August 2022 Tarotscopes

In August, we experience the best of both worlds — practical energy mixed with a bit of that summer warmth and spontaneity.

For most of the month, Mercury — the planet of communication and thought — will be in practical, problem-solving Virgo after the 4th. This allows us to take advantage of the sparks of Leo season, putting our big dreams into tangible plans and having real conversations.

And in late August, Virgo season itself will pick things up from the 22nd, followed by Mercury moving into the balancing sign of Libra.

Deep breaths — it’s a lot to take in! Thankfully, we can use the Tarot to collect advice and insight in a different way and keep these astrological insights in mind as we review what the cards have to say.

We’ll be getting one card from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana each for your zodiac sign!

Read all about the major & minor transits happening this August with our free Astrology Calendar!

Time for Your August 2022 Tarot Predictions


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) & Queen of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aries, this month is about passing the baton and loosening your grip.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed points to possible resistance to trusting the Universe’s rhythms. This month is about realigning yourself with the plans and ideas that are really meant for you, which may mean letting go of the ones you currently have in place.

Plus, the Queen of Pentacles reversed affirms that it’s important not to get too stuck on tangible abundance and your stake in these things during this time.

Remember Aries: a little bit of trust goes a long way.


The Chariot & 5 of Cups

Taurus is moving forward boldly and beautifully this week, despite some emotional troubles.

The Chariot indicates that your goals and aspirations are well on their way to coming to fruition soon. This is a solid month for continuing to work hard and pursue your dreams, and it’s also a good sign for those that are trying to get some action in the spotlight or a leadership position.

But the 5 of Cups hints that you may suffer some “grass is always greener” lines of thinking now and then. Your path to success may not look like everyone else’s, and it sometimes causes you to wonder if your slow and steady attitude actually does win the race.

Spoiler alert: it does! Just keep it moving, Taurus.

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The World & 8 of Cups

This is a big month for Gemini!

The World is always a major sight to take in — you’re on the brink of completing old paths and, therefore, stepping into new ones (as the saying goes: when one door closes, another opens).

A sense of fulfillment should come with this usually, but the 8 of Cups hints it may feel heavier than usual. Although you know intuitively what to move away from and the things you might have to cut out, that doesn’t change the natural discomfort that comes with the growing pains.

So be kind to yourself in this time of growth and transformation, Gemini.


The Empress & Knight of Wands

Cancer is creating, doing, and initiating — the whole shebang!

The Empress and the Knight of Wands are both great indicators of productivity and getting things done. The Empress, in particular, notes your creative vision and practical foresight, but the Knight of Wands commends your drive and motivation that fuels the operation.

In other words, August is your month to get done what you want to get done. Some of these ventures may be short-term, but others will be long-term investments, so make sure to choose wisely.

Of course, the sensible crab tends to know what exactly belongs under its shell, so we’re not too concerned!

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The Devil & King of Wands (Reversed)

Leo wrestled with The Devil last month, only this time it’s reared its head once more in the upright position for August.

As much as you’ve tried to shake off old habits and burdens of before, it may feel like your past is still always coming back to haunt you. Remember that habits and routines do take time to break, and it’s okay if you struggle with this from time to time.

The King of Wands reversed hints that Leos may be getting frustrated with this energy overall, though. You have so much energy to give and many desires and dreams, but it seems like it’s always devoted to an undesirable source.

Take deep breaths and remember that progress isn’t always made overnight. This month is an opportunity to set up new habits for good.

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The Lovers (Reversed) & 4 of Swords

Virgo is going into hibernation mode this month.

With The Lovers reversed, you may be just about done with everyone’s business and problems and drama this month. You’re not interested in playing mediator, investing your time in other people’s issues, or playing problem-solver right now.

The 4 of Swords shows us what you are interested in, which is rest. And this isn’t just a simple nap but a full-blown pause on many of your current ambitions as you rejuvenate and recuperate the energy you’ve been spending (very generously) lately.

