The Ultimate Guide to New Moons

So, you know the New Moon is approaching once again, and you’re sure that the Universe holds a special message within the ebb and flow of the lunar cycles – but what is it?

Each lunar cycle lasts 28 days, and within those 28 days, the Moon waxes and wanes. The Moon holds a special message for us each day, and it may seem difficult to keep up with her ever-changing flow.

You may see suggestions for New Moon rituals online and on social media, but if you don’t know what the deal is with this Moon phase, they may seem silly. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What does the New Moon even represent?” then this is the guide for you.

New Moon Overview

The Moon, like everything in life, follows a cyclical pattern.

Just as the start of Aries season marks the beginning of a new astrological year, the New Moon represents the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle. During this 28-day cycle, the Moon moves through each sign of the zodiac about once every 2-3 days. When the Moon is New, it is invisible to the naked eye, and it slowly grows to the Full Moon we see every month. And depending on the sign it’s in, each New Moon can hold a different meaning or message for those of us under its influence.

The New Moon and the Full Moon are the most important points of each lunar cycle, and they each represent different aspects of our lives. The Full Moon represents the end of a cycle, letting go, and dreams coming to fruition, while the New Moon represents new beginnings and manifestation.

What you manifest during the New Moon typically begins to make its way into your life during the following Full Moon. These points of the lunar cycle feed off of one another. The feelings and desires that you have around the New Moon influence the projects and accomplishments that manifest near the following Full Moon. The New Moon is the time to plant the seeds, while the Full Moon is the time to bring these desires to fruition.

Learning about the Moon’s cycles will help you use these energies to your advantage. When you understand the energy of each point of the lunar cycle, it will allow you to work with them, creating your own flow of manifestation and release.

Have you ever wanted to amplify your powers of manifestation? Or increase your abundant vibrations and ability to attract fortune and chance encounters? The New Moon is the time to explore these avenues.

How Does the New Moon Affect Our Behavior?

The Moon’s energy controls the tides of the ocean, and it is so powerful that farmers have been planting by the Moon for hundreds of years. And you might be wondering how the energy of the New Moon affects you.

When the Moon is Full, the energy overflows, like the light itself that illuminates the sky. However, there is a literal and metaphorical darkness present with the New Moon. The sky is darker when the Moon is New because the Moon is not visible to the naked eye during this phase.

The New Moon, like any phase, has an effect on our mood. During this time, we may experience heavier moods or internal darkness. Our self-awareness is murkier than usual, and it may seem difficult to connect with our external realities.

This darkness that the New Moon emits does not have to mean bad news, however. Sometimes this darkness causes us to turn within and spend time reflecting on the past cycle. We can use this time to discover our deeper desires and appreciate the introspective vibrations.

The Meaning of Each New Moon

Each month, the New Moon occurs in a different sign. Let’s explore the meaning of each New Moon, depending on the sign it falls under.

New Moon in Aries

Both the New Moon and the sign of Aries signify a time of rebirth and new beginnings. During this Aries New Moon, we experience a desire to take action and manageable steps toward our goals.

Feelings of assertiveness and a willingness to take risks are increased. You may feel more independent and self-reliant during this New Moon. This is a great time to evaluate the things you want to manifest and the actions that need to be taken.

New Moon in Taurus

Taurus represents practicality and stability, two sensations that will become increasingly important when the New Moon is in Taurus. This influence encourages grounded energy and a connection with nature.

This is a time to “stop and smell the roses,” enjoying the little things in life. Taurus encourages a connection to our sensual nature, increasing a desire for beautiful surroundings, delicious meals, and pleasant fragrances. It is a time to engage your physical senses.

New Moon in Gemini

The sign of Gemini is all about communication, and it is apparent when the New Moon is in this sign. This influence encourages socialization and time spent with family and friends.

A New Moon in Gemini also urges us to evaluate our communication style, perhaps improving the manner in which we approach our interactions with others. This New Moon asks you to approach new avenues of self-expression and creativity.

New Moon in Cancer

Cancer is an emotionally sensitive, intuitive sign. When the Moon is in Cancer, these aspects within yourself are heightened.

Empathy and compassion for others are increased during this time, making it easier to understand where those around you are coming from emotionally. This New Moon inspires self-nurturing as well, urging you to explore your self-care routines and build new rituals that lift your vibrations and encourage intuition.

New Moon in Leo

Leo is a feisty social sign that encourages us to embrace the simple joys of being alive. This is a time to celebrate who you are and stop worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Leo urges you to fall in love with life and with yourself. This New Moon will increase your ability to accept yourself for who you are, giving you the confidence to share your gifts and talents with the world. Take this time to practice gratitude for your unique personality and vision.

New Moon in Virgo

When the New Moon falls under the sign of Virgo, our focus moves towards our health and ability to work hard to get the things we want in life.

This is a great time to evaluate your healthcare routines, eliminating the habits and patterns of behavior that don’t serve you physically. Virgo gives you the ability to analyze any situation and find solutions for your problems. This influence asks you to make to-do lists, tackle chores, and embrace little accomplishments.

New Moon in Libra

Libra represents balance, justice, and truth. When the New Moon is in Libra, your focus may turn to your negotiation skills and willingness to work with others.

This influence increases diplomacy and the ability to find a solution to relational issues or problems within friendships. You will be better able to understand where those around you are coming from, making it a great time to try to see things from another point of view.

New Moon in Scorpio

When the New Moon is in Scorpio, we feel the energy of Scorpio’s mysterious, introspective, and karmic ways. Scorpio encourages you to look within and discover your own hidden feelings and ideas.

While this influence may stir intense emotions and feelings, it also gives you the strength you need to work through them. This is a great time to embrace your shadow self, digging deep into your well of hidden emotions.

New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an optimistic, future-oriented sign that seeks to expand your worldview. You feel drawn towards new experiences and the collection of wisdom and knowledge during this time.

Spiritual activities and studying are favored under this influence – it’s the time to open your mind and let new ideas and higher vibrations penetrate your aura. This Sagittarius New Moon encourages motivation towards your future goals, but it’s just as important to appreciate the present moment.

New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn appreciates hard work, focus, and determination. When the New Moon falls in Capricorn, you’re more concerned with your career goals, concentrating on the work it will take to move closer to success.

This influence makes it easier to work on tedious or mundane tasks and urges you to tackle those items on your to-do list that you may have been avoiding or neglecting. A New Moon in Capricorn is a great time to create a new budget or plan to move toward your dreams.

New Moon in Aquarius

When the New Moon is in Aquarius, we’re inspired to think outside of the box. Aquarius is an eccentric sign with inventive, innovative ideas. You may receive flashes of insight during this New Moon.

This influence allows you to think beyond your emotions and feelings, favoring an objective, detached point of view. This is an excellent time to learn new things and work in groups, brainstorming ideas. Pay special attention to the ideas that flow through you during this time and manifest what you can.

New Moon in Pisces

Pisces has a dreamy quality that encourages heightened imagination and creativity. This is an influence that feels enchanting and full of possibilities, making it an excellent time for manifestation.

While Pisces is an emotional sign, when it connects with the energy of the New Moon, it allows you to express yourself and your feelings with ease. Meditation and creative self-expression are favored during this time.

What Is New Moon Energy?

New Moon energy is inspiring. It reflects the start of a new phase and the chance for a clean slate. This energy is powerful for manifestation and setting goals, making it the best time of the month to evaluate your dreams and desires. It’s important to embrace this refreshing energy and let it revitalize you.

What Does It Mean If I Was Born Under a New Moon?

Some people are fortunate enough to enter this world during the powerful New Moon.

These people tend to enjoy exploration, trying new things, and embracing the unknown. The New Moon aligns with the Sun each month, meaning that your Moon and Sun share the same sign. This amplifies the energy of these signs and encourages harmony between your heart and your head.

You possess a sense of innocence and wonder about the world around you, and your energy is likely to attract many. Creativity and curiosity are telltale qualities of those born under a New Moon.

Manifesting with the New Moon

The New Moon is a time to set your intentions and work on manifesting the things you want. How you set your intentions each month is up to you, but there are many ways to put your energy out there in the Universe.

You can try writing your intentions down in a notebook. In a sacred space, seated comfortably and surrounded by warm energy, take your notebook out and write down everything that you want to manifest in your life: relationships, career goals, environment, lifestyle, home, and experiences. Write it all down.

Putting pen to paper helps you not only see your goals written before you, but the act of writing them out also helps you send those wishes and desires into the Universe.

New Moon Rituals

There are many rituals and routines that will amplify your requests and increase your ability to manifest during the New Moon.


While all crystals emit energy during any lunar phase, there are certain stones that are deeply connected to the energy of the New Moon.


This crystal increases intuition and connects you to your spiritual center. Working with labradorite during the New Moon will help you find a balance between this realm and that which lies beyond.

Labradorite points you in the right direction and helps you understand what goals and desires will help you grow and find yourself.


Moonstone connects to the energy of the Moon during any phase. Its ability to soothe emotions provides clarity and understanding during the powerful energy of the New Moon.

Working with moonstone under this influence will cleanse negative energy and promote emotional stability.

Clear Quartz

Known as a master healer, clear quartz is known for its ability to heal and cleanse the body’s emotional center. This crystal balances the chakras and allows you to see things from a different point of view.


Working with Tarot cards is beneficial under any astrological influence. During the New Moon, reading your Tarot cards will help you determine the path that your life should take and the experiences that will bring you clarity, balance, and joy.

This is a great time to meditate on The Fool card, which represents new beginnings and opportunities. You can also create your own New Moon manifestation spread to amplify your ability to attract what you want.


There is never a bad time to cleanse the air and space around and within you. There are many beneficial cleansing tools to use that are especially effective during the New Moon.

  • Try smudging sage around your home and your body to cleanse the air of any negative energy.
  • Burn incense to create a peaceful, calming environment.
  • Candle work cleanses the energy around you and infuses the space with pleasant scents.
  • Salt works to cleanse as well. Place a bowl of salt around your bed or in the corners of a room to clear any toxic energy from the environment.
  • Draw yourself a bubble bath with cleansing essential oils like lavender, rosemary, and peppermint


Meditation is a great way to not only set your intentions and balance your energy but also to increase your ability to manifest your desires. Visual meditation is especially useful for attracting the things you want to experience in life.

Meditation also works to help us control our breathing and increase the proper flow of emotional energy.

Embrace That New Moon Energy!

Get creative and create your own New Moon rituals. It doesn’t matter how you choose to embrace the energy of the New Moon as long as you follow your intuition. Lunar energy allows you to draw from your own well of wisdom. If you take a breath and listen closely, you’ll hear the call of your spiritual center, guiding you in the right direction.

Breathe deeply and welcome the energy of new beginnings with open arms.

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