Your Key to Survival: Read this Mercury Retrograde Forecast Report

It’s official! The cosmic messenger—Mercury—stations retrograde on September 9th, in Libra, for the third time this year, which means that we will be experiencing significant shifts and changes in our lives throughout this period.

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard the phrase, “Mercury is retrograde.” So often, this event is dreaded by the collective and has negative connotations, making it highly misunderstood.

Yet, retrogrades are significant realignment, reflection, revisiting, reviewing, and restoration.

Sure, when Mercury is retrograde, we feel things are more complicated and challenging than usual, which we often associate with negative experiences. We assume the worse, and because the Law of Attraction is always working in our lives, we end up attracting where we direct our focus.

But we’re going to get into this retrograde’s energy and what you can expect! Read on.

Who Is Mercury?

Mercury is the “Messenger of the Gods,” the sharp, witty trickster and illuminating force of the mind that occupies a vital position in our lives, as shown in astrology. Also, an intuitively clever initiator, Mercury is the nearest known planet to the Sun and is considered one of the seven sacred planets.

Mercury is the ruler of both Gemini and Virgo and is exalted in Virgo but weaker in Sagittarius and Pisces. It thrives in the first house, as it is said to be “The Joy of Mercury,” and it may find more challenges when placed or moving through the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses.

Since Mercury is associated with duality, it is not considered feminine or masculine, benefic or malefic, diurnal, or nocturnal. Instead, Mercury is a shapeshifter—it behaves favorably or unfavorably depending on its zodiacal placement or relationship to other planets in contact.

Mercury embodies how we think, speak, and write in a natal chart. It also represents how you connect with others and develop your point of view.

Other vital aspects associated with Mercury are:

  • Magic
  • Information
  • Machinery
  • Mental agility
  • Transportation
  • Ideas and creativity
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Tricks and illusions
  • Siblings and neighbors
  • Reading, math, and arithmetic
  • All forms of connection and communication

When transiting: 

  • Mercury brings information and important messages
  • Stimulates communication and thought
  • It makes daily activities busier
  • It heightens the intellectual capacity and the nervous system

What is Mercury Retrograde?

In astrology, retrograde describes the apparent backward movement of a planet, as seen from our perspective on Earth.

The word “retrograde” stems from the Latin meaning, “to go backward,” yet planets do not move backward; it’s an optical illusion. However, ancients realized that when a planetary body changes motion, direction, or speed, it causes a shift in energies felt.

Due to Mercury’s rapid orbit, it completes a cycle with the Sun in only 88 days. It will retrograde three or four times in a calendar year, for about three weeks at a time, and has a pre- and post-retrograde shadow period.

Other planets have fewer movements, with fewer retrogrades in a calendar year, but tend to last for a greater length.

The cosmic messenger spends roughly eighty percent of its cycle in direct motion, splitting its time between morning and evening stars. Before retrograde, Mercury will appear in the western sky at dusk as an evening star, reaching maximum distance from the Sun and slipping closer to the horizon until it disappears.

Mid-way through retrograde, Mercury makes inferior conjunction with the Sun, which resets Mercury’s synodic cycle and is like a New Moon for Mercury. At that point, Mercury rebirths with a new perspective, provide flashes of inspiration and activates a fresh new learning cycle.

After the inferior conjunction, Mercury moves away from the Sun and continues its retrograde cycle until it stations direct and re-emerges as the morning star. Mercury will later make superior conjunction to the Sun, known as its Full Moon, where we can enjoy a moment of realization related to previous seeds planted.

Much of the mainstream paints a scary picture of Mercury retrogrades when its cycles are highly transformational times.

When Mercury is retrograding: 

  • You have a chance to go over experiences and redefine their meaning
  • You can redirect your thoughts
  • You May find yourself reconnecting with old friends and lovers
  • Forced to slow your pace
  • Experience miscommunications, issues with finances, and technology

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What Does Mercury Retrograde in Libra & Virgo Mean?

This Mercury retrograde will move through two signs, Libra and Virgo, the bridge and transition of seasons where the shift from summer to fall occurs in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s important to highlight that Mercury forms its inferior conjunction with the Sun on the day of Fall Equinox, the midway point that radically shifts us into the next season. Additionally, Mercury’s retrograde between two signs symbolizes a new beginning and deeper connection to the Universal life force and the foundation or vision grounding.

Mercury adapts easily in Libra and uncovers its most significant source of intellectual strength and emotional wisdom in Virgo.

