Number 8

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Turn 8 on its side, and you see the lemniscape, the mathematical sign for infinity. That’s because 8 brings an infinite number of possibilities wherever it appears. It blends the traits of the number 2 (the ideals, the hopes, the dreams) with the down-to-earth practicality of the number 4. When it believes in a cause, it will keep working long after others have lost interest. 

8 also deals with wealth and the business matters of life.

This number shows you where your ambitions lie and where you’re likely to be very focused and determined to get what you want. There’s some karma around 8, too. This doesn’t mean that you’re predestined to succeed or fail or that there’s any luck or negative energy following you. It simply reminds you that you must take responsibility for your actions and be prepared to deal with the good or not-so-good consequences. 

The positive aspects of 8 are often tainted with its challenges because it can be too purpose-driven. When 8 is out of balance, it steps on people on the way to success, using them for gain rather than treating them with kindness and compassion. It is possible to be successful by bullying your way to the top, but that’s not 8’s lesson. 

Look for 8 in your numerology reading to find out where you’re meant to lead by example. There’s a difference between being a leader and being a boss. A leader leads by example, and that’s what 8 tells you to do rather than just barking orders and bossing others around to do things for you. 8 brings you tenacity, stability, and the drive to make your dreams a reality. Yes, it’s a hard taskmaster, but used right, it’s also a powerful ally.

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