Are You Ready for Pisces Season? Here Are 6 Easy Ways to Prepare

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Alright, folks, it’s time again to discuss a new astrological season, and this time we’re talking about sensitive, creative Pisces!

We experience a different astrological season each month, even though the shifting of astrological seasons typically occurs in the latter part of the traditional month. This month, we experience the energy of Neptune-ruled Pisces in all of its dreamy glory.

We’ve been hanging out in Aquarius season and we’re about to make the flip to Pisces season on February 18th, 2024. While this time has brought a sense of individuality and rebellion, Pisces season reminds us that imagination, creativity, and emotions are just as important.

A new zodiac season means new energy! Make sure to check in on your free daily horoscope throughout Pisces season.

Pisces Season 2024 Dates

This year, the Sun is entering Pisces on February 18th, where it will remain until around mid-March. That gives us almost an entire month to soak up the healing, loving energy of Pisces.

The Meaning of Pisces Season

When the Sun is in Pisces, we feel a surge of creative and compassionate energy – however, this compassion is different from the humanitarian energy we experience during Aquarius season. You see, Pisces is a Water sign – a sign ruled by emotions and closely connected to the Moon.

That means that our wells of emotion are flowing freely while the Sun moves through this sign.

Water is also associated with intuition, and Pisces is an incredibly intuitive sign. In fact, this sign is often associated with psychic abilities and a connection to the beyond – so expect your instinctual senses to be intensified this month. That means listening to your gut and following your intuition for the best results.

Pisces is the last sign of the astrological calendar, meaning that our zodiacal year is coming to a close.

This energy encourages you to let go of past pains and upsets to allow yourself to move on and flow into the future. Associated with the 12th House – the House of Endings – this is the time to gather your strength for the astrological year to come.

Pisces Themes

Pisces represents intuition, emotion, creativity, and a deep connection to those you love.

Pisces is a sign that wants to build those relationships to create deeper bonds and always care for their loved ones. Pisces wants to infuse the world with love, light, and peace – and their creative endeavors are just one of the ways they bring a sparkle of fantasy to our reality.

Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, is a dreamy planet that encourages daydreaming, fantasizing, and tuning into your compassion. During Pisces season, you may feel more attuned to those around you and their attitudes and vibrations, with a strong desire to help them through any issues they might be facing.

Physically, Pisces rules the feet – and that special connection between creativity and this rulership makes them keenly proficient at the art of dancing. That means it’s time to put your boogie shoes on this month and promenade your way through Pisces season to engage your creativity and boost self-esteem!

Other themes of Pisces season include:

  • Self-expression
  • Fantasy
  • Manifestation
  • Intuition/psychic abilities
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art
  • Escapism
  • Emotions
  • Sensitivity
  • Compassion

What to Expect this Season

Pisces’ ethereal ruling planet, Neptune, brings a certain sense of dreaminess to this astrological season, amplifying any connection you have with your fantasies.

You may feel encouraged to spend this month daydreaming, which can help you determine what you want to go after when the Sun moves into passionate, ambitious Aries season.

  • Otherworldly Vibes

As the Sun moves through Pisces, you may experience a heightened desire to understand and place meaning into your connections to the world around you.

As Pisces is associated with the 12th House – the House of Endings – you may also have a more profound preoccupation with the afterlife or the realms beyond your own.

Those energies, coupled with the enhanced intuition, mean it’s the perfect time to bust out the Tarot cards, dive into astrology, and balance those chakras. Any metaphysical tool or healing technique will help you gid into those ethereal Pisces vibes and connect with the energies of the Universe more deeply.

Unlock those mysteries!

  • Heightened Emotions

Because Pisces is a Water sign, increased emotions are likely. Now, depending on your own personal chart, the effects may be more or less potent.

For instance, those with strong Earth and Air placements in their chart probably aren’t going to start crying at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, charts with strong Water or Fire placements may feel more tender or irritable, respectively.

Whether you’re experiencing a surge of feelings or a slight increase in sensitivity, it’s still a good time for everyone, no matter your sign, to connect to your emotions.

  • Amplified Imagination

Don’t fret if you’re not used to digging deep into that well of feelings inside because the creativity and imagination that Pisces encourages gives you an out.

Creative self-expression is one of the best ways to connect to your emotions, but you must find that creative outlet, as Pisces also tends to daydream.

  • A Need to Escape

Pisces loves to daydream, and reality isn’t really the favorite place to hang out. So, when the Sun is in Pisces, you may feel more like escaping your feelings rather than dealing with them, which often appears in the form of indulging in unhealthy things like overspending.

