Sun in Virgo: 9-Point Checklist to Manifest Abundance

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​Who doesn’t want wealth? We all want it. But wanting it and getting it are two different things, as we all know.

You may have heard the word “manifest” being used a little more in everyday life. That’s because it’s an important word that successful people use. When you “manifest” something you are in control of your destiny. Sometimes something “manifests” simply because you set the intention to wish for it. Ever hear the expression “be careful what you wish for”? Of course, you have. But if you are channeling the right traits of Virgo, which will be prominent for all zodiac signs when the Sun enters Virgo, then you too can manifest the wealth that Virgos are known for.

Who doesn’t want that? When it comes to money, all you need to do is follow this 9-point checklist when Sun enters the mutable sign of the Earth sign Virgo and you’ll be manifesting renewable resources in no time. Sun enters Virgo from August 23 to September 22 this year.

Here’s how to win like a Virgo, every time.

Your Sun in Virgo Manifest Abundance Checklist

Famous Virgos include renowned horror author Stephen King, Sophia Loren, and of course, Mother Teresa. All of them, including Mother Teresa, had the empire in the world that they did because they knew how to manifest renewable resources. That’s literally what wealth and abundance are, the multiplication of love or wealth.

1. Look at money the right way.

Money is a renewable resource. It is the renewable resource that is the subject of this article. Think of it like water. Water recycles. You don’t need to be a scientist to know that water takes on many forms, and then becomes another form. It is found in humidity, steam, the ocean, snow, glaciers, and in your own home freezer in many forms. Once it vaporizes it finds a new temperature and becomes something else. It is a renewable resource, it just takes on many forms.

Money is the same. When you get stuck in a money problem, look at money as if it is a renewable resource. You just need to find the solution that manifests the renewable resource you are looking for. For that, you need a plan. Never worry about money the same way again when you look at it like a renewable resource, the way wealthy people do. Need money? Have a plan. Want more money? Well, your plan is going to need to be bigger then.

Here’s how you do it.

2. Have high standards.

Mother Teresa is infamous, and wealthy, because of her impeccably high standards. Have high standards, and stick to them. You want the best. So make that your end game. Set the intentions. Put it into your goals to have the best. See it, plan it, do it. First, you have to choose to have the best and be the best. Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize which was worth 1 million dollars and became beatified by the Catholic Church in 2003. That is one step towards sainthood. She didn’t get there with low standards. If you want the whole loaf, ask for it. Set the intentions.

3. Don’t dream of wealth, dream of lighting your passion on fire.

You may have heard me say this before, a big bag of money isn’t coming to your door. No psychic or astrologer worth their salt is going to tell you that they know how to tell you to win the lottery. Don’t dream of seeing renewable resources manifesting. Dream of finding that thing you love to do, and lighting that passion on fire, the good way.

Not sure what you are passionate about? That’s okay. That’s called being human. Use this free numerology reading to discover your hidden passion number as one clue.

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4. Have a method to your madness.

One of the most admirable traits of Virgo is that they are methodical. They have a plan for everything so hit the books, make a list, and get prepared. No matter what high standards you have or what goals you are dreaming about, dreaming isn’t enough. Create a method to your madness. Be as detailed as you need to be. The more detail the better.

Don’t just dream about saving the world from hunger, for example.

5. Quitters don’t win.

You aren’t going to win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, so why are you dreaming about winning the lottery if you haven’t bought a ticket? Quitters don’t win. If you start something, finish it. Don’t start it, give up on it, and then hope that money is arriving at your door. We all do it. We put half the effort in and call it a day and then hope it pays off. It usually doesn’t. Have a follow-through rate.

6. Stand by you.

You have to Self-advocate on occasion to win. Virgos are notoriously shy but they also will not back down from a position if it will help them to manifest wealth or abundance of any kind. Queen Elizabeth the First never married which made her one of the purest Queens of England, and also in the world. And it was a good thing she didn’t, or she would have lost her power and position in the world. And that had nothing to do with money.

It had everything to do with her Self-advocating for the prime position in her life. She likely had relationships. But sacrificed that for her high standards. You can have it all, but sometimes you can’t. Self-advocate when you really believe that you, your product, or your talent is what it is, and you may just manifest exactly what you are dreaming about.

7. Have a plan. Every day. Stick to it.

As Mutable signs, Virgos get distracted very easily. You may too whether you are Mutable or not. Every single day, make a plan for yourself. First, plan your entire vision and goal to the meticulous detail. What it is. How you are getting it. Exactly.

Then have a plan every day. Either plan it the night before or when you get up in the morning and hit the ground running. Each day plan should be a piece of your overall plan. Stick to it. And repeat. The results will amaze you.

8. Be responsible and reliable.

You renew more money resources in your life when you are responsible and reliable. Some people don’t like hearing that. But it’s the truth. Pay your bills. Watch your credit score. Fix what needs to get fixed. Have a plan for each of those steps.

When you do that, you will start to see some things change. You’ll have fewer bills, and the ones you do have will be manageable. Then you’ll be eligible for more credit. Then you could get a business loan, or a company investor. Or maybe just a nicer house for your family, which is your only dream. And that’s okay.

When you are responsible and reliable, you worry less about money. And it becomes easier to renew this resource. It’s easier to develop this plan when the Sun is in Virgo. Summer fun and summer plans are now memories as Fall dawns upon us in a matter of weeks. Details matter and you feel more ready to take this plan seriously to harvest something wonderful this year, and in the years that follow.

9. Be committed to you.

It’s okay to put you first. You need to be committed to your success plan or you just aren’t going to finish it up. When the Sun enters Virgo, details mean everything. And one of those details needs to be your commitment to the plan. This time, it’s okay to put you first. When you do that, you win, and everybody you care about does too.

One Last Thing…

When it comes to manifesting wealth, we all want that magical superpower. But the truth is, and some zodiac signs won’t like this, it is going to take some good old fashioned work to get there. This 9-step list is your starter kit to creating the wealth in your world that you want to create.

See it. Plan it. Do it. Don’t be afraid to use tools along the way. Your Daily Horoscopes will help. You also want to ask your free Tarot Career Reading what steps you need to take to manifest the renewable resource of money. When you look at your finances this way, the stress goes away, and the inspiration begins. Be committed to your success, and put you first for these ones. How do you solve this money problem? Create a small plan for that, and a larger plan to manifest more of this renewable resource. When you win, everybody wins.

How do you want to manifest your own renewable resources?

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