HUGE Change is Coming with SIX Planets in Retrograde

Are you getting ready to wrap up summer and step into hustle mode this fall? Not-so-fast says the skies. The planets have an entirely different plan lined up for all of us. 

Fall 2022 is packed with planetary retrograde action per cosmic forecasts.

Did you know? In September 2022 alone, there are not one, not two, but a whopping six planets marching backward.

Haven’t we all blamed Mercury retrograde for mayhem in our lives thrice a year? If just one retrograde planet can cause so much chaos, what will happen with six planets in retrograde?

Don’t let your jaw drop with an “Oh-no!” yet.

Read along to learn about what planet is in retrograde in 2022 and when. Let this serve as your guide to help you survive the 2022 retrograde season.

Your Introduction to Retrogrades 101

First thing’s first, let’s unveil the mystery: what is a retrograde in astrology?

It’s actually a lot simpler than most people think. When a planet slows down in its orbital path and appears to be going backward, it creates the illusion of switching direction (even though it actually isn’t). This is what we call a retrograde.

Astrologically, this means that the energy and themes of a planet are considered to be turned inwards.

For example, Mercury, the planet of communication, usually shows us how we communicate with others. However, in retrograde, we experience travel hiccups and miscommunications.

And on the flip side, we have an opportunity to have a powerful inner dialogue with ourselves, perhaps producing creative works with more ease or allowing ourselves to have more downtime.

That’s it! In reality, a retrograde is neither good nor bad — it is a neutral, natural phenomenon that sometimes creates a needed balance in the order of the grand scheme of things.

Meet Our Retrogrades: What Planets Are In Retrograde Right Now?

Beginning in August, the rest of 2022 is loaded with multiple planets marching backward. ALL FIVE outer planets – Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus, have already commenced their backspin early in 2022. 

Plus, Chiron, the wounded healer, is about to join the party, making it a total of six planets in retrograde.

Now that you’ve got a refresher on what a retrograde is, it’s time to get up close and personal with the retrogrades that will slow down the next few months of 2022 for us.

1. Pluto Retrograde

Starts: April 29th, 2022

Ends: October 8th, 2022

We’ve been experiencing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn for quite a bit of 2022 already.

Pluto began its backspin in Capricorn this year. Pause and observe themes of late spring this year. The ruler of the underworld in retrograde is bound to bring forth some penetrating insights into deeply hidden issues within your psyche, particularly those related to finances, your place in the world, your hustle culture, and other Capricornian themes.

It’s a perfect time for us to utilize this planet’s transformative power for personal growth.

Known for demanding strong internal growth and transformation from everyone and anyone, this retrograde can push us to uncover hidden internal secrets, treasures, and powerful change from within.

Dive deeper: Your Secret to Success With Pluto in Retrograde

2. Saturn Retrograde

Starts: June 4th, 2022

Ends: October 23rd, 2022

Responsible and disciplined, Saturn won’t let us off the hook when it comes to intensity and inner transformation quite yet.

This retrograde occurring in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius is bound to throw light on Aquarian themes.

If you’ve been slacking off on your contribution to society, your vision for the future, and your place within large network circles, Saturn retrograde 2022 brings you an opportunity to correct your course. The limitations placed upon us by the Lord of Karma at this time may stall our progress temporarily, but only so we can fine-tune our vision and purpose.

Likewise, this ringed planet will reward you appropriately for your previous hard work.

The key to working with a Saturn retrograde is knowing that each action has a full cause-and-effect punch.

3. Jupiter Retrograde

Starts: July 28th, 2022

Ends: November 23rd, 2022

The wise and wild galactic gaseous giant is spinning backward in 2022, first in the sign of Aries and then in Pisces. Full of abundance and good fortune, seeing the planet of luck, Jupiter, move retrograde can cause people to panic.

However, its retrograde doesn’t necessarily signify doom and gloom. The red-spotted planet radiates expansive and philosophical energy.

When in backward motion in Aries and Pisces, Jupiter asks that we reflect on our own values and how we want to grow spiritually. We are given an opportunity to identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking our expansion.

“What are some ways we hide and shy away from embracing life fully?” is likely to be a question on our minds during this retrograde.

Ultimately, reconnecting with yourself at a heart and spiritual level is what Jupiter retrograde is all about.

4. Neptune Retrograde

Starts: June 25th, 2022

Ends: December 3rd, 2022

Neptune retrograde is dreamy, full of intuitive insight, and can feel a little bit foggy. Reality can be difficult to grasp.

Like Jupiter, Neptune took to backward movement this summer. Starting June 25th, Neptune went retrograde in its home sign of Pisces and will go direct once more on December 3rd. The planet of dreams, illusion, and mysticism, Neptune urges us to go inwards and get a little “out there.”

You could have a serious desire to escape and retreat into your own bubble. Be warned that boundary-dissolving Neptune when in Pisces can lure people into escapism and addictive habits.

