Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords


When the Knight of Swords Tarot card appears in your Tarot reading, know that someone is rushing into your life or your situation without really thinking things through. There could be a bit of a double-edged nature to this sword. You are being told one thing when something else is going on. Some manipulations could be at play here, someone is acting in this situation with no thought to how their actions affect others. Sword energy is very quick. Thus, this appears to come out of the blue on the reckless side.

Use your head to overcome the Knight of Swords and wield the power of truth when he arrives. You can conquer this one if you are thinking clearly.


When the Knight of Swords Tarot card arrives, events happen quickly, and they may feel like you are not in control. Swords represent Air signs, and this card is often representing Gemini.

This Knight is about to deliver a message, and it may be an uncomfortable one. It may also be a confusing one. The Knight of Swords rushes in with events without thinking, and his sword is often double edged. Using your head over your heart in this situation will help you cut to the chase and see the realities of the situation.

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