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Ready for a monthly update on all the cosmic goodies in store for you? First, take a briefing on the significant Moon events of the month: a New Moon in Aquarius on the 10th and a Full Moon in Virgo on the 24th.

However, that’s not the only Aquarius energy you’ll want to look out for. Mars (planet of ambition, war, and drive) will enter Aquarius on the 13th, and Venus, planet of love and beauty, will also enter Aquarius on the 16th.

This light, Airy, and idealistic energy can help us connect with our real worldly ambitions and desires and remind us of our own eccentricities and most unique qualities.

Of course, this powerful energy will manifest differently for every person. That’s why we’ve checked in with the Tarot (with one Major Arcana and one Minor Arcana each) to see what it’ll look like for you based on your zodiac sign!

Your February 2024 Tarotscope


Judgement & 2 of Swords

Aries, this month is one of major decisions and choices.

While the 2 of Swords speaks of a looming need for a choice, it creates a mental fog that can be difficult to cut through. Self-doubt and second-guessing seem to pop up more frequently than usual.

However, Judgement assures you that you have the necessary information and perspective to draw important conclusions about your life, your path, and the people around you.

What fate will you choose? This month, it’s up to you to call the shots.


Death & 9 of Wands

Taurus received Death reversed last month, manifesting in some sluggishness and resistance in moving forward.

However, this time, the card is right side up. You’re ready to move toward true personal transformation and show the world who you are.

At the same time, the 9 of Wands indicates some reservations — you still feel that it’s important to pull back from major decision-making and focus instead on observing how each change manifests around you first.

Any method that is true to you is fine… as long as you do gradually move toward progress.


The Hierophant & 9 of Swords (Reversed)

Gemini, you have a whole lot of resources to pull from this month.

The Hierophant points to a stronghold in traditional systems of knowledge and order. It’s not always the most fun, exciting energy to receive, but there is a lot of value (even if not glamor and glitz) in hearing out the voices of the more experienced in your community.

The 9 of Swords reversed hints that doing this may ease a lot of your anxieties of the moment. You don’t have to have all the answers by yourself — you can seek out wisdom and expertise that’s already existed forever.

Whether from a trusted mentor or even through a deck of cards, the Tarot encourages you to seek a wise voice to soothe your spirits this month.


The Lovers (Reversed) & 8 of Cups

Cancer isn’t feeling the love this month… so it’s time to move elsewhere.

With The Lovers reversed you may feel disconnected from your current relationships and underwhelmed by the state of your intuition, connection with divinity, and even your relationship with yourself.

As such, the 8 of Cups encourages you to leave the familiar behind in pursuit of something more intuitively aligned with your heart.

This isn’t always easy, but trust that what looks good on paper isn’t always what truly resonates with you at a soul level.


Wheel of Fortune & 5 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Leo is feeling optimistic and refuses to succumb to any sort of victim mentality.

Although the 5 of Pentacles points to some losses and frustrations in your material progress and goals, the reversal of this card — coupled with the bright and trusting energy of the Wheel of Fortune — tells another story.

Indeed, you may not be exactly where you envisioned yourself to be in your career or in how you’re experiencing abundance (or the lack thereof). However, you aren’t letting it get you down.

This month is about trusting the process — your process and your unending ability to bounce back.


The World & 9 of Pentacles

Virgo, everything is finally coming full circle.

This is a powerful month for enjoying the fruits of your labor, especially with the 9 of Pentacles up your sleeve. Many of your efforts are finally coming to fruition, and the rewards are here, ripe for your enjoyment.

The World explains that this energy isn’t simply a passing bit of luck but the true culmination of long-term efforts and authentic inner alignment with the work and intentions you’ve put out into the Universe.

Enjoy, Virgo! After this, the journey begins anew yet again… onto the next.


Justice (Reversed) & Page of Swords

Libra may not know what the right choices are per se, but that doesn’t stop you from bluffing your way through!

It sounds funny, but it’s true — Justice reversed points to a warped sense of balance and perhaps even a warped sense of reality. However, the Page of Swords indicates that youthful, confident, outgoing, and communicative energy is still in the cards for you.

You don’t have all the answers, but you can still ask good questions and make connections with others.

Don’t try to act like you have it all together, but don’t lose confidence in your ability to eventually discover the truth, either.


The Hanged Man & King of Cups

Scorpio, this is a powerful month for spiritual progress and discovery.

The Hanged Man notes that this isn’t really a month of jumping into action but withdrawing enough so that you can regain a clear perspective of what’s truly happening around you.

The King of Cups hints that this can be accomplished through your keen emotional intellect and accessing the depths of your intuition.

Your progress may not seem obvious to an outsider, but rest assured, Scorpio is busy this month… just in the underworld of everything that exists.


The Hermit (Reversed) & 3 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Sagittarius doesn’t want to dwell in solitude, but it’s not always easy cooperating with others right now.

The Hermit reversed points to discomfort with your own thoughts and inner expertise. When you’re alone, you may be more prone to overthinking things rather than drawing any sort of meaningful conclusions.

At the same time, the 3 of Pentacles reversed describe the difficulty in collaborating with others. They’re not connecting with the core of your ideas and may be prone to dismissing your knowledge just as much.

In times like these, a journal, some meditation, and, of course, patience are helpful remedies.


Temperance (Reversed) & 10 of Swords (Reversed)

Capricorn, are you ready to move forward?

The 10 of Swords reversed spotlights your struggle with moving on from uncomfortable thoughts and difficult past experiences, although you’re definitely still trying to make strides toward the future.

With Temperance reversed you may not quite feel like yourself just yet. The spiritual meaning and intuitive insight about what this all means still feels elusive, and the road to healing is still rocky.

Although the cards hold space for the hard parts, it’s important to remember that you’re still on track for bigger and better things. Look forward, Capricorn.


The Sun (Reversed) & Page of Pentacles

Aquarius, it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but that’s okay.

The Sun reversed illuminates how you may feel uneasy about what makes you… you. You’re not sure what your true path or purpose is meant to be, and you’re still questioning how you fit into the larger collective right now.

However, the Page of Pentacles assures you that you can still make tangible progress one day at a time. This month is a solid one for honing your hobbies and skills, making career progress, and approaching life with a practical curiosity.

You may not know everything yet, but you also don’t need to! Take this month one task at a time.


The Chariot & 4 of Cups (Reversed)

Pisces is in the full swing of action now, aiming for the stars.

The Chariot forecasts this month as predominantly successful for Pisceans, who pursue their dreams wholeheartedly and devotedly. If you put your mind to it, you can do it.

This is probably because the 4 of Cups reversed points out how you’re just bored of… being bored. You don’t want to just sit around and think about things — you want to do them.

Kudos to you for taking charge of your own life, Pisces. Now, what will you choose to accomplish?

What Does Your Tarotscope Really Mean?

Some may wonder if their Tarotscope is a predestined fortune or more like a flexible set of suggestions.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Week-to-week or even daily, our lives can change and morph unexpectedly.

And we have free will to make new choices, but we won’t be able to change everything about the path that we walk upon. (After all, not everything can be in our control).

Essentially, it’s important to understand that your Tarotscope can illuminate the path, but you have the power to choose how you want to walk upon it.

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