Stepping into hermit mode can be either healing/rejuvenating or destructive (if you pick up an addictive habit). Which Neptune influence will you choose?

Like other retrogrades we’ve discussed, however, Neptune retrograde demands some serious internal reflection and can challenge what you believed to be your reality.

You might want to brush up on: How to Actually Prepare for Neptune Retrograde

5. Uranus Retrograde

Starts: August 24th, 2022

Ends: January 23rd, 2023

Uranus retrograde began in August of 2021 in the sign of Taurus. During its backspin here, we are called to think about what we want our long-term adventure to look like.

Freedom-loving and full of curiosity, Uranus in stable and earthy Taurus asks us to consider how we can create freedom and excitement within our routines and structures — something that may seem difficult but definitely isn’t impossible.

6. Chiron Retrograde

Starts: July 19th, 2022

Ends: December 22nd, 2022

This mystery player may not be on your typical astrology radar, but Chiron’s retrograde is not necessarily worth shrugging off.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer (both in myth and within the birth chart). Chiron in Aries sheds light on where we hold some of the deepest wounds, but not in a soft and tender manner. Aries being an impatient, Fiery sign makes it uncomfortable for Chiron, which has more of a Watery Pisces energy.

In Aries, it takes on the Fiery energy of this sign rather reluctantly. So expect events to rip off the bandage on your wounds all at once.

From July 19th until December 22nd of this year, its retrograde brings us an opportunity to work with our past traumas and deepest wounds.

Even when it might feel hard these five months, remember that you are becoming a better version of yourself during this retrograde.

To make the most of this retrograde, we can begin by taking a serious internal inventory of our past traumas. Call up your therapist if you haven’t already, and schedule some time to dig into hidden crevices of your psyche.

Happy healing!

Your Survival Guide to These Powerful Retrogrades

You’re all caught up! Now you have the debrief on each retrograde you’ll be wrestling (alongside the rest of the world) for the rest of this year. So… now what? It’s time to create a game plan to survive them!

1. Reflect, Rest, Repeat

These retrogrades all share one thing in common — you’re going to be wanting to look internally rather than share externally.

This means it’s best to spend a lot of time with yourself and actually have it be meaningful solo time. Whether it’s journaling, art, meditation, or another self-reflective hobby, it’s a great time to put pen to paper and let yourself work with your inner dialogue.

Additionally, you should frequently be resting, as these retrogrades can absolutely take a toll on you if you’re only planning on “powering through.” Sheer willpower isn’t the name of the game here, but rather a healthy balance of rest and rejuvenation.

Get reflective: The Benefits of Meditation & The Best Meditation for Your Zodiac Sign

2. Honesty Talks: Walk the Walk

If there’s one more thing almost all the planet retrogrades ask of you, it’s honesty.

At the end of the day, these retrogrades are here to help you transform and grow as a person. This kind of work is often something we love to reap the rewards from but sometimes neglect to remember how difficult it actually can be.

Digging deep into the nitty-gritty of our innermost thoughts and feelings isn’t always fun. However, it’s crucial to do so with honesty and true self-awareness. You’ll be confronted with your bad habits and outdated behavior, and you might even encounter connections from your past that hold unfinished business.

Now is the time to clean the slate with honesty and good intention.

3. Reward Comes to the Deserving

Looking to skate right by with no work completed? You’re in for a tough wake-up call.

Particularly during Saturn retrograde, what goes around comes around. This is great news if you actually intend on doing the tough labor that needs to get done, like contemplating future plans, considering your values, and perhaps opening up some intense shadow work.

However, you’re not going to be able to reap any rewards at the end of this retrograde season if you’ve been slacking off. In fact, you may just be in for a bit of a rough ride.

4. Learn to Prefer Pause

You’ve heard it before, but we can’t stress enough that good things come to those who wait.

If you’re ever debating whether or not to pull the trigger and complete a risky action, send a text, or start up a business venture in this period of time, it’s going to be more beneficial to put that decision on pause than jump the gun.

Now is generally not the time to start up anything extraordinarily new in a major sense (rather, it’s a great time to plan your next move rather than take it), but of course, this isn’t always an option for everyone.

If you find yourself required to take a big leap, just grant yourself some pause and reflection beforehand to keep the spirit of the retrograde season.

Seizing Retrograde Season with Grace

Equipped with all sorts of astrological information under your belt for the rest of this 2022 retrograde season, you may be feeling a bit more confident already.

Or maybe the idea of being pushed towards the internal world still isn’t appealing. (To each their own!). Retrogrades aren’t always pretty, no matter how necessary, transformative, or powerful they are. Especially coming in hot all at once, it’s understandable to side-eye the stars right now.

That said, it’s always better to work with rather than against the stars. Keeping tabs on the movement of the planets and what you can expect can help you stay one step ahead of the game.

Stay cool and calm, and remember that it may just be over quicker than you can blink!

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