In the realm of Libra, Mercury retrograde can help you transcend the rigid barriers of duality and find balance through extremes, tension, or polarities. It represents a re-examining period to build new bridges and merge people or ideas.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra desires to create internal harmony and pleasant social experiences.

In comparison, Mercury retrograde in Virgo helps analyze the ideal path toward creating harmony and be more mindful of the areas of your life that are facing obstacles, stagnant, or simply not working out.

So please pay attention to messages that appear. They are clear signs it is time to let go, embrace, and welcome change.

Mercury Retrograde Dos & Don’ts


1. Fear Mercury retrograde. These are necessary cycles that occur 3 to 4 times a year and provide tremendous opportunities for growth and development.

2. Engage in petty disputes with friends, family members, your lover, employer, coworker, or business partner. You’ll end up saying something you’ll regret.

3. Plan for big launches or dramatic changes. Instead, glance over your contracts and ideas; triple-check everything to ensure nothing is missing.

4. Give into negative thinking cycles. Instead, take time out and engage in different forms of self-care.

5. Set unrealistic goals and timelines. Go with the flow and avoid life-changing commitments.

6. Panic or act impulsively. Just breathe!

7. Immediately shoot down people who reappear in your life. Usually, this is an indication that there is some unfinished business or karmic themes to learn and clear.

8. Jump headfirst into a new relationship. Why rush? If you can wait and take time to review all the angles and ensure you are entirely comfortable with your decision- As you may be prone to irrational thinking.

9. Rely on technology. Be prepared for delayed emails, technology glitches, hacking, and more.

10. Be judgmental and sweat the small stuff. Mercury’s retrograde is at the tail end of Virgo season, and this Earth sign’s overcritical tendencies and overthinking may arise.


1. Consider all sides to a situation. Slip-ups are bound to happen, and weighing each perspective before responding is essential.

2. Your best to remain patient when stepping out of your comfort zone. This retrograde will require you to be flexible, adaptable, and patient. Find time for meditation and contemplation.

3. Follow up on old correspondence and clean old text messages, emails, or contacts. It is a beautiful time to review all forms of communication and free up stagnant space.

4. Double-check your schedule, set alarms, and back up important data. Things may seem chaotic, and you may miss an important event. So do your best to slow down, double and triple-check everything. Technology issues are bound to occur.

5. Take time to check on our relationships. With Libra ruling partnerships, suppressed emotions are bound to erupt. Find time to bring harmony into your connections.

6. Get organized and prioritize. Dust off your planner and create realistic goals.

7. Find balance and rebuild the relationship with your nervous system. Pay attention to the subtle messages from your body. You may need to take time out for rest and self-care. It is also an excellent time for a social media cleanse.

8. Rely on your intuition and sixth sense. You will end up receiving the necessary downloads and insights during this time.

9. Attend to all accounting and financial matters. Financial hiccups are bound to happen, so balance your checkbook and savings.

10. Take time to reflect on specific areas of your life. Mercury Rx is a significant period to look at the past to figure out what you need to rework to help you move forward.

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Mercury Retrograde Effect on the Zodiac Signs


Aries, it’s time to reevaluate your relationships and daily routines because Mercury retrograde will rehash a string of drama and disappointments, and you’ll want to stay focused on all you have accomplished. Instead of giving into negative thinking patterns.

Mercury retrograde will begin in your partnership sector and end in your wellness sector, presenting an excellent opportunity to heal one-on-one relationships and increase your health.

So please don’t waste your energy during this retrograde—preserve it!


You are in for a significant shift this retrograde, with Mercury forcing you to take a long look at your habits and the routine that guides you throughout the day. It’s an excellent time to look at these specific areas of your life to promote long-term health and wellness.

In addition, Mercury will station retrograde in your service sector and end in your creativity sector. You may feel compelled to revive an old project or reach out to an old ex. Perhaps there is some unfinished business in these areas that this retrograde will help you resolve, Taurus.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so you can expect to feel the retrograde intensities, meaning this retrograde is bound to affect you profoundly. Luckily, you are the adaptable master of change, Gemini, and this cycle will boost your creativity, love, and home life.

You will want to harness the energies of this transit to pour into new creative endeavors, money-making hobbies, and revamping your home life.

Mercury will transit through your entertainment and family sector, making it an excellent time to broaden your horizons and learn something new about yourself and the things you are passionate about. Be open to learning from others.


This retrograde will affect your home life and communication sector, encouraging you to heal your relationship with your roots and any family members you have been at odds with. But, of course, you’ll want to be patient and wait for divine timing to have that crucial conversation, Cancer.

Don’t force it because your point will go unheard if it doesn’t feel right. But, on the other hand, don’t be afraid to pass up conversations, events, or meetings that drain your energy.

Now is the time to learn, listen, and honor your time and energy first.


Watch out now, Leo! Mercury begins retrograding in your communication sector, and arguments are bound to pop off and disrupt your daily flow. So, remember to think before you speak.

Not everything deserves a reaction or an outburst; instead, redirect your energy toward learning a new skill, balancing your checkbook and savings, spending time in nature or with animals, or treating yourself to this Universe’s simplest pleasures. If money, luxury, and sex drive your goals, this retrograde will require you to tune into the spiritual side of life.


It’s Virgo season, and your ruling planet goes retrograde. You are bound to feel all the energies of this retrograde right in the seat of your gut.

In addition to this transit, Mercury Rx will end in your sign, and you can expect to rethink the direction of your life and the way you see yourself. You have been going back and forth about stepping out into the light, unsure if everything is perfect. Well, everything is perfect.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes, and know that you are doing your best. You don’t need to look back at the past in fear or cringe at every wrong deed. Instead, smile and honor your growth.

This retrograde will also affect your finances, stability, and self-worth.


Brace yourself, Libra!

Mercury retrograde begins in your sign and has your name written all over it. As a result, you’ll experience a profound re-evaluation of self and transformation of your inner world. Expect the unexpected and embrace the surprises and changes.

Mercury retrograde will begin in your appearance sector and end in your spirituality and healing sector.

During the last retrograde phase, you’ll notice your dreams becoming more vivid and emotions increasing in intensity. It is a beautiful time for introspection and some much-needed alone time to properly integrate the current changes and find balance in your life.

In addition, physical exercise will prove to be rewarding.


Mercury begins retrograding in your spirituality and healing sector, Scorpio, then ends in your networking circle.

You are an intense sign and usually find yourself adapting to drastic changes, so this retrograde should be a breeze as Mercury drags you deep into the underworld of your psyche to face your fears or inner demons that hold you back.

Your emotions and fears are the driving force to succeed, and once you uncover what has been causing blockages in your life, you will be able to move forward with ease and grace.

Towards the last phase of retrograde, you will notice a shift in your friendship circle, connecting with new people and reconnecting with an old circle of friends. Take extra precautions and use your discernment to see if old friends are in alignment with your current life path.


Mercury is stationing retrograde in your friendship and networking sector, Sagittarius. As a result, you may feel less inclined to hang out with people and even experience a minor breakup with your clique. I guess the vibes aren’t vibing anymore. But, don’t worry; this isn’t forever. It would be best if you had some time to rethink things.

You may feel the urge to reconnect with old acquaintances, colleagues, and friends you’ve lost touch with; perhaps they may be something valuable to learn from rekindling old connections.

Towards the end of Mercury Rx, your professional life will push you toward rethinking the image you put out there to the world and what you can do to upgrade it. Maybe you want to reach out to a mentor that will help you with this rebranding process.

Either way, don’t shoot people down this retrograde. They may have some excellent advice for you.


You aren’t a fan of anything that ruins your plans, Capricorn, and you won’t be a fan of Mercury retrograde in your career sector. However, you might experience a wrench or setback in your business plans or work-related problems.

However, once Mercury retrograde moves back into your expansion sector, you’ll be able to expand your thought process and intellectual ideas.

Now is the time to let a little spontaneity into your plans and allow room for surprises. Double-check that everything is flowing and be open to the unexpected. Embody the spirit of gratitude.


Mercury retrograde brings disruption to your life path, and the best thing you could do is trust the winds of change.

Even if you are confused or unsure about what direction to take, trust that you are on the right path, Aquarius. Sometimes we must veer off the regular course or take a scenic routine to reach the destination.

Towards the end of Mercury retrograde, you will experience a significant transformation and shift of your inner world. Since Mercury finds itself in your death and rebirth sector, you may find yourself mourning the loss of something or even someone. Nonetheless, have faith during this season of change.


Pisces, you may be in the mood to settle relationship grievances, financial debts, and other issues once and for all during this retrograde. Mercury Rx may bring mixed messages and miscommunications from the outside world, but it is vital to tune out the chatter and tune into self.

Mercury will begin retrograde in your transformation sector and end in your relationship sector. Don’t allow history to repeat itself, Pisces. Whether it is struggling with overspending, returning to that toxic lover, or needing to incorporate more self-love into your life.

It is time to write a new chapter of your life.

Master Mercury Retrograde

Stay optimistic, and remember that you have all the tools and strategies you need to navigate challenging astrological transits. All you need to do is adjust your thinking and shift your mindset.

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