Prepare for Aries Season With These 7 Important Tips

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Are you ready for some seriously passionate, inspiring, and motivating energy? We hope so because Aries season is just around the corner.

Aries season also marks the beginning of the new astrological year!

Each time the Sun moves into a new sign, we experience a month of new energy and new experiences that take on that sign’s quality and themes. It can be very subtle energy, but as you learn more about astrology, you’ll become a master of understanding and taking advantage of these energies.

We’re moving from the dreamy, whimsical energy of Pisces season into the action-oriented and passionate energy of Aries season – and it’s a time to get excited and let your creative juices flow.

Aries is a Fire sign – along with Leo and Sagittarius – which means it’s full of energy and spirit. And when you channel that energy, you’re nearly unstoppable. Fire signs are associated with creativity and inspiration, and as Aries is the first of the bunch, it packs quite the motivational punch.

But knowing how to work with this energy is key.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about making Aries season work for you.

Aries Season 2024 Dates

The Sun moves into Aries on March 19th, 2024.

Be sure to check out our monthly astrological calendar to keep track of all this fiery energy.

What Does Aries Season Mean?

We all know at least one Aries. (If you don’t, you can use Lady Gaga and her bold energy as a reference.)

Now think of how that energy presents, how it makes you feel. Warm, friendly, impulsive, creative, and maybe a bit irritable at times. Okay, maybe even quite a bit irritable.

Aries is a powerhouse of energy, most of it good and some chaotic or aggressive.

This sign has warrior energy that is unparalleled by the rest of the zodiac. After all, it is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, ambition, and will. And sometimes that will is strong and even assertive – perhaps even combative.

But that strength also comes in handy during Aries season because this is one of the most motivated, persuasive, and passion-provoking times of the year. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this season coincides with the first signs of spring, adding fuel to the creative fire.

Ideas are blossoming, flowers are beginning to bloom, and the sunshine encourages getting outside and making things happen.

Aries is a Cardinal sign, the sign that makes the best leaders and always knows how to find success in this life.

Theirs is a constant motivation and drive that guides them throughout life, and Aries is particularly driven as a Fire Cardinal sign. This is a raw force that is nearly impossible to contain, but with practice, we can guide it in our favor.

Aries Season Themes

Aries is symbolized by the ram, who never backs down from a challenge.

This means you won’t be afraid to go after what you want, nor will you feel shy or reserved when it comes to confrontation. In fact, this would be a good month to focus on meditation, yoga, and crystal healing – morning routines that help you gather and balance your energy.

There’s a sense of newness and a desire for new beginnings during Aries season due to the connection with springtime and the beginning of a new astrological year. Not only do you desire adventure, but you want to try new and exciting things each day. It’s a fantastic time to try new approaches or do something that might usually frighten you.

Remember, fortune favors the bold.

Besides, Aries is quite a charming sign, which means you’ll be exuding more charisma and magnetism than ever. How can anyone refuse your brilliant ideas or perfectly reasonable requests?

Other Aries season themes include:

  • Passion
  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Instincts
  • Drive
  • Assertiveness
  • Motivation
  • Warmth
  • Friendly energy

This isn’t a time where you’ll feel like taking it easy or daydreaming – you want to make things happen for yourself now. Dream big during Aries season!

Your Easy-to-Do Checklist for Aries Season

While this energy will be motivating on its own, it’s helpful to know just how to use it. These tips will help you make sure to squeeze every drop of enthusiasm from this transit.

1. Clear Your Sacred Space

There are a couple of reasons we want to clean out our space and get organized during spring. We want a fresh start that mirrors the new growth outside, and Aries energy is lighting a fire in our spirits. But the idea of “spring cleaning” might not seem fun for most.

Why not think of it as clearing your sacred space?

You spend enough time in your home that you deserve to feel comfortable and safe within its walls. This is a much easier feeling to achieve when your surroundings are free from clutter, whether physical or energetic.

