What To Expect When Dating A Taurus

Are you currently dating or thinking about dating a steadfast and sensual Taurus?

Today, we’ve narrowed down the 10 traits you should know about Taurus so you’ll be prepared to succeed in this relationship. Astrology gives us the insider’s secrets to your lover’s mind and heart like a manual.

Taureans are indulgent, hopeless romantics because they are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love. Venus loves her luxury and passion, so Bulls, as a result, are sensual and love things that smell, look, feel, and taste nice. Taureans are some of the most loyal people on the planet because of their grounded Earth sign nature. They tend to get along best with the other Earth signs as well as the Water signs (with the exception of Scorpio, in most cases).

Regardless of zodiac compatibility though, everyone can work to get along when they make an effort to understand each other. Astrology is that handy soul road map that unlocks the secrets to the heart.

Things You Should Know When Dating a Taurus:

The Taurus’ Love Language is Food

An easy way to impress a Taurus? Take them to a decadent restaurant! You could say food is one of their love languages.

Although it might not be quite as easy on your wallet, Taureans love to indulge in their senses. If you really want to impress them, cook something gourmet yourself, with multiple courses. Bulls love to express themselves through their experiences, and you can make memories that last when you show your love in ways that engage their hyper-sensitive senses. Help them find new culinary obsessions like truffles or blood orange gelato, and your Taurean bae is sure to stick around for a while.

Taureans’ Homes are Beautiful

Gifting a Taurus an arrangement of flowers or a luxury soy candle are great tokens of your affection because Bulls love to decorate and make their home a unique, safe, beautiful space.

Taureans are inspired by luxe and uplifting environments that make them feel cozy, warm, and comfortable. It goes without saying that a Taurus will be turned off if your home is exceptionally messy, so make sure you clean up before inviting your favourite Bull over. Let your Taurus partner motivate you to take care of your environment and see how it affects your mood to have a nice living space.

Appearances Matter

It’s not that Taureans are superficial; ruled by the planet of beauty and luxury, Venus, they just enjoy putting time, effort, and thought into their appearance. Give them time to get ready, compliment them on their efforts, and let them express themselves!

Taureans enjoy playing with and seeing how people respond to their fashion, accessories, and hairstyles. When you date a Taurus, you can expect to have fun shopping dates playing dress-up in the fitting rooms. If you can be patient and encouraging of your Taurus’ love of aesthetics, you’ll understand it’s just a part of their unique creative expression and they’ll love you all the more for being involved.

Taureans are Independent

The symbol of Taurus is the Bull, which means when they set their mind on something, they focus in on it completely. If your Taurean partner has decided they are going to do something, it’s best not to try to force their tunnel vision somewhere else.

Taureans need to feel as though they are making their decisions on their own because they have a strong confidence and stubbornness that makes them exceedingly loyal and good at following through.

Taureans Move at Their Own Pace

Be patient with Earth signs like Taurus who are practical and want to think things through completely before making a decision. Understand that if they feel rushed, the sign of the Bull will only dig their hooves into the ground harder. They will do things in their own time and not before, so give them lots of advance notice if you need something from a Taurus so they can analyze and prepare themselves.

Like most Earth signs, Taureans are patient and are good with money because of it. They may not want to rush into a relationship, but if they decide to have one, they are likely to stay in them for a while.

Taureans Enjoy Routine

This Earth sign is a creature of habit and likes to maintain a sense of control in their life through their daily routines. Bulls are strong and can adapt well in an emergency, but they feel at their best when they are able to establish a routine that allows balance in their lives.

Taureans are quite intuitive and often the rituals they develop are what help them stay positive and balanced. Respect their discipline and learn from it! Grounded Taureans know how to navigate their emotions well, and routines are their means of doing so.

You Can Trust a Taurus

Bulls pride themselves on their reliability and will always follow through on what they say they are going to do. They speak genuinely and truly have people’s best interest at heart. They are good people to confide in and trust; they’ll take your secrets to the grave. If a Bull says they are going to do something in six months, you can bet that even if you forget about it, they won’t.

Taureans are conscious about creating stability and trust in their relationships in big and small ways.

Taureans are Romantic

They might not seem it at first, but Taureans are total suckers for a rom-com. If you’re dating a Taurus, feel free to watch sappy love movies with them as much as you want because they just can’t get enough. They love to have one-on-one time curled up on the couch with some fresh baked cookies and apple cider. If you’ve been wanting someone that would appreciate gestures of love like a handmade card or a star named after them, you’ve found your match.

Taureans are Private People

Earth signs are very receptive to other people’s feelings and emotions, but for them to express their own emotions, they need time and perhaps some gentle coaxing. Bulls respond best to love and affection and shut down with harsh language so use your words as a tool to build bridges. But as we mentioned before, don’t rush a Taurus into opening up to you – you’ll only slow the process if you try to force it.

Taureans are nurturers but will often avoid asking for the same love they so freely give as they tend to process life internally. That said, they do want partners who express their love often and regularly in some form. Get in the habit of asking how you can show up better for your Taurus bae so they feel safe expressing themselves.

Your Taurus Partner Needs Quality Time

Taureans need to have a close partner they can spend lots of quality time with. To them, a bond means being together as often as possible and that feels natural to them. Once they trust you, Bulls will invite you to be a part of everything in their world, so if you need space, communicate it with love. Also, make sure when you’re with them to be present and listen as if they are the only one in the world.

Concluding Thoughts…

Now that you know a little more about what to expect when dating a Taurus, keep this in mind:

We are so much more layered and complex than what our Sun signs can tell about us. Each one of us is made up of many layers, so the more you look into a person’s birth chart, the better you will get to know them. Not all Taureans act the same because each one has their own Moon sign, Rising sign, and many other cosmic influences in play. If you want to understand your Taurus’ emotional needs, start by finding out their Moon sign for a closer look at their emotional landscape.

Don’t get too hung up on which signs are compatible and which are not because you can always find ways to relate to everyone. Keep studying your own and your partner’s charts and you’ll find you have more in common than you might think. Astrology helps us meet each other where we’re at on a soul level and can inspire us to see others not just as faces, but as multifaceted souls who are learning to do better and hoping to find someone to learn with.

Oh, and one last helpful hint: keep an eye on our daily Taurus love horoscope to get an inside look at how your Taurean bae may be feeling on a particular day (and don’t forget to cross-reference it with your sign’s daily love horoscope too!).

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