It’s your time to shine, Virgo…, or actually, more like a step away from the spotlight.


The Hermit (Reversed) & 6 of Cups

Libra, you’re quite caught up in your own mind and feelings this month.

The “nostalgia card” is on the table for you (the 6 of Cups), indicating that your heart may be a little lost in the past. You may feel more prone to reminiscing and even receiving dreams that remind you of times of old.

While there’s nothing wrong with a little trip down memory lane, The Hermit reversed warns against getting stuck there. The mind and the heart are important parts of who you are, but there’s life to live outside of contemplating within them.

So, make sure that when you do choose to take that trip, it’s a good one — and not a permanent stay.

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The Hierophant & 3 of Swords (Reversed)

For even independent lone wolf Scorpio, this month may involve relying on others.

That is — The Hierophant indicates that the solutions to your problems may rely on traditional ways of operating, including seeking help from teachers and skilled professionals that know what they’re doing.

The 3 of Swords reversed indicates that you’re trying to heal and make progress within your heart space this month, but it’s evident that this may not just be about a lone journey. It may involve seeking second opinions and maybe even getting spiritual guidance elsewhere.

Although it’s tempting to want to have all the answers for yourself, there’s no shame in asking for help, Scorpio.


The Star (Reversed) & 7 of Swords

It’s a tricky month for Sagittarius.

The Star reversed places a bit of a block on your healing processes and desire for new beginnings, which of course, we could always use from time to time.

Why may this be? Well, the 7 of Swords indicates that you may be surrounded by — or even tempted to partake in — some less than savory actions and energies.

Just remember: Asking for the easy ways out, cheating, and telling “little white lies” to get ahead may feel tempting in the moment, but it prevents long-term progress.


The Hanged Man (Reversed) & King of Swords

Capricorn is no longer interested in just sitting around. This month is about taking things into your own hands.

The wise goat is familiar with The Hanged Man’s energy, often finding themselves in periods of reflective pause so that they can plan properly for the times ahead. Reversed, though, you may not need this exact energy in August.

Instead, the King of Swords indicates that you’re more focused on asserting yourself, creating boundaries, perhaps stepping into some leadership positions, and being open to being a beacon of insight and wisdom for others.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility… but it’s nothing that you can’t handle.


The Tower & Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Aquarius is making changes… but it shouldn’t be at any cost.

You’re trying to go with the flow of change, as you should. The Tower is difficult but beautifully transformative energy, and when we allow it to rid our lives of the stagnant or misaligned energy that exists, we’re left with a much cleaner slate.

However, the Knight of Swords reversed warns against rushing through these changes. You can’t push yourself through growing pains. Not all aspects of the transformative experience can be circumvented, even with open arms.

Time is a potent medicine that will help you get through these tumultuous times. Keep your head up, Aquarius!


Temperance & King of Pentacles

Patience is the key for you this month, Pisces.

Temperance and the King of Pentacles are both slow, soft, and steady in their own respective ways. Temperance accommodates the spiritual and intuitive aspect of this, whereas the King of Pentacles reigns over the material and physical with a cautious and gentle touch.

Your month is occupied by this energy for August, and you may find it comes with a softness and a slowness that, at times, may feel stagnant or uncomfortable.

But rest assured, leaning into this energy should be healing and rejuvenating and even provide long-term benefits down the line.

The key is not to rush the boons that these cards have to offer; just enjoy everything as it comes.

Get the Full Picture: Cards, Stars, & More

Now that you have your monthly Tarotscope under your belt, you may feel ready to take on the month of August with full speed.

Or, maybe you’re finding yourself still aching for just a bit more.

Thankfully, the Universe has no shortage of resources and insight, so whether it’s a 3-card Tarot reading or your Daily Horoscope, there’s room to expand your view of what else is to come.

Either way, the fullest perspective you’ll ever receive is the one that comes with time. Come back to your Tarotscope throughout the month of August to see how messages resonate later amidst the heat of the month!

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