Use This Checklist for Next Week’s New Moon

There is a sense of excitement and the feeling of a fresh start when we encounter a New Moon, and today we’re here to talk about the upcoming New Moon, which will be taking place in the intellectual, social sign of Libra.

That’s right. On September 25th, 2022, we’ll experience all of the balance, diplomacy, and harmony that Libra brings – and it’s time to plant the seeds of the future!

The New Moon is an excellent time to manifest the future you want, and the Universe is perked up and ready to hear your wishes and begin making them come true.

About the New Moon in Libra

As a Cardinal sign, Libra kicks off a new season, brings new beginnings, and encourages possibility.

When we start new goals and make our wishes known on the New Moon, we can sometimes see results as quickly as 2 ½ weeks when the Moon is once again Full and overflowing with promise.

In fact, the New Moon is one of the most important astrological transits for manifesting and going for your goals, no matter how small or big they are.

This particular transit also signals a new six-month cycle of manifestation and goal setting, making this the perfect time to sit down and create a list of goals or even a vision board to get you started.

With so many challenges we’ve experienced this year, you’ll be pleased to know that a New Moon in Libra ushers in a sense of much-needed relaxation and harmony.

Are you ready to learn how to make the most of this glorious New Moon in Libra and begin attracting your best life? Then take a look at our checklist for the harmonious, loveable New Moon in Libra.

Key Themes with New Moon in Libra

This is a time of embracing change, which will, in turn, create more balance and harmony in your life. Remember, while change and transformation are often uncomfortable or difficult, it is necessary to clear out old or stale energy that is no longer serving you and lifting your vibrations.

Breaking old patterns is a key step to moving toward the future that you want and deserve.

Prepare yourself for:

  • Breaking patterns.
  • Embracing change.
  • Confronting uncomfortable truths.
  • Working on your meaningful relationships.
  • Relaxing into the transformative energy.

Libra is a diplomatic sign that focuses on compromise and negotiation, creating more balance and compassion in our relationships.

This New Moon’s most noteworthy themes are balance and harmony, romance and connection, honest communication, increased cognitive abilities, and new beginnings! If these sound like areas of your life that you’re eager to work on, it’s time to get excited and work your wishes accordingly!

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What this New Moon Means for You

It doesn’t matter what your Sun sign is. You’ll be able to feel the balance and change flowing into your life during this New Moon. Each New Moon cycle lasts for five days, from 48 hours prior to 48 hours after the New Moon occurs.

That means you have nearly a full week to embrace this energy and make it work for you.

As Libra is an Air sign, you can also expect a fresh, new outlook and a shift in your perception of the world around you. Air is the element associated with intellect and the head rather than the heart, so it may become easier for you to find creative solutions to past problems.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

As such, you may feel more drawn to deep connections and open communication with your loved ones. This is also a good time to evaluate certain relationships to determine whether they are still serving you.

Your intelligence will soar during this New Moon cycle, but your head may begin to take over, making it harder for you to connect to your emotions. While Libra is a social sign that adores friendships and connections, it can be difficult for this sign to embrace their feelings.

There are excellent ways to release any emotions that you may not sense on a physical level, such as writing. Since Libra is a wise and witty sign, you might enjoy journaling about your experiences or emotions rather than talking about them right now.

The inherent darkness associated with the New Moon also represents the heavy moods that often accompany a New Moon. Internal darkness is possible right now, so finding an outlet for these moods is crucial.

Fortunately, Libra is a sign that seeks the truth – and facing uncomfortable or hidden emotions will feel a bit easier because you’ll be better able to detach yourself from these feelings.

Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected Most?

Libras and fellow Air signs – Gemini and Aquarius – are likely to feel this energy most intensely because it’s occurring in their natural ruling element. Additionally, other Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn – will deeply pick up on the themes and emotions of this transit.

While these signs may experience the New Moon in Libra more profoundly, each and every sign under the Sun can benefit from and embrace this period of change, confronting truths and manifesting your ideal future.

Your Checklist for the New Moon in Loveable Libra

This New Moon changes the game this year and begins an entirely new cycle of transformation. Are you ready to take this energy? To truly get the most from this transit, follow our handy checklist for the New Moon in loveable Libra.

1. Spruce Things Up a Bit

As Venus is the planet of love and beauty, you may feel drawn toward beautiful, artful things – especially when it comes to your physical appearance.

This may be a good time to purchase a few staple pieces for your autumn wardrobe or to donate some of the clothes that have been taking up space in the back of your closet. Maybe it’s time for a new haircut or color, or simply to treat yourself to a manicure!

While your true beauty is on the inside, expressing yourself through your personal style is a great way to boost your confidence and help you feel more creative.

