Your February 2022 Tarotscopes

​February is a big month in astro-weather, starting off with a bang in the form of a New Moon in Aquarius on the 1st of the month.

It’s also the Chinese New Year! Plus, on the 3rd of February, Mercury retrograde will come to a close, bringing us Capricorn’s productive and earthy energy in direct motion and full swing.

Safe to say: this energy is a hard one to miss.

It can all be a bit overwhelming, but luckily, you have multiple tools at your disposal to figure out the game plan for such a busy month. While you’re busy marking up the major astrological transits for the month, make sure to take note of your Tarotscope as well!

That’s right: we’re using the Tarot to link up the powers of astrology and divination to look ahead at your month. We’ve pulled one card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana to see what’s up for your zodiac sign!

Your February Tarot Picks


The Hermit & Knight of Wands

You’re taking what you’ve learned and running with it, brave ram.

Last month, Aries also received The Hermit in an upright position just like this, pointing to the fact that January was a month of deep contemplation and self-reflection for you, even wrestling with things that were more difficult and uncomfortable.

However, this time, you seem to be taking action with the knowledge you’ve gained and putting it into practice. The Knight of Wands brings back your inner spark, fire, and passion and points to you potentially investing more time into your concrete goals and passion projects of choice.

It’s time to own what you’ve learned in January, Aries. The fire is already within you, ready to roar.


The Fool & 10 of Wands

With every ending comes a new beginning.

This month, Taurus friends release heavy burdens (or are forced to) and tread fresh slates. The 10 of Wands indicates that this month is one where things may really start to stack up; it’s going to be hard to ignore the responsibilities, emotional baggage, and loose ends that you may still have.

Thus, The Fool advises gently that you start fresh. Let go of the need to know everything, to hold onto everything. The steady bull may resist change, but now is a time where it’s more than necessary.

And if you do, you may be rewarded with a few new opportunities and open doors.


The Hierophant (Reversed) & King of Wands

No more playing by the rules for unpredictable Gemini this February.

The Hierophant is all rules and structure. We seek its knowledge when we want the traditional stuff — the tried and true solutions.

But you, Gemini, seem to be growing really tired of repeating the same routines, seeing the same things, and listening to the same people — so naturally, you’re flipping this energy upside-down. And instead, you’re stepping into the fiery, passionate King of Wands leadership role you know you’re capable of handling.

It’s hard work being a trailblazer, but you’re likely the best fit for the job. Take the reigns whenever you’re ready!

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The Sun & 7 of Wands (Reversed)

Cautious Cancer will be deviating from January’s spontaneous flair and leaning back into creature comforts for February.

The Sun is all about joy at a plain and simple level. But specifically, you’re making it your own, cultivating it from the joy that you would get from a happy and healthy inner child, for instance — focusing on you, and what makes your heart sing, Cancer.

This may mean cutting back on your energy expenditure. The 7 of Wands reversed points to you being prone to over-exerting yourself and notes that instead, this month, you shouldn’t be doing more than what’s necessary to be happy and healthy.

Sounds simple enough, right? Compassionate Cancer often has an ear for others; you’ll just need to make sure your eyes are only on you instead.


Strength & 8 of Wands

You’re in the zone this month, Leo.

Fun fact: Strength is your card in the Tarot, and it represents you in all your self-confident, compassionate, brave goodness. Take it showing up here as a good omen that you’re stepping into your own skin comfortably this month, being your best self.

Plus, the 8 of Wands points to fast-paced, fiery emotion and communication. This month may go by fast if you’re not paying attention, and there’s a lot that can be completed with this kind of momentum.

Get ready, set, go, Leo — this month, you’re truly off to the races.


The Hanged Man & 5 of Pentacles

With setbacks abound, down-to-earth Virgo is definitely most equipped to save the day.

The 5 of Pentacles points to losses and difficulties, whether due to your own mistakes or someone else’s error. The losses are tangible, although they don’t always have to literally involve money; this could also be your time, energy, effort, space, and resources as a whole.

You’ll be pulling back to pause and reflect on this with The Hanged Man’s energy. Virgos will be taking time to cut back on some of the energy you expend in unnecessary areas and devoting yourself to some “me” time that’s very much focused within the headspace.

