Your Sign’s Virgo Season Horoscope is Here

Virgo season is about to commence, dear friends! Tomorrow, the Sun moves into Virgo, the practical Earth sign who governs work, the details, and daily life. Virgo season is the time of year when we get down to business and get things done.

Be smart and get ready now with your Virgo season horoscope (wink wink).

So, when is Virgo season? For the exact Virgo season dates, Virgo season starts on August 22nd and goes until September 22nd. Make sure to use our free astrology calendar to keep track of the planetary movement each month!

When it comes to what Virgo season means, Virgo season is when we’re dedicated to the little things, tackling all of the smaller projects, practical tasks, and chores that have piled up, and we can get ourselves organized. It’s been wonky energy this year, so no doubt we all need to get focused and shrink the to-do list!

This one might be a little challenging though, since Mercury will be retrograde for some of it, starting September 9th (to October 2nd). It starts in Libra and moves to Virgo right after the Sun leaves Virgo.

Mercury being the ruler of Virgo means, we may feel quite a bit off and extra stressed out during the second half of Virgo season. In Libra, it may be because we’re out of balance and the people in our lives are causing some problems.

With Mercury retrograde going to Virgo the day after the Sun exits Virgo, there may be some heightened energy around then Virgo-wise. Stress is high, we’re overwhelmed, and we’re frazzled to the max.

It’ll be important to not be too hard on ourselves or others (perfectionism is a classic Virgo problem), and that we take breaks. We may want to push ourselves too much, and this leads to breakdowns.

In the meantime, before that retrograde starts, make use of the positive Virgo energy we’ll have to get organized, complete small projects quickly, sort out schedules and routines, and plan for the breaks.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Traits

Virgo is an Earth sign, and that makes Virgo practical and hard-working. Virgo is also a Mutable sign, and that makes Virgo a sign that is constantly on the go, always wanting to be occupied.

That’s why Virgo is the sign of work and daily life—there’s always plenty of work and chores to do.

The natural ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, the planet ruling the mind. This makes Virgo a little more intellectually focused than the other Earth signs and helps give it the attention to detail and skill of observation that it’s known for.

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Positive Virgo Traits

  • Practical
  • Focused
  • Analytical
  • Hard-working
  • Organized
  • Detailed
  • Multi-tasker
  • Responsible

Negative Virgo Traits

Now that you’re informed about Virgo, let’s dive right into the horoscopes for Virgo season for your zodiac sign!

Virgo Season Horoscopes


It can be a great time to get organized during Virgo season, Aries, and you can focus on the little things that need to be done over the next couple of weeks. Maximize your productive energy now, and get yourself ready.

During the second half of Virgo season, you may struggle with schedules, and deadlines, and feel overworked. Try to be gentle with yourself, and get time to rest and recharge, otherwise, you might unravel.


Virgo season can bring some super creative energy for you, Taurus. You may want to get started with new creative projects and ventures now and make small plans for them over the next 2 weeks.

During the second half of Virgo season, you may have difficulty focusing on any kind of work or chores. You may have little patience for anything, and just want to goof off, so if you can take time for a vacation, that would be great. Otherwise, be ready for a wandering mind!


Home and family matters can get more of your attention during Virgo season, Gemini. You can focus on taking care of things at home or helping your family over the next couple of weeks.

During the second half of Virgo season, you may be easily frustrated, overly emotional, and struggle with family or your home. You likely need to stay within your comfort zone and give yourself some emotional support. And take extra naps!


There may be lots on your mind during Virgo season, Cancer. You can talk things over with others, make plans, gather your ideas, feel generally excited by what you come up with, and want to jump at opportunities for action.

The second half of Virgo season may stifle you though, and you may struggle with getting anything started, and have trouble controlling your mental energy. You may need to tend to some core issues first.


You can slow things down during Virgo season, Leo, and take the opportunity to relax and ground yourself. You may need to focus on bringing in more stability and security in your life.

During the second half of Virgo season, you may feel extra stuck, extra lazy, and in need of extra rest. Make sure to ground yourself in the first half, and work to reconnect with the present in the second half.


This is your time, Virgo, and Virgo season is traditionally an excellent time for you to start something new that you can work on for the next year of your life. You can get excited, and make use of enthusiasm.

The second half may throw a monkey wrench in your plans though, so be flexible. It can be an excellent time for a second chance, so if there’s something you’d like another shot at, go for it.

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Virgo season is usually a time when you want to be by yourself and get some extra rest, Libra. You can quietly get some things done during the first half, and work on clearing things out.

Your energy may be super low during the second half of Virgo season, and you may feel like you’re being pulled in many different directions thanks to the Mercury retrograde starting in your sign. Have patience with yourself, leave room for rest, and see if there is any old baggage you can release.


There may be changes you want to work on during Virgo season, Scorpio, and you can put together plans of action, and take advantage of unexpected opportunities during the first half.

During the second half, you may struggle with making the changes you want, and experience changes you don’t. You may question yourself and your future, but this isn’t the time to end things. Wait and see how it plays out.


You can experience some success during Virgo season, Sagittarius, and this is traditionally the time of year when you reach new heights and feel accomplished. You can focus on your goals and have greater discipline than usual.

This can go out the window during the second half, and you may feel like you’re being squeezed by responsibilities, and want to lash out and run. Try to control yourself, and find small ways you can make a change or find space.

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Your ideas can be a lot bigger during Virgo season, Capricorn, and you may want to pursue the big opportunities you have for them. You can see the big picture, and it can all make sense to you how it plays out.

During the second half of Virgo season, it may be a struggle to focus at all. You may want to run away from challenges, but you feel stuck. Try to slow down and balance realism with optimism.


There may be a transformation you need to work on during Virgo season, Aquarius, and you can focus on how to best make it happen. There can be research that is required, and you can dig deep.

During the second half of Virgo season, you may struggle with serious matters, and your mood can be dark. Others may demand a lot from you, and you may need to pull back a little, otherwise, you can get trapped by what you get wrapped up in.


You can focus on your relationships and partnerships during Virgo season, Pisces, and want to make improvements. You can strengthen your commitments, and try to find some balance in your dealings with others.

Other people may be a source of concern during the second half, and you may struggle with helping as you’d like to and may feel taken advantage of. Try to avoid giving too much, and work on having more peace in your life in a healthy way.

Get Ready for Practical Virgo Season!

Virgo season is a great time to get things done, and this can be present during the first half of the season. Make the most of what you can, and set yourself up to be prepared for the second half.

The second half has its challenges, but it’s a good thing Virgo likes to be prepared. So be prepared!

Good luck and go easy on yourself this Virgo season!

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