Uranus in Your Birth Chart – Innovation, Originality & Rebellion

​Uranus represents rebellion, independence, genius and thinking outside of the box. His archetype is related with liberation and deconditioning from old patterns, so it’s no coincidence that Uranus rules the quirky sign of Aquarius, for with it comes significant change, innovation and many surprises.

What’s the difference?

Each of the 12 zodiac signs is attributed to one of the 12 astrological houses. Aries is the 1st sign, so it is associated with the 1st House of Self, Taurus is the 2nd sign, linked to the 2nd House of Values, and so on. You will see similarities in the influences of each, for example, both the 2nd House of Values and the zodiac sign of Taurus tell us much about how we think and feel about money, security and personal values.

But they don’t always line up that way in our charts, which is what makes it all so interesting, but maybe a little more complicated.

The zodiac sign a planet is in tells us how that planet will express its energy. The house a planet is in will show where its energy is directed.

It’s also important to note that Uranus spends around 7 years in each sign, thus it is known as a generational planet because so many people will share this influence in their natal charts. The interpretation of the sign is what flavors one generation. The personal significance of Uranus is described by the house it occupies and its aspects, so remember to check out both descriptions.

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Uranus in the Houses & Zodiac Signs

Uranus in Aries/1st House

Uranus in Aries – This is an assertive, impatient generation. They want to bring more freedom in the expression of one’s unique individuality. These people have an iron will and can be set in their ways.

Uranus in the 1st house – Instinct to be independent of anything that can restrict the growth of the individuality. Folks here feel they are different from other people. There is an ongoing process of self-discovery throughout life. Sometimes they may walk alone in order to be an example to others that life can be lived in different ways.

Uranus in Taurus/2nd House

Uranus in Taurus– This generation is concerned with making changes in traditions, business, finances and ecology. They bring innovation in these areas and introduce new ways of making life more simple but also more pleasurable.

Uranus in the 2nd house – The instinct is to survive and to gather whatever resources are necessary to accomplish that. These people need to find out which unique individual resources they possess in order to live a life that is true to their individuality. They tend to possess different values and lifestyles than the majority of others.

Uranus in Gemini/3rd House

Uranus in Gemini – This generation innovates in the areas of communication, commerce, learning and transportation. These are quick-thinkers.

Uranus in the 3rd house – There is a need to liberate from opinions and learn when to speak and when to stay quiet. They may have unusual ways of thinking, learning, expressing and talking. Books, forums, workshops related to Astrology, supernatural and metaphysical topics can be interesting to them.

Uranus in Cancer/4th House

Uranus in Cancer– These people thrive to bring changes in the family structure and in topics related to women, motherhood, emotional expression and the need for safety. They are quite emphatic and their moods can change a lot.

Uranus in the 4th house – Their early environment is often unusual in some way. They have a tendency to analyze their emotions and feelings in order to gain a better understanding of themselves. These people may go through a lot of residence changes.

Uranus in Leo/5th House

Uranus in Leo – This generation creates trends and brings innovation in arts and creative expression. They need freedom to express themselves.

Uranus in the 5th house – This Uranus placement may create musicians, especially those of an alternative type of music. Their music and stage presence is usually very creative, original and even eccentric. These people require freedom of expression and need to live their life in their own terms: they need to be the director of their own play. They can have unusual ideas regarding dating and romance.

Uranus in Virgo/6th House

Uranus in Virgo– A generation focused on bringing innovation in health care, hygiene, routines, work life and social services. They take a different approach with mundane matters and are good at coming up with new ideas and ways to get things done.

Uranus in the 6th house – They need to liberate from thinking too much. They can think they are never ready to do what they want to do and can have a tendency to give excuses to avoid doing it. These people need to realize that they don’t need to be perfect to do what they want to do. They need to just do it rather than overthinking the whole process. They can change jobs often and they usually stand out at work for having innovative ideas or for using new techniques and methods.

Uranus in Libra/7th House

Uranus in Libra– This generation is interested in changing the ways people relate. They want to bring more equality and fairness to all kinds of relationships. They are usually good mediators and give much value to friendship and individuality in relationships.

Uranus in the 7th house – They can have many relationships with different types of people. There seems to be a need to understand themselves by relating to others. Many people with Uranus in the 7th rebel against the established expectations of how to be in a relationship. They need to define their own unique values, lifestyle and way of being in a relationship.

Uranus in Scorpio/8th House

Uranus in Scorpio – They are here to bring changes in the areas of psychology, research, sexuality and the occult. They are equipped to break through taboos related to these areas.

Uranus in the 8th house – They have an intense need to understand the nature of their personalities and the motivations behind their actions. They want to grow beyond their own limitations. They rebel against anything superficial and are always looking below the surface of things.

Uranus in Sagittarius/9th House

Uranus in Sagittarius – A generation that seeks to make changes in belief systems, in education, religion, philosophies and metaphysical topics. They have rebellious minds, a strong need for freedom regarding their beliefs and actively search for their own truths.

Uranus in the 9th house – They dislike dogma and rebel against their own ideas when these are outdated. Philosophy, Astrology and metaphysical topics interest them. Their education journey can be unstable as they tend to take breaks or quit in order to focus on something else. Traveling to faraway places can come through unexpected opportunities.

Uranus in Capricorn/10th House

Uranus in Capricorn – This generation is seeking to create new social laws, regulations and bring changes in government structures, rules, hierarchies and formalities.

Uranus in the 10th house – These individuals need to define their own inherent laws, values and identity and then accept the social systems and norms of the society they live in. They need to adhere to new ways of responding to life conditions rather than holding to the comfort of the old ways.

Uranus in Aquarius/11th House

Uranus in Aquarius– Free thinkers and nonconformists. They are bringing social changes and alterations in technology and science as well as a focus on building communities and in new ways of connecting and communicating. This generation seeks to liberate a group or a nation from previous social condition patterns.

Uranus in the 11th house – Most of these folks feel very different from the people around them to the point of feeling misplaced. So, they can seek new like-minded people to form friendships. They attract unconventional people from all social backgrounds.

Uranus in Pisces/12th House

Uranus in Pisces – This generation is characterized by idealism and sensitivity. They seek innovation in matters related to spirituality, institutions, mental health and humanitarianism. They are compassionate and helpful people.

Uranus in the 12th house – These people need to pay attention to their dreams. They can have paranormal experiences which can change their life. They may have a fear of losing control and need to examine the causes of it. Many individuals with Uranus in the 12th require to learn to act on their ideas.

Wherever Uranus is and whatever Uranus touches a revolution takes place. Like the thunder which suddenly hits, Uranus creates unexpected events to liberate from old and restricting conditions, so growth can occur. It’s pointless to resist Mr. Originality as he can turn into Mr. Havoc in a second…Make sure to embrace your own natal chart interpretation as well.

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