You’re capable of pulling together a solution and finding a way out, Virgo! Just trust that the biggest resources you need are within.


Justice & Knight of Pentacles

With Justice on your side, Libra, you’re ready to roll.

This card is actually the card that represents you yourself, Libra. There’s a sense of restoration, balance, and the scales tipping into your favor this February because of this. You may feel more in control than you have been previously.

Additionally, the Knight of Pentacles clarifies that this is likely to occur in grounded, day-to-day steps rather than overnight. This has been a result of hard work, fruits that were planted already coming to harvest. You’re reaping benefits and planting new paths simultaneously.

With a slow and steady pace, Libras are ready to own February with a fair, balanced, and grounded approach.


The Tower & Ace of Wands (Reversed)

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows… although Scorpio tends to know this.

The Tower and the Ace of Wands reversed both indicate that things aren’t going to plan this month, to put it a bit lightly. The Ace of Wands reversed is both you losing your motivation and spark, as well as some goals falling to the wayside before you could even pursue them.

The Tower cleans the slate and removes the dead weight from your life, sometimes coming in the form of rude awakenings and uncomfortable confrontations. However, there’s one thing that you can thank for it: change.

You’re well familiar with change and transformation, Scorpio. Ride the wave out instead of resisting the new.

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The Moon & 3 of Wands (Reversed)

Life is about to get a lot less… clear.

The 3 of Wands reversed points to delays in your life in multiple areas, but especially in those big, bold plans and ideas you’ve been tossing around. That’s not to say that they won’t happen, but it’s unlikely to pan out this month in particular.

You’re instead focused on the less tangible and more focused on reworking the internal again, Sagittarius. The Moon is all about the unknown — the spiritual, the unconscious, the untapped potential that you have yet to realize. And it’s difficult to tread its waters, but it seems necessary for you.

You’ve always been an adventurer at heart, Sagittarius. It’s just time to make a venture that’s less physical in nature.


The Devil & 6 of Cups

You’re treading familiar paths this month, Capricorn.

The Devil is actually your card — Capricorn’s assigned card — and not because you’re scary! It speaks to the tethers and responsibilities that hold you down, the murkier things that sometimes people prefer to avoid (but Capricorns are equipped to examine).

Coupled with the nostalgic 6 of Cups, you’re deep-diving into the past this February. You may be approached by old flames on an extreme level, or in minor instances, simply finding yourself in daydreams of old memories that you thought were once long gone.

The key is not to get stuck in the old but to use each encounter with the past as a stepping stone towards the future. What could you learn with fresh eyes?


The Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) & Page of Cups

You’re taking matters into your own hands, Aquarius.

It may feel like the world is crumbling to pieces sometimes this February. With the Wheel of Fortune reversed, everything seems… out of sync. Your communication with peers your connection to the wider communities around you — everyone and everyone seems to be a little “off” this month.

However, with the Page of Cups, one thing you can control is your own creative and spiritual pursuits. This energy is soft and sweet and shows you cultivating your own creative hobbies with a gentle lightheartedness.

It’s okay to seek solitude and take a breather every now and then, Aquarius.

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Temperance (Reversed) & Ace of Pentacles

Doors are opening, and Pisces is ready to walk through.

The Ace of Pentacles is, at best, you being receptive to these new opportunities and tangible possibilities for growth. These are likely to be tangible in nature, like offers from others (money, a job, travel, or smaller goodies).

With Temperance reversed, you only need to be cautious that you’re not rushing into anything new. Discernment is key here, and an opportunity knocking at your door is nothing if you can’t ensure you’ve got the energy to sustain it long-term.

Be mindful of what you accept this month, Pisces, even if gifts are flowing in.

Don’t Miss This February Flow

Ready to take on February with your newfound knowledge, courtesy of your Tarotscope?

There is always an abundance of guides you can choose from— your astrological forecast, a personal Tarot reading (we recommend our free 3-card Tarot reading generator!), or even a form of divination outside of this scope.

However, the most important piece of this puzzle is you. This February comes with an abundance of opportunities, challenging energy, and bustling astrological events.

Still, you’re the protagonist of your story — how will you be using the terrain ahead to write the chapters of your dreams?

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