Which New Moon Ritual You Should Do, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The New Moon occurs once a month and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is an excellent time to set your intentions for the upcoming month and let go of the energies that were built during the last cycle! 

The reason that a New Moon ritual is so important is that it helps you set and solidify your intentions with more intensity, putting a surge of power behind your goals and dreams and empowering your manifestations.

But, like the unique energy that each New Moon brings, no two people are alike—and the rituals that work best for one person may not be perfectly suited for another.

In astrology, each sign is unique and reacts positively to different stimuli. Accordingly, each zodiac sign appreciates and responds to different methods of lunar rituals.

Your New Moon Ritual, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


As a Fire sign, you feel things passionately and often act on impulse. Because you aren’t exactly known for your patience, you may prefer a New Moon ritual that is swift yet effective.

Try something simple, like writing down the things you want to let go of from the past month, as well as the things you want to manifest in the upcoming month, on a piece of paper. You can bury this paper under the moonlight or even burn it (safely).


Taurus is an Earth sign that is deeply connected with Mother Nature, and your New Moon ritual should reflect that connection.

Put on some comfortable clothes, take your journal and a candle outside, and bury your feet in the soil. Feel the connection to the Earth and the Moon as you contemplate your goals and reflect on what you’ve learned.


Geminis are thoughtful and airy, thinking of many things at once. Your goal for this New Moon ritual is to really focus on one thought at a time.

Situate yourself either outside or in your favorite sacred space, and try to meditate on the things you want to achieve in the upcoming month. If you feel your mind begin to wander, simply let the thought pass and bring your focus back to your center.


Cancers are emotional and intuitive, going with the flow like the Water that rules their sign. You tend to focus on the needs of others, so for this New Moon ritual, you’re going to pamper yourself.

Run a warm bubble bath and slice some cucumbers for your tired eyes because your goal is to sink into the illuminated embrace of the Moon. Try infusing your bath with the healing properties of moonstone to amplify the lunar energy.


Leos are bubbly and warm, and your New Moon ritual should reflect the excitement you feel towards life. Try inviting some friends over for a bonfire and a drum circle, embracing the shifting energy of the New Moon and the feeling of new beginnings.

Take turns sharing your insights about the past lunar month and your goals for the future. Bringing your energies together can amplify your intention and heighten your experience.


Virgos are a hard-working Earth sign with near-perfect attention to detail. You certainly don’t mind getting your hands dirty, but you aren’t as comfortable with sitting still.

Let the refreshing energy of the New Moon’s clean slate help you start over and learn to find the balance between work and play. Your New Moon ritual might even involve actual play, like dancing outside or trying to remember how to do a cartwheel. Whatever you do, have a little fun with it.


Libras are an Air sign that loves to be surrounded by beauty. This New Moon, break out your favorite candles, your prettiest crystals, and your best-smelling incense.

No matter where you are, make it a beautiful space to be in and soak up the lunar energy. Light your candles, use incense to clear any negative energy, and bring your most colorful pens to write your New Moon list.


Scorpios are a mysterious Water sign with a connection to the deeper things in life. The New Moon is a perfect time to explore your heaviest thoughts and release them. Find a comfortable space, grab your journal, and start writing.

Release any heavy energy and thoughts from your system that may have accumulated over the past month, and prepare yourself for a lighter state of being.


Optimistic and fiery, Sagittarians are always planning for the future, and this is a great time to write those plans down and really think them over. You might begin by meditating on what you want for your future and follow it up by writing it all down.

Place the list under your pillow or under the black Moon for the night and revisit your goals in the morning to seal your intention.


Capricorns are Earthy and reserved; you deserve to let your spark ignite every once in a while. Surround yourself with illuminated candles during the New Moon to remind yourself of your internal fire. Feel the warmth of the glow and let it penetrate your entire being.

Contemplate your goals for the upcoming month and what you want for yourself, and focus your goals in the light of the flame. Extinguish the flame when you’re finished.


Aquarius is ruled by Air, and this sign has many innovative ideas. The New Moon marks new beginnings and fresh ideas, so this is a great time to play with your inventions.

Break out your notebook of notions and write down any idea that comes to mind, including your dreams and desires. Don’t forget to include group efforts, as you thrive in team environments. The lunar energy may bring a fresh perspective.


Pisceans are dreamy. Ruled by Water, Pisceans are creative and intuitive. The New Moon is the best time to turn your dreams into a reality, taking goals and ideas and contemplating ways to make them happen.

Get creative during this New Moon and focus on your goals in whatever way helps you visualize them best. Try painting a picture or writing a poem about your ideal life and leave the rest up to the Moon.

Your Own New Moon Cleansing Ritual

No matter what you do to celebrate the energy of the New Moon, make the ritual your own. Your connection to the Moon is unique and individual, just like you are. You can try a new ritual for each month or stick with one that really speaks to you.

It doesn’t matter how or where you perform your New Moon ritual as long as it brings you closer to the beauty of the lunar cycle!

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