That’s why it’s important to find an outlet for those emotions to ensure you are treating your body to only the best.

How to Make the Most of Dreamy Pisces Season

The repetition of the word dreamy here is intentional because Pisces is just that – aesthetic, glowing, and maybe even pastel. Think of a welcoming pink room with puffy clouds lining the floors, inviting you to come on in and daydream – this is the vibe of Pisces.

If you lean into this energy, you can have one of the most magical months of your life.

The enhanced imagination, creativity, and intuition make this the perfect time to manifest and romanticize your life. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can ensure you’re making the most of the celestial Pisces season.

1. Invite Intuitive Energy

Whether you’ve been working with your intuition for your entire life or you’re just starting to listen to those gut feelings, this is the time to dig in and really start trusting yourself. Pisces exaggerates not only your intuition but also any forms of extra-sensory perception you experience, from clairvoyance to clairaudience.

Consider this a lesson, an experiment in following your instincts.

If you feel a situation is dangerous, turn the other way. If you sense that an opportunity will change your life for the better – do your research, check the Moon – and take it. Don’t second guess your gut, especially when it’s speaking out loud and clear this month.

2. Get Creative

Channel your muse this month because Pisces will fill your head with whimsical images and mellifluous little tunes. Carry a notepad for those creative ideas that hit you like lightning, and be sure to make time for creativity many times throughout the week, if not each day.

There’s a certain magic that takes place when you get creative during Pisces season because it allows you to provide an outlet for your emotions and amplify your manifestation abilities. And don’t forget to incorporate your intuition – you don’t have to worry about making something beautiful or noteworthy. Just create.

Get it out. Channel that inner star child with celestial energy beaming inside them that must be expressed.

3. Extend Empathy (To Yourself)

Listen, while the Sun is in Pisces, you’re naturally going to feel empathetic towards your fellow humans, especially as we move out of humanitarian Aquarius season. So, we’re challenging you to extend that empathy towards yourself.

One of Pisces’ lesser-known qualities is that it’s pretty insecure and has its fair share of neuroses. If you neglect to extend empathy towards yourself, you might start picking yourself apart or even feeling sorry for yourself when things don’t seem to be going your way.

Being empathetic, lifting yourself, and supporting your own emotions will help you face any turbulent moment with grace and trust in the Universe.

4. Get (Meta)Physical

Your spiritual senses will be fluttering with delight and yearning for connection to the beyond during Pisces season, so make time and space for those metaphysical tools and practices that we often forget to make time for.

Grab your Tarot cards, clean your sacred space, burn your favorite incense, make a playlist that’s out of this world, and settle into a spiritual space.

This is a great time to turn to your favorite trusted tools or even study new ones.

Have you been meaning to learn even more about astrology? Or maybe you’ve always meant to get into crystal healing. Diving into a new metaphysical or spiritual subject will help you feel connected to and part of the Universe during Pisces season.

5. Manifest Those Dreams

Pisces’ imaginative spirit, coupled with Neptune’s love of fantasy, means you’ll feel like daydreaming anyway this month, so why not set your intentions and put those daydreams to use? This is one of the best times of the year to think about what you want to manifest and start setting your intentions because once Aries season rolls around, it’s time to put those ideas into action.

Vision boards, manifestation lists, and especially a New Moon ritual are powerful during Pisces season.

Partake in the manifestation practice that feels comfortable to you, or try them all! Your intentions are potent this month, so make sure you’re focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want!

6. Savor Self-Care

The time has come to be kind to yourself, star child.

Of course, you should spread kindness during Pisces season and any astrological season. But compassion towards others comes naturally this month with so much empathetic and compassionate energy swirling around. However, what’s easier to forget is how important self-care is, especially if you want to have any energy to share with and give to others.

Pamper yourself. Think bubble baths, cucumber slices for your tired eyes, rose petals for fragrance and feeling fancy, and listening to your favorite relaxing playlist. Imagine long, leisurely stretches and refreshing vinyasas as you do your morning yoga. Envision a Saturday morning spent making your favorite breakfast and binging on your chosen podcast while you give yourself a manicure.

Taking care of yourself first and foremost will ensure that you have enough energy to be there for and support those around you.

Celebrities Born During Pisces Season

For even more inspiration, let’s take a look at some Pisces with serious star power:

Embrace Pisces Season!

Pisces season is a magical time if you know how to maneuver those tricky emotions.

Remember to focus on taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself to make sure that you don’t start feeling too tender or overwhelmed. And be sure to focus on bringing those misty dreams to life through focus intentions and manifestation!

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