystal Companion: Amethyst

Fitting the higher self, amethyst allows you to pursue spiritual guidance. Thus, when seeking self-actualization, this crystal fits perfectly with your pursuit of the transcendental self.

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