How to Make Money in 2024, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong job? Maybe you took a job to learn a specific skill. Or, maybe it was simply to pay the bills (that’s a reality in life that doesn’t need a spiritual purpose).

At any rate, if you have ever found yourself in a position where you knew that you needed a push in the right direction, we might be able to help. Are you truly using your natural gifts and talents to the best of your ability? Maybe you aren’t even sure what those are!

Don’t fret. You simply need to tap into your unique zodiac sign and the traits that you already possess to figure out the career of your dreams and make money in 2024.

Let’s dive into how to make money based on your zodiac sign.

The Fire Signs

Fire signs truly do well in positions where they can have a chance to be in the spotlight. Those who fall under this element also like creative work that allows them to express themselves.

These are the zodiac signs that wake up in the morning wondering how they can make money and have fun doing it.


Aries, as a Cardinal sign, is great in a leadership role and would enjoy starting up their own business. What are you passionate about, Aries? Nail that down, and start trademarking that company name!

This sign would also do well starting in an entry-level role at a big company where they can advance and climb the ladder.


Leo is the Fixed sign of the Fire group, and those who fall under this zodiac sign often have a steady career that allows them to travel. It isn’t unusual for a Leo to try out a variety of different job roles in their lifetime because they are truly interested in learning about everything.

That being said, Leo likes to be “the boss” and enjoys jobs where they are in charge of making all of the decisions. Think about this as you move into the new year.


Sagittarius is the Mutable sign and ever the wanderer. Sagittarius loves to travel, so any work that gets them moving from one place to the next, or where no two days are ever the same, is ideal for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is also not likely to be at the same firm or company for 30 years unless that job offers a lot of freedom. A journalist role, for example, that stays with the same outlet would not interest this sign, and even if this pays well, they will get bored.

This zodiac sign will need to find a career path that matches their goals of freedom with a philosophical tone.

The Earth Signs

Earth signs are the practical and steady ones of the zodiac and often stay in the same position until they retire (if it is fulfilling, of course). Earth signs love to make money, count it, stockpile it, invest it, save it, and always have enough of it to feel comfortable.

Being wealthy comes easily to Earth signs because they work so darn hard, but they are also extremely humble about it. They really just want to spoil the ones that they love most of the time.

Being less picky than other zodiac signs really helps this group make money easier and more quickly than others. They understand that rooted careers grow in abundance over time.


As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn is the leader of this pack and a born initiator. A Capricorn could make money in their sleep if they had it all planned out properly (which they usually do).

Capricorn would enjoy working with a startup or with investment ventures. They are going to be happy spending their time being the CEO or working to be one. This sign often spends a lot of time in school as well, so becoming a doctor is not off the table!


Taurus loves Mother Earth and all that she provides. You will see a lot of florists and interior designers from Venus-loving Taurus!

This zodiac sign would also enjoy any type of outdoor job where they can be in nature. Marine biologists, zoologists, gardeners – these are all amazing jobs for a Taurus where they can make money and feel happy every single day.


Virgo is a Mutable sign, and they would feel most fulfilled making money in a job that allows them to cater to their love for humanity. A Virgo does very well in any type of service job, such as at a hotel, as a teacher, or even as a government worker.

Virgo is intellectually gifted and will make money and success when they feed that daily. Virgo also likes to feel like they are contributing something to society, and when they do, the money literally rolls in, even if it doesn’t look like a lucrative career field at first.

The Air Signs

Air signs are “the thinkers” of the zodiac, so you won’t likely see them in emotional or creative-type jobs. This group needs a career field where a rational mind is required, like science, justice, and sales.

Air signs create success when they use their rational and logical mind over emotional matters. They can really breed money and success when they focus on jobs that involve paperwork, communication, writing, or law.


Libra, the Cardinal sign, likes working with beautiful things but also likes harmony and balance. Many Supreme Court judges are Libras, as Libra is marked by the scales of justice.

Libras would be good leaders in fields where attention to detail and numbers are required, like accounting and checks and balances. That being said, they are not simply just another cog in the wheel. Libra is always working towards higher positions with more responsibility.


Gemini, the Mutable sign, likes work that is different every day but that always involves logic and communication. Writing is something that a Gemini can get extremely passionate about.

This zodiac sign is also very chatty and would make money easily from a sales job.


Aquarius is the unconventional Air sign. This zodiac sign can make money by simply following those unconventional urges. Use your intelligence like you are Einstein because you are, and you will see great success.

The Water Signs

Water signs often show that by using institution and psychic intelligence, you can make money and create abundance. This group does well in careers where they can connect on a personal level. Water signs are the natural psychics of the zodiac, and so careers in this field or in the occult, psychic realm, astrology, paranormal, or science fiction would be lucrative.

Water signs soak up the emotions around them like a sponge, and although it can be exhausting for them, if they learn how to use that energy wisely they could make very good money turning that into a career.

They are also natural nurturers, and love is their middle name. That is also a special gift that could be used wisely to make money and create success!


Cancer is the Cardinal sign, and there are actually many chefs who are Cancers! This is because Cancer rules the home and the domestic center, and what better way to serve and make money than by providing excellent food?

Cancer would also feel very fulfilled by being a nurse or a veterinarian.


Scorpio is a truth-seeker as the Fixed sign and is great at digging up details and secrets. Scorpios make good detectives and also good investigative reporters.

Work that puts Scorpio in the psychic realm is also a great outlet for Scorpio’s intense energy, which seems constant because it is. When focused on what they are best at, money comes very easily to this zodiac sign.


Pisces is the artsy and dreamy one of the zodiac and does well in the creative fields where they can pour their hearts out and bring their fantasies and wild dreams to life.

You will see a lot of artists, musicians, comedians, and entertainers who are Pisces because they have so much emotion to share with the world. Pisces has a problem of retreating to the cave when everybody else is going to work though, and overcoming that is the only thing stopping Pisces from being a superstar.

The Academy Award and Grammy-winning kind.

How Will You Make Money?

Picking your career by the zodiac sign is very easy when you understand how the elements play into your personality. Many people are always talking about doing what you love in order to create success, and getting job tips and career tips by the zodiac is one way to tap into your inner passion.

When you can tap into that element, it will be that much easier to find something that you love to do and can be successful at as well!

Make sure to read your daily career horoscope for more insights!

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