The Star

The Star


The Star Tarot card almost always heralds a period of peace and healing. This card embodies the peaceful and creative spirit of the zodiac sign, Aquarius. It could mean you are reuniting with someone after a breakup or even a separation from a loved one for the time being. There is no negativity with this card, and this card is always a joyful sight to see. The Star may come after a tough time and conveys that peace is coming to you. All beauty and light will soon be restored to your world, and you may receive assistance from someone in the process. Some readers consider this card to symbolize your guardian angel, here to bring you peace and joy after heartache. This is a card where it feels too good to be true to feel this good, but believe it because you deserve this joy after whatever you have gone through in your past. You can pin your dreams on this Star because she is ready to make them come true.


The Star comes to us in the Tarot after the Earth-shattering news of The Tower and is a welcome sigh of relief. The Star also symbolizes Aquarius and thus can represent an actual Aquarius in your reading, in your life, or even just the innovative spirit of Aquarius. The Major Arcana card is depicted by a woman kneeling at the water’s edge. She has one cup in the water and the other in the Earth. Here the flow of water is clear and infinite. Harmony is restored!

Peace, healing, and beauty are all markers of this beautiful card. Know that a good time ahead is on its way to you when you see this card. You may receive help from a friend or may simply feel the presence of a guardian angel, as is sometimes the message from this card.

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