New Moon

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When the Moon appears as just a sliver in the sky, this is called a New Moon. Earth’s Moon is always in motion. It spends approximately 28 days traveling through each zodiac sign, meaning that we have a new New Moon every month. It carries a certain amount of light, depending on where it is in relation to the Sun on any given day.

During a New Moon, that amount of light is minimal which is the complete opposite of the Full Moon which sits on the opposite end of the Moon phases. It is often barely visible to the human eye as the lunar dish is completely hidden.

The New Moon period of every month is an opportunity for new beginnings. During every New Moon period, focus on the new beginnings that you want to manifest in your life over the next 28 days. After the Moon “disappears” for a few days during this New Moon period, it acts almost as a lunar rebirth, giving it great significance in many cultures.

Lots of people will use the New Moon for cleansing their divination tools, performing rituals, writing out intentions, and letting go of negative energy.

Manifesting during this time is incredibly powerful, as it ties directly to the new beginnings that the New Moon brings. It is important to look at what sign the New Moon is in to make the most of your intentions and use the Moon’s magic to create your best life.

Learn how to manifest with the New Moon.

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