Break out the sage, light some incense, put on an upbeat playlist, and start clearing out any negative energy or unnecessary items you may have collected during the last astrological year.

The fresh energy will help you get the fresh start you desire.

2. Focus On Your Dreams

You’re going to have quite a bit of energy and motivation to work with, but what if you’re not sure where to direct it? Take some time at the beginning of the season to determine what goals and dreams most need your attention right now.

You could make a list of everything you want to manifest and see what brings you the most passion or joy. Aries energy is much more successful when it has something exciting to focus on.

If you’re not clear on your desires, you might accidentally put this energy into something you don’t actually want.

3. Push Yourself

Once you’ve determined where to focus that energy, it’s time to unleash it.

But all this enthusiasm and drive might get muddied if you’ve built up some bad habits over the past year. (Don’t worry, we all have.) It’s time to undo them, turn off Netflix, and push ourselves to rise up.

We’ve faced a lot in the past three years, and it may feel like it’s too soon to try to start focusing on a positive future when the present still feels chaotic. However choosing to focus on your goals rather than current stressors will create even more enthusiasm for life.

Stressful situations will happen in life, but that doesn’t mean your dreams, goals, or self-care should take a hike.

4. Let Your Instincts Guide You

Water and Fire are the elements most deeply connected to intuition – although in different ways.

Water signsCancer, Scorpio, and Piscesfeel their intuition center through emotion and their connection with the external world. Fire signs, on the other hand, seem to sense things instinctively and follow their impulses.

You may know what needs to be done or sense what direction to take in certain situations. While you shouldn’t act too impulsively during Aries season, following these instincts can lead to unexpected and fortuitous situations.

If you get a gut feeling that hits you like a ton of bricks, you’d better listen to it!

5. Get Physical

Aries is an assertive, sometimes aggressive zodiac sign. If that energy has nowhere to go, it may appear in your daily life or conversations. That’s why physical exercise is so important during Aries season – and it will even lead to more inspired energy than ever.

Try exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, whether it’s cardio, taking a stroll outside, or putting some disco on and hula hooping. (In fact, we encourage you to find routines that seem silly or childlike to amplify your creative spirit!)

Making sure you release some of that Mars-driven energy will prevent it from becoming explosive later on.

6. Make the First Move

In romance, Aries is quite the Don Juan.

This sign doesn’t shy away from flirtation but lavishes it upon the apple of their eye. Have you been harboring a crush lately, too caught up in the fantasy realm of Pisces season to make a move? Well, the time is now!

If you’re in a relationship currently, it’s time to ramp up the adventure factor and focus on activities that excite both of you. Sharing these new experiences will help you find new, exciting energy in your relationship and deepen your bond.

7. Light Your Fire

Because Aries is a Fire sign, this is a great time to get in touch with this element, especially when practicing your metaphysical routines or rituals. Sage, Palo Santo, incense, and candles are always healing and mystical, but their magic is particularly potent right now.

Bonus points for including essential oils that connect to Aries energy:

  • Cedarwood
  • Clary sage
  • Sandalwood
  • Vetiver
  • Neroli
  • Spikenard
  • Geranium
  • Frankincense

Celebrities Born During Aries Season

For even more inspiration, let’s take a look at some of the dynamic, larger-than-life celebrities who perfectly exude this exciting energy:

Be honest – did any of those names surprise you? Probably not, because they all ooze the charm and charisma that Aries are known for!

Light Your Aries Fire!

You now have the upper hand when it comes to taking Aries season and making it your biggest supporter. After all, most folks don’t know that Aries season is upon them. They’re simply hit with a boost of motivation and potentially aggressive energy. You’re armed with the knowledge you need to make sure you get everything you want out of this season!

Energy is high, enthusiasm bounds, and the birds of spring are singing your theme song, urging you to take the world by storm.

What mountains will you move this Aries season?

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