The Devil

The Devil


When The Devil Tarot card appears, the angels and guides point you to a very powerful spiritual lesson. It may include Capricorn, as this card is directly connected to this zodiac sign.

Perhaps until now, you have been unaware that you have become bound to a painful experience or lesson. You know something is holding you back, but you aren’t sure what. This Tarot card appearing is a signal that there is indeed something that is impeding your success. It could be a health matter. It could be a person. Seeing this card, you usually know from your instinct what forces you are bound to prevent you from moving forward. If it is an illness, there is nothing you can do but take care of yourself to heal and move on. The same applies if the forces you are bound to are evil and manipulative. Cut out that dead weight, free yourselves from the chains of addiction, even if you are addicted to a person. Only then can you move on to your highest good.


The Devil is never a welcome card in any reading. However, there are lessons to be learned when this card arrives, which aren’t always bad. The Devil symbolizes the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, so leadership and taking control of the situation are called for when you see this card. Here we see a literal interpretation of The Devil. An angry, evil force bound by chains to a problem or a situation. The message from this card is a higher spiritual lesson you must learn. What is weighing you down? What problem in your life are you chained to? It could be addiction or substance abuse, often markers of this card. However, this card can appear when you are very ill and chained to your illness as your way of life. It could represent someone in your life who is acting like The Devil, using secrets, manipulation, and lies to force you to bend your will to their domain. But we know from the chained Lovers that healthy romantic or platonic love can turn into unhealthy and codependent once we lose touch with our inner guidance. Harnessing the qualities of Capricorn and taking leadership on a critical issue will help you to unleash yourself from these chains. 

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