Numerology & the Number 8: What August Means

We are at an interesting turning point of the year, and that comes with the month of August and the number 8.

August, as the eighth month of the year is an important part of the calendar year, particularly in the northern hemisphere. Here, August is a change-making month as children and teachers head back to school, and the lazy days of Summer vacations begin to come to an end. That August is associated with the number 8 is no coincidence!

In numerology, the number 8 is a change-making and transforming number, and it is in astrology as well.

The eighth house in astrology is all about rebirth and transformation, which is what the number 8 symbolizes. So with that said, it’s transformation time.

Today we are going to dive into this a little more to understand the numerology of the number 8 and what August means. When you understand the numerology component of your every day, you can use these energies and these vibrations to make successful and informed decisions in your life. So let’s get to it! 

What does the number 8 have in store for you this August?

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What is the Historical Significance of Number 8?

Historically speaking, 8 is a significant number and appears in many mythological facets of history.

For example:

  • There were eight people on Noah’s ark and eight disciples.
  • Ancient Romans have a tradition where the eighth day after a child is born is significant.

On its side, it is also the sign of infinity.

The number 8 is also linked with Saturn, the planet of karma and success.

In numerology, the number 8 is often associated with success as well. When you are able to harness the number 8, you are able to develop goals and the action plan associated with them in order to succeed. 

You also can harness this infinity number to work on your karma and reap your own karmic rewards.

How are the Number 8 & Tarot Related?

In the Tarot, the number is linked to the Strength card in the Major Arcana, and this represents a turning point. 

Here we see an angel taming a lion, and the message from this is that we need to tame some of our impulsive urges and stick to the task at hand. Integrity wins. Loyalty wins.

These themes of integrity and loyalty are the themes of the number 8 that have carried throughout history.

Other “eight” cards in the Minor Arcana division of the Tarot show the same concept but are more hard-working cards that are not necessarily turning points in your life. 

The 8 of Pentacles, for example, shows a man at his craftsman table piling up the Pentacles. He is not distracted and just focuses on his work.

As we think about the number 8 and August, these are the themes we want to bring into this month to succeed: Hard work, loyalty, integrity, and focus on the task at hand.

What is the Connection Between the Number 8 & August?

The number 8 is associated with success and careers in numerology, but it is so much more than that. It is about reaping karmic rewards so that you can find that personal transformation you need to succeed. 

In astrology, the eighth house is the house of transformations and rebirth. If you ever see 8th house activity in your Daily Horoscopes, you are undergoing some powerful transformations in your life, and this often is connected to shared resources such as mortgages, life insurance, and things of this nature.

But you still may just be working towards success. The month of August is not always a lazy one for Summer days. In August, we can start to see the end of Summer arriving, and are already thinking about the next season and how to push forward on a new level.

That may be a new year of college, a new year at school, a new promotion, or just your everyday life that you want to improve.

Karma is everything now. That which you sow is what you shall reap. 

It’s time to take those heart’s desires and passions and turn them into concrete success.

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How to Channel Number 8 Energy in August

When it comes to using the numerology vibrations of the number 8 in the eighth month of the year, think of your success plan. The number 8 is connected to wealth and success, but this is wealth and success that come from good karma.

You have to do what the 8 of Pentacles does—sit down at your table and get to work.

You also need to be assertive. 

Get out that lion roar if you need to, but even more, you need to channel the gentility of the Strength card angel, who is strong enough to tame a lion but soft enough to still give off that ethereal presence.

Don’t be afraid to make decisions this month. Too often, we lose opportunities when we are wishy-washy. Make decisions. Take control. Tame the lion.

At the same time, show off that softer side of yours. Lead with a soft voice but a firm one. A strong one. It’s all about balance and harmony now.

You can make a big decision and win in a situation, for example, by simply being the quiet one.

Those traits embody the spirit of the number 8 perfectly. When you are strong and disciplined but gentile and angelic, you find that balance between the physical world and the spiritual world. 

You can tap into that this August, too! Calculate your personality number now!

A Final Word on Winning in August

When it comes to succeeding under the number 8 energy in August, you have to focus on finding that balance between the spiritual world and the physical world. When you can tap into that spiritual side of your personal work, be aggressive but not pushy, gentle but firm, you begin to see this infinity symbol working in your life.

That which you sow you shall reap, spiritually. 

Use our free numerology calculator to discover your numerology secrets. Then lead with love, be the bigger person, and put forth the random acts of kindness that your heart is inspiring you to put forth. 

You may not win a million dollars today, but if you make someone feel like a million bucks, that energy sets off a chain reaction that could yield some wonderful returns for you. 

How are you going to win this month?

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