Listen to Your Spirit Guides to Lose Toxic Friends & Influence People

​There is nothing more exciting in the world than being an empowered soul. But like every soul, it takes a village to become the progressed one on the path to enlightenment and abundance that you are today. That village is comprised of what we call our spirit guides and angels.

You chose your spirit guides when it all first began, creating your soul circle. They are here to help you become the best and most awesome you that you can be. To do that, your soul needs to be rid of negativity of any kind. When you clear negative people out of your life, you become an influencer of your own life, and in the lives of others.

In this day and age that often means ridding ourselves of toxic people and negative nellies. Believe it or not, when they are in our lives, our spirit guides are trying to tell us to kick them to the curb. How, you ask? That’s exactly what we are going to cover today.

How Do Your Spirit Guides Work?

Your spirit guides are a circle of souls that are destined to help guide you on your best path, in each and every lifetime. They are the one set of a number of souls that are the only consistent thing across your lifetimes.

They can range in number from 40 to 60, and each has its own special job. Some send you information, others send you signs, some provide messages, and some protect you from evil or danger.

All of them are clear to what is in front of you and what you have come from. They all radiate on a path of unconditional love. Their messages and guidance are nothing but pure love.

After experiencing everything with you that they have, they know what specific negative energies will drag you down and prevent you from being your most authentic self. They know before you do when negative people are trying to ruin your life, or at least interfere with it in a malignant way. And, they try to tell you in their own special way. They aren’t to be feared, they are to be embraced. You will know they are around you when you feel that radiant beam of unconditional love and joy surround you. You can increase the quantity of their messages through a number of ways.

Whenever you are confused about someone in your life, ask your spirit guides to, well, guide you.

They’ll send you the clues. Here’s how to make that happen.

Be Open

Just listen. That means keeping your eye out for messages and signs, too. Be open to the experience and the possibility of the experience.

Consider your life as an ongoing conversation with your spirit guide. You can’t get a message from your mom, friend, or lover unless you are listening.

Well, the same applies to your spirit guide. If you are new to this and still aren’t sure what that means, ask them for a sign.

You don’t need to ask for a sign on a specific thing, just ask them for a sign they are there. Could be a butterfly you see that day that makes you feel love, could be a song on a radio, could be anything.

Increase your level of awareness. That applies when you are having problems with negative people as well. Silently ask your guides for a sign. Or pay attention to your physical body.

Are you getting a creepy crawly feeling? Your tummy doesn’t feel so great when someone is trying to sell you a line or a story that nourishes their agenda but not yours?

Pay attention.

Keep Your Expectations Low

Your spirit guide isn’t going to give you obvious signs. They rarely talk directly to you, and likely would only with experience, and if they knew you were receptive. And they will know that answer before you do in this lifetime.

They aren’t going to send you a text or friend you on Facebook. But they might send someone to do that who will fulfill their mission.

Keep your expectations low but your eyes open. If you get a text out of the blue one day and feel a radiating love or walking on a cloud feeling like, “I can’t believe that just happened,” that is your spirit guide.

If you get a sign of some sort that you need to turf a negative person to the curb, then do it. Again, watch for that radiating lightness. When you feel that, your spirit guides are giving you a hug and are telling you that you are doing the right thing. You’ve just empowered yourself by listening to the Divine and responding directly.

Keep your expectations low. It’s pretty awesome when it happens. Don’t get disappointed if a big message doesn’t arrive as soon as you’d hoped. If you are open in the right way, you won’t. The slightest thing at the gas station, mailbox, anything, can be exciting enough to change your life if you are getting the right message and turfing the right negative energy from your life.

You won’t be questioning if it’s happening, because in your heart and soul you will know that something Divine just interfered with your life in a beautiful way.

Those are your spirit guides. And God, too! Any Higher Power you believe in counts as a spirit guide. Your prayers do matter.

Keep your expectations low. When it happens, it will feel like an answered prayer. Because it is. There is nothing that will make you feel lighter in this world than getting rid of the negative people in your life.

Be Drama-Free

Spirit guides don’t do drama. And if you are all up in it, they may be closed off. If you are constantly fighting with one specific person, check it. And check yourself.

There’s a reason this keeps happening. Because you’re letting it.

Back to the prayers. Maintain a stress-free profile by not reacting to stress negatively. Just pray through it and wait through it, and your guides and Higher Powers will help you.

You will become more empowered when you sift through that drama by walking away from the negative people, with the help from your spirit guides.

Concluding Thoughts…

One of the most empowering things you can do for your life is to listen to your spirit guides. Or at least, believe in them, if you have not yet reached a stage where you can hear them.

Ask them for a sign one day, and then wait for it. Be patient. When it arrives, so begins your journey with your spirit guide.

When you are dealing with negative people, be the power player. Don’t let them suck you in. There’s a saying, “don’t tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is.” And that’s how you do it. Give it to the angels and release yourself from negative people. When you do, you become the most prominent influencer in any situation.

You gotta do you in this world. Someone that is manipulating, gaslighting, lying, bullying, or just plain negative in every situation is not what your Higher Powers want for you. So turf it, and expect their messages to get more clear in time.

In the meantime, get messages from our Daily Horoscopes and Daily Tarot Readings to get further symbols and clues on how to be your own personal influencer in your own life.

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