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2. Think Big With Love

Because Libra is an Air sign, it’s all about thinking and stretching your intellectual limbs. However, Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, brings romantic, sensual energy to the forefront. Further, Libra is associated with the Justice card in the Tarot – a card that can represent balance and justice within relationships.

Compassion and flattery will get you everywhere when the New Moon falls in Libra. And while you may not be feeling overly emotional, this is an important time to share your affection, admiration, and appreciation with loved ones – especially a romantic partner.

This can be an excellent time to add some fresh and exciting energy into your relationships. Think big in love!

3. Even Out Your Lifeboat

Sometimes in life, we inadvertently end up spending too much energy on one facet of our lives, leaving our metaphorical ship feeling lop-sided. A ship without balance can be dangerous in the ocean, just as a life without balance can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted or burnt out.

Use this time to explore the areas of your life and determine which portions could use more balance or attention. Maybe your relationships need some extra consideration, or perhaps your home could use some organization and redecoration.

Sit down and make a list of the areas that you feel need more recognition, paying special attention to the first thing that you write down. If something immediately comes to mind, your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that it’s a very important issue.

This is also a great time to tend to any legal matters, as Libra is associated with justice, partnerships, impartiality, and balance. Tending to legal matters during this New Moon will ensure a just and fair result.

4. Lead with Optimism & Let Creativity Soar

Libra is a graceful, composed sign that signals a transition from the worry and stress of Virgo season into more balanced energy. The creativity associated with Libra energy also encourages positive, passionate projects that allow you to express yourself more than ever.

When we release our emotions through creative endeavors, we can’t help but feel more lighthearted and uplifted. This is not a time to look for problems but to seek creative solutions and outlets for your energy.

5. Don’t Stick Your Foot in Your Mouth

The increased cognition and mental sharpness that comes with a New Moon in Libra will help you feel smarter than ever – and it may even convince you that you’re smarter than everyone around you.

It’s important to remain humble and avoid becoming arrogant with our words or intentions. Think before you speak during this New Moon to avoid sticking your foot in your mouth or creating conflict.

6. Enjoy the Journey

Libra is quite a relaxed and peaceful sign, and while you may be facing transitions and change right now, it’s important that you try to enjoy the journey rather than obsess about the destination.

Stop and smell the metaphorical roses right now. Life goes by faster than we may realize, and this energy helps you slow down and revel in the ride.

7. Look for Opportunities to Make Peace

Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice, and compromise is a strong theme that accompanies this sign and its transits.

A heightened ability to communicate also makes it easier than ever to talk to friends, colleagues, and loved ones about something that’s been bothering you – or to offer an olive branch to someone you’ve been experiencing conflict with.

Being fair, kind, and compassionate are critical during the New Moon in Libra – and it’s also important on your karmic path. So, try to let go of any grudges you’ve been holding onto and smooth out any drama you may have with others. Compromise is key right now.

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8. Find Inspiration Through Artistic Expression

Engaging your senses through art and beauty is a wonderful practice right now, as Libra helps you appreciate the beauty of the world more fully. Besides redecorating or infusing your home with art, you can also spend time with other mediums, like music and beautiful movies, that bring you joy.

Our world is full of gorgeous, breathtaking art, which you can acknowledge and enjoy more than ever during this transit.

Create something new. Listen to your favorite album and dance around the living room. Watch a movie whose beauty brings you to tears of admiration. Nearly any art form will lift your vibrations right now.

9. Find Time to Treat Yourself & Your Surroundings

New Moons not only affect our emotions, but they influence our bodies as well, making this an excellent time to create more balance within your glorious vessel.

This New Moon may be asking you to detox or try including more items into your diet that promote health and positive energy. You may feel the urge to find a new workout routine or move your body in new, exciting ways.

Libra energy can be indulgent thanks to its ruling planet, Venus, so it’s important to moderate yourself right now. Limit the amount of alcohol, sugar, or fatty foods in your diet during this New Moon cycle, and try to focus on foods and movements that help you feel healthier and more energized.

This is also the time to pay attention to your surroundings and infuse them with optimism and harmonious energy. Cleanse your crystals and redistribute them throughout your home or on your altar. Smudge some sage or Palo Santo within your sacred space to clear negative energy and make space for positivity.

Even a new rug or a piece of furniture can change the energy of your space and help you feel more at home. While you don’t want to let yourself obsess about the appearance of things, Libra does love beauty and being surrounded by it.

What Will You Manifest with the New Moon in Libra?

While every New Moon ushers in transition and changes that lead to positive outcomes, this New Moon in Libra is particularly powerful for releasing old patterns and manifesting the life, you’ve always wanted.

So, get ready to let the energy of this Libra New Moon wash over you and help you step into the life you’ve dreamed of – full of beauty, romance, intelligence, and creativity!

This New Moon could signal the beginning of a new phase of your life that brings you more peace, harmony, and love than ever before.

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