When the Justice Tarot card appears in a reading, the message is that things will go your way. This could be a decision in a legal matter, an outcome of a specific situation, or it could even refer to a relationship. When this card appears in a relationship situation, know that your partner is considering taking a legal step with you in love. This often means your partner thinks you are marriage material or that they have weighed the odds and chosen you in the end. Legal matters go your way when you see this card.


Justice is a card that displays a person on a throne surrounded by the pillars of justice. This is another pillar card of the Tarot. Justice also represents Libra, a Cardinal Air sign about harmony and balance and just doing the right thing. When you see this card in a reading, there may be two possible outcomes in this situation. It often involves a legal matter or a legal decision you need to weigh over and make. It could also simply represent paperwork or information you will need to use to make a decision or on a decision about to be made for you. And the decision is usually in your favor. This card represents harmony and good grace like the zodiac sign Libra, and one that says the decision is likely going to go your way.

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