Do You Have Virgo Anxiety?

​Do you worry when everybody’s forks don’t match at the family dinner table? Are you apologizing for nothing, over and over again? Do you pace and emblazon a three-foot path in any carpet nearby when you’re waiting for a phone call, a delivery, or a human? Do you call yourself the “Monica” of your “Friends” gang? Do you need the dishes (or whatever) done and put away before you can get a good night’s sleep?

Do you say yes to everything and everyone because you don’t want to upset them? Do you feel overwhelmed when you do?

If any of these things feel all too familiar, congratulations, you have Virgo anxiety. The little things bother you. But they don’t need to. And you can feel Virgo healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically, when you learn how to cope with these little things that keep you up at night.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Virgo Anxiety

Simply put, Virgo anxiety just means that you have generalized anxiety over every little thing. This is not a clinical diagnosis, by the way, that is not our specialty. If you feel like you have anxiety or any stress-related problem that is a little above and beyond Virgo anxiety, talk to your health professional about it. Taking care of that is part of balancing your mind/body/soul connection and is mission-critical to optimal health.

But don’t freak out about your anxiety, either. It’s literally the last thing you need. Instead, focus on embracing it and honoring the experiences that brought that to you, and letting it go. Helping you identify what that is so that you can release that stress, is what we are going to focus on today.

The Mutable Earth sign Virgo is known as the worrywart of the zodiac. So let’s start with the ugly on that, rip that Band-Aid off, and work our way up to the positive. Then we will talk about tips on how to deal with this so you aren’t sweating every time your pencil isn’t sharp enough. Yes, that really happens.

That’s a marker of the infamous Virgo anxiety. You worry about the little things when everyone around you is saying, “Don’t worry about it! Nobody even noticed!”

But Virgo does worry about every little thing because Virgo is known for their impeccable high standards and values. The word “Virgo” comes from the word “Virgin” which is the archetype that Virgo is derived from – ultimate purity and service.

So the reason that Virgo worries about forks and tablecloths and specks of dirt that nobody else notices is because of their standards and values. They really do want everything to be “just perfect.” All the time.

Telling Virgo not to worry or pace will be an exercise in futility. The ugly of Virgo anxiety is that not addressing this can lead to other problems such as ulcers, more prolonged anxiety, and a host of other problems from migraines to insomnia, and many others. When Virgos need to find ways to cope with this anxiety, the ugly side of it can lead to the exact opposite of what they are looking for. Instead of maintaining ultimate order and precise detail, their lives are ultimate chaos. The life of Charlie Sheen is an example of just how ugly Virgo anxiety can get.

Feeling like you are on pins and needles all the time, or often, over minor things, is Virgo anxiety.

Feeling chaotic? Blame Uranus. How to Deal: Uranus Retrograde – Free Yourself from Chaos With One Simple Rule

The ugly part of it all is that you could experience further health problems and it impacts your life considerably. The bad part of it is that you have stress more often than you should and it’s not yet impacting your life, but does have you worrying more than you should. Is there a good part of Virgo anxiety?

Yes. Virgos get it done. Where other signs like Cardinal signs start big things really well, but never finish them, Virgo picks up the pieces and gets the job done. And, usually better than a Cardinal sign would have done.

The upside to Virgos is they are hard workers. They see that stress and kick it up a notch to just take care of business so they can relieve that stress. Maybe you aren’t quite there yet, but you will be. As Mutable signs, Virgos can juggle a lot. They prefer it. They get itchy when they don’t have an overextended plate and they worry about getting it done when they are overextended.

But their realness, their relatability, they productivity, their compassion, and their “yes” man quality, are the exact reasons they are asked to take on so much. Because they can do it and will fret about it until it’s done.

So don’t freak out if you have Virgo anxiety. Use it like a Virgo. Here’s how.

6 Easy Tips to Make Virgo Anxiety Work in Your Favour

Virgos perform like rock stars and that’s usually why they are so successful. And sometimes they are actual rock stars. Like Michael Jackson. And like Beyonce. She even has a song called “Gift From Virgo” and is considered one of the wealthiest and most influential women in the world. She knows how to channel that Virgo anxiety into Virgo power.

Here’s how you can too, whether you are channeling it locally, at home, or across the planet. Because Virgo rules the sixth house, 6 is Virgo’s number. Start activating these 6 tips to beat Virgo anxiety now.

1. It’s okay to say no sometimes.

Don’t be afraid to say no. To anyone. For anything. You won’t hurt their feelings if you say, “Listen that sounds great and I’d love to help but right now my calendar is just too packed to fit anything else in right now.” Just say no. Everything you say yes to is just one more thing you are going to stress about later.

2. Develop an inner circle.

One thing that kind and compassionate and giving people do is say yes too many times. And that makes them prey. If you have Virgo anxiety you want to people please, and there’s nothing wrong with living to make each other happy. That’s what makes you kind and compassionate, and the thing that makes you kind and giving is also the thing that causes you the most stress. Develop an inner circle of people that you can trust the most. Kind people are taken advantage of first. Because your boundaries are a little farther than firm people. Keep people around you that can help you back away from prey, and also will be your soft place to fall. Knowing you have that soft place to fall will make it easier for you to wrap your head around any minor mistakes you may make. Think Beyonce is doing this alone? Think again. Nobody is. Develop your inners and thank them.

3. Engage self-care.

Virgos are fastidiously healthy and clean, and motivated to do it. If you worry a lot, it’s time to get obsessive about taking care of you. Make one of your famous lists and schedule 15 minutes a day that is just yours. Aromatherapy is a powerful and very easy self-care tool to implement. And it smells just Divine. Once you start you won’t want to stop. Even something like an aromatherapy necklace that you have on all day can be a very useful tool to take the edge off of anxiety, all day long. Use your new self-care routine for whatever you want to use it for. Just so long as it is all about you.

4. Talk things through in your head.

When you start to worry about something, walk it through. If this bad thing happens, then what? Then what happens? Then what happens? The more you do that, the more you will realize how silly some of your obsessive worries are. So what if your guests notice you don’t have matching forks? What happens then? Will the roof fall in? No. No it won’t. Nothing bad will happen if the different fork is noticed. Or if anything else happens that you are worrying about. And if something bad does happen, then what? Then you’ll make a plan and figure it out. Talk your worries out instead of pacing up and down and sweating it out.

5. Ask for help and delegate.

If you have Virgo anxiety then you have Virgo anxiety because you wouldn’t stoop to asking for help. But you would feel productive if you delegated. So instead of worrying about every little thing that needs to get done before bedtime, delegate what you can and schedule everything else in a palatable fashion that makes you feel productive, because you are productive.

6. Stop apologizing.

Virgo is known for being real. But being a people-pleaser is what gets them into a lot of anxiety scrapes. Then they apologize. You probably apologize because you think you passed someone the wrong way when you went by them on the stairs, or elevator, or anywhere. Just stop apologizing. And don’t be sorry for being sorry. And don’t worry about being sorry, which is only adding more worries. Next time you go to say sorry to someone, check yourself and walk it through in your head. No. It’s not wrong to pass someone like that in the grocery store unless you intentionally did something wrong or inappropriate, which you probably didn’t.

One Last Thing…

When it comes to Virgo anxiety, you are your own worst enemy. You are this way because you have high standards, even of yourself. And if you don’t meet them, you feel minimized. Then you get needy or jealous or stressed and that only causes more anxiety. Stop that. Congratulate yourself for recognizing this. Now, move on from it.

Talk it through. Lean on your inners. Make sure you have self-care scheduled, every single day. Self-care is health care. And it’s also wealth-care. Just ask Beyonce. The more you engage that self-talk in your head and walk things through, the more it will become a habit and the less stress you will feel.

Keep your Free Daily Tarot reading on standby so you get a picture of what is ahead day by day, and with that forecast, you have one less thing to worry about. A daily numerology reading can add a different level of spirituality to the mix to keep your mood zen all day and every day.

The more you do that, the closer you are to channeling that worry into something wonderful, like Beyonce. You don’t want the anxiety of life to overcome you as it did to Charlie Sheen. Instead, do your thang, Bey.

How can you release anxiety from your life today?

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