The Best Crystals to Have on Your Work Desk

​Your work desk is a unique land of its own. It’s where you process, focus, create, write, work and contemplate. Like the energy that inhabits any space, the energy surrounding your work desk can get stagnant if it isn’t cleansed or cared for properly, leaving you feeling uninspired and stressed out. Influences such as the electro-magnetic fields emanating from our phones and computers, the stress of deadlines, and even the negative energy of co-workers can all work against the flow of your workspace.

There are many ways to maintain positive, influential energy at your work desk, particularly if you work from home or a solitary place where you can burn sage or incense to clear the air. However, most of us work surrounded by others who may not appreciate these methods, and that is where crystals come in.

Crystals clear, infuse and increase the energies around us with positivity and creative forces. Every crystal has its own unique properties, with some cleansing negative energy, others inspiring motivation and yet others cause us to relax and even feel sleepy. Because each crystal contains different characteristics, it is important to learn which crystals to place on your desk and which crystals to leave at home, in the space where you can most relax – and get sleepy, if you want to.

So, which crystals will increase productivity and creativity, boost brain function, cleanse negative energy and keep your mind focused, yet relaxed? Read on to find out.

Which Crystals Should You Keep at the Office?

Tiger’s Eye

This is a beautiful, protective stone that also improves the focus of the mind. Have a deadline creeping up, but you just can’t seem to concentrate? This stone will clear away the distractions buzzing around and help you keep your eye on the task at hand. Tiger’s eye is connected to the Solar Plexus chakra, the chakra that maintains your sense of self-confidence and self-assuredness. It reminds you that you are more than capable of taking on any assignment and performing to the best of your ability.


Carnelian is a warm, friendly crystal that boosts motivation like a loving friend. Carnelian is almost like having your best friend by your side, cheering you on every step of the way. Its energy is uplifting, inspiring confidence and positivity. This crystal’s warm, orange and red tones reflect its sunny spirit. This crystal will help you face your fears with a sense of bravery you might have forgotten you had; whether it’s a big meeting with your boss or the pressure of a large project, carnelian will be by your side waving celebratory banners in your honor.


Selenite is an incredibly cleansing stone with a beautiful appearance, reminiscent of ice crystals forming in a hidden cave. This crystal penetrates any stale, stagnant or negative energy in its path and eradicates it, leaving your space refreshed and devoid of any inhibitors. Selenite also helps you connect with your intuition, allowing you to listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance. This crystal works wonders for highly sensitive people, maintaining an equilibrium throughout their workspace.


Hematite, like selenite, is excellent at combating negative energies, but it does so by actually absorbing them. Connected to the Root chakra, this stone will help you feel grounded and rooted within your abilities. Hematite can bring forth the talents and skills that might have been lying dormant within or is an excellent stone for clearing electromagnetic smog, like that emitted by cell phones and computers, making it an essential stone for the work desk.


Sunstone is stone that promotes success and is associated with good fortune. This lucky stone brings forth opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, such as promotions or new, exciting responsibilities. Sunstone also inspires great personal strength, improving your ability to stand up for yourself, say what you want or even learn to give a firm “no” when needed. It releases the fear surrounding speaking your voice and clears a path for your most genuine self to shine.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is an essential crystal for your work desk because it promotes self-love, a necessary ingredient to any successful endeavor. It can feel impossible to get any work done when you don’t feel an inherent sense of self-love, and rose quartz inspires us to embrace ourselves wholly and fully. It has a gentle energy that reminds to you be gentle on yourself – to treat yourself how you would treat your best friend. This nurturing crystal allows you to truly nurture yourself, which you absolutely deserve.


Work can be exhausting, physically and emotionally. Amethyst is a stone that is associated with our Third Eye chakra, which allows us to see things objectively and from our highest consciousness. Amethyst will help you remain calm and collected in the face of work-related stress, helping you to see the big picture. This stone also releases a sense of kinship, working especially well in a crowded office to promote harmony among colleagues.

Are There “Bad” Crystals for The Work Desk?

You might be thinking that there must exist some crystals or stones which are not helpful or have bad or negative energies. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because this is simply not true. What matters most is what you want to get out of your crystal work, because each crystal provides a unique, helpful experience. For instance, if you find yourself working too hard never taking a break, a motivating stone like carnelian might bring out more of this exhausting energy. You might benefit more from something that will promote relaxation, like celestite.

There are no inherently bad stones, but there are stones that may not be right for you. So before you arm your workspace with the healing power of crystals, make sure you know exactly what energies you would like to promote in that space.

While there are no stones that are negative by nature, stones absorb energies and must be cleansed from time to time. You can cleanse them by simply moving them under running water, placing them on a windowsill in the moonlight overnight, or even smudging them with sage.

Where to Place Your Crystal Helpers

Crystals can work from any point on your desk, but there are certain areas that might prove more useful. For instance, the left side of your body is actually the side that receives energy, so crystals are especially useful when placed in a left-sided pocket. For this reason, crystals may prove more energetic for you if they are placed on the left side of your desk.

If, however, you don’t have the space, don’t fret – do what works for you. Your crystals will emit energy from any point on your desk, so find a space that makes you happy, sit back, and soak